Paagal Movie Review, Cast, Plot- Is Paagal Hit Or flop?

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Paagal Movie review-

Hello! Welcome to another blog on 99chill... This blog is about the movie Paagal. In this article, you will get to know about Paagal movie review, cast, plot, and other things, so keep reading! 

Paagal is an Indian Telugu language Rom-com kind of movie. Paagal is considered to be a flop film due to some reasons which will be discussed later in the blog. It is directed by Naresh Kuppili, a prominent hardworking director of the Telugu Movie Industry. It is produced by Bekkam Venugopal, under the name Lucky Media. 

Genre - Paagal movie reviews suggest that the movie comes under the category of Romantic and comedy popularly abbreviated as ROM-COM.

The budget for the movie was approximately 10.5 crores whereas the box office collection was a mere 10.5 crores which include 9.8cr as a domestic collection and 0.7 as overseas. 

Paagal Movie release date - The movie was released on 14th August 2021. The film had to be postponed many times due to the coronavirus outbreak in India but was finally launched on the above date. 

About Paagal- 

Paagal, a Telugu Rom-com is the story of Prem, who loves his mother a lot, and the same is reciprocated. However, his mother dies of cancer when Prem is just 8. Since then, he gets lonely and devoid of warmth and love and starts his search for a girl as his partner. However, things go bad when Prem is unable to find any suitable girl and gets rejected by them. Will Prem be able to find a suitable girl for him, who will love him and all fill the empty space of Prem’s Mother? 

Paagal Telugu movie is the first movie directed by Naresh Kuppili.


After the sad demise of his mother due to cancer, Prem is set on a mission to find a suitable loving girl for him. Firstly, he writes a letter to his mother and flies it in the air. He once proposes to a girl, elder than him as she is dumped by her boyfriend but he gets rejected as Prem is young, Still studying and without a job or money. But fast-forward to 7years, he lands in a big company with a fat salary. When he goes back now, to the same girl, he gets awestruck as she is already married and even has a child.

He starts proposing to every girl he meets but sadly gets rejected by everyone. In the movie, he proposes to around 1600 girls but gets none.

Prem is then advised by his friends to go to Vishakapatnam for finding a suitable girl. 

There, Prem saves a girl named Radha from a group of men teasing her and then proposes to her. However, due to certain events, they do not end up together. 

Then prem finds a wealthy girl, Sofie but gets heartbroken to again know that she already has a boyfriend. 

Prem then finds a fat girl who also accepts the proposal of Prem But later breaks up with him as her family had already found some other guy for her.

However, One day Prem meets a girl named Theera. She is the same girl who gets the balloon sent by prem in the air some years back! Things go pretty well, but when it comes to marriage, Theera’s father(Raja Reddy),a Politician would never agree as he has a bitter relationship with prem due to a series of events that happened in the past. When Raja Reddy hears about his daughter and Prem wanting to marry, he sends his goons to kill his daughter. However, Theera although facing severe injuries survives the planned accident when everyone thinks she he dead. 

Later Raja reddy understands his mistakes and Theera and Prem marry and live thereafter! 

Pagal Movie review- 

Paagal, although a famous movie is not very appreciated in the Telugu Film Industry. The main reason behind this is the plot which the paagal movie review says is loosely set. The audience is not very much happy about the entire storyline. No wonder, why the movie is considered a flop with a very less Box office collection. 

Positives-First half of the movie is very interesting and entertaining. The sound and BGM teams have done really well. 

Negatives- The film has a very poor storyline and plot. The second half seems to be stretched and dragged. The last part takes a revenging angle.

Pagal Telugu movie rating- 

Paagal rating IMDb- 6.2/10

Google users- 76% 

Paagal Movie Cast- 

  • Vishwak Sen as Prem
  • Simran Choudhary as Sofie
  • Bhumika Chawla as Prem’s Mother
  • Nivetha Pethuraj as Theera 
  • Murali Sharma as MLA Murali Raja Reddy 
  • Ram Prasad as Vizaf Shankar
  • Rahul Ramakrishnan as Youth Leader
  • Megha Lekha as Radha
  • Mahesh Achanta a Mahesh

Paagal Movie Songs- 

  1. Paagal
  2. Ee Single Chinode
  3. Kanapadava
  4. Karadaga Kasepaina
  5. Aagave Nuvvagave
  6. Amma Amma ne Vennela
  7. You are my love


Paagal is a movie that tries to bring Romance and Comedy under the same movie, However, Paagal Movie Review are not in favor to say that the movie gives justice to the roles of all the actors. Although all the actors have played great roles, the storyline of the movie does not satisfy the audience. 

Common Queries

Did Paagal movie hit or flop?

The movie remains a flop due to not so acceptable storyline.

Who is the Producer of Paagal Movie?

Bekkam Venugopal, under the names Lucky Media has produced the movie.

What are Pagal Movie Review?

The movie reviews say that the plot could have been designed better. The sound and Bgm are Wonderful! 


Here is the link for Paagal Movie Trailer-


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