Orey Bamardhi Review: A Tollywood Action And Thriller Movie

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Orey Bamardhi is a 2019 Tamil action movie. The producer of the film is Ramesh P. Pillai with the banner of Abhishek films. The film is written and directed by Sasi. The main leads are Siddharth, G.V. Prakash Kumar, Kashmira Pardeshi, and Lijomol Jose. Orey bamardhi movie release date is 31 August 2021 and became a little hit with good and positive reviews.

Hello Guys! From horror, fantasy, and romantic to thriller and action we are taking care of your entertainment very well. That's why today we are back with a Tamil movie. In this article, you will read about the 2021 action and thriller movie Orey Bamardhi. It is a 2-hour 22-minute movie with full action, romance, and thriller. Keep reading to know all about the film.

Orey Bamardhi Storyline

Rajashekhar is traffic police who catches Madhan (bike racer) for breaking rules in the city after catching he humiliated him and makes fun of him in front of many people and then hands him to the cops. Unknowingly Rajashekhar falls in love with Madhan's sister and from here the main part of the story begins as Madhan is not able to forget the humiliation and insult and he is strictly against the marriage of her sister and Rajashehkhar. He starts considering her sister and Rajashekhar as his enemy. He will try his level best to destroy them. This is the basic and main storyline of the film.

Orey Bamardhi Movie Cast

  1. Siddharth - Rajashekhar
  2. G.V. Prakash Kumar- Madhan
  3. Lijo Mol Jose- Rajalakshmi
  4. Kashmira Pardeshi- Kavin
  5. Madhusudhan Rao- Madhu
  6. Prem Kumar- Rajashkhar's brother
  7. Nakkalites Dhanam- Madhan's ant
  8. Dheepa Ramanujam- Rajashekhar's mother
  9. Ramesh S. Pillai- Producer
  10. Siddhu Kumar- Music
  11. San Lokesh- Editing
  12. Prasanna S. Kumar- Cinematographer

Orey Bamardhi Story

Madhan is a street racer who lives in a city with his elder sister Raji. They were orphaned. They are living with their aunt Dhanalakshmi since childhood. Rajashekhar is a sincere traffic police officer. Things start between them at the beginning of the film when Rajasekar stops Madhan on the road for racing and humiliates him in public by putting a girl's dress on him. When Raji and Rajashekhar think to get married, things become tense. Madhan is not able to overcome the humiliation that Rajashekhar behind him and begins to see Rajasekar and Raji as his worst enemies, as Raji marries Rajashekar against his wishes and becomes pregnant for two months. Madhan's bike also gets stolen. The police arrest him and the bike is used for chain snatching. Rajashekar comes to rescue him and agrees to keep him in his home, after which follows a drama between Madhan and Raji.

Madhu is a drug dealer. One of his drug-carrying trucks is caught by Rajashekar. Rajashekar seeks the help of the team to seize Madhu's drugs and arrest him. Madhu orders his men to ram the van carrying him by lorry and escapes from the hospital where he is admitted. Meanwhile, Madhan and Dhanalakshmi pass away. At the same time, Madhan finds out about the thieves. The thief, also in Madhan's opposite gang, refuses to surrender due to his political influence and lack of enough evidence. The thief challenges Madhan to have a race with him. However, in the race, the thief injures Madhan. Rajashekar helps Madhan to win the race, and he immediately gets back his bike. Madhu's goons kidnap both Rajashekar and Madhan. In a fight, Rajashekar kills Madhu's goons and gets shot in a bid to save Madhan. Madhan realizes his mistake and kills all the goons and leaves Madhu to get arrested.

The film ends with a happy note in which Madhan and Rajashekar get united.

Orey bamardhi movie review

Orey Bamardhi is a low-budget film but liked by people. The audience liked the unique story and baseline but was really disappointed with the second half of the movie. People considered it really boring and uninteresting. The audience loved the character of Sidharth. If you are searching for a thriller, action, or romance movie then you can go for this one without any second thought. A movie that shows that whatever happens true love will win in the end. The ending will satisfy your soul with happiness.

Orey Bamardhi's IMDb ratings: 7.1/10

Orey bamardhi ratings : 7.2


Ques 1. What is Orey Bamradhi's movie release date?

Ans. Orey Bamradhi's movie release date is 31 August 2021.

Ques 2. In which languages is Orey Bammardhi releasing?

Ans. Tamil

Ques 3. What is the Genre of Orey Bammardhi?

Ans. Orey Bammardhi is an action, thriller genre.

Ques 4. What is Orey Bamardhi review?

Ans. The audience liked the movie but it considered it boring after the interval.

Ques 5. Where can we watch Orey Bamardhi movie?

Ans. You can watch Orey Bamardhi's movie on Aha video. That is an OTT platform that offers Telugu movies.

Orey Bamardhi Trailer

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