Oh Mana Penne Remake: Will Karthik And Shruthi Be Able To Successfully Run Their Food Truck

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Oh Manapenne movie is a 2021 Tamil-language romantic comedy film that was written and directed by Deepak Sundarrajan on his directorial debut. It stars Harish Kalyan as well as Pelli choopulu movie heroine name is Priya Bhavani Shankar as a boy and girl who interact throughout a matchmaking event. Oh mana penne remake of which movie is Pelli Choopulu (2016). The rest of the narrative focuses on how their shared goals brought the two together.

Greetings everyone and welcome back to the channel today we're going to speak about the oh mana penne movie review, which is a translation for "Oh Dear Bride," but in this case, it refers to a movie that we will discuss in the article along with its cast, oh mana penne is a remake of which movie and other details in  Pelli choopulu Malayalam remake.

About The Movie:

Due to financial limitations, the omana penne movie review film experienced delays and was finally canceled; by November 2019, its cast and staff had undergone a full makeover. Principal photography for the upcoming movie Oh Manapenne! started in finished in February 2020. Oh manapenne movie release date was made available on October 22, 2021.

Omana Penne Movie Cast :


  • Karthik Sundar


  • Tharun Bhascker


  • Harish Kalyan as Karthik
  • Priya Bhavani Shankar as Shruthi
  • Venu Arvind as Karthik's father
  • Anbuthasan as Sathya
  • Abishek Kumar as Faizal
  • K. S. G. Venkatesh as Shruthi's father
  • Ashwin Kumar Lakshmikanthan as Arjun
  • Samyuktha Viola Viswanathan as Aditi
  • Anish Kuruvilla as Aditi's father
  • Siddhanth as the chef


  • Satyanarayana Koneru
  • Ramesh Varma Penmesta

O Mana Penne Movie Plot:

Karthik is a man who earned his B.E. by passing all of his classes for approximately five years, however, he is also a slacker and unable to perform any labor. His father doesn't give him any support in his efforts to fulfill his dream of becoming a chef and opening a restaurant. Shruthi is a very motivated young woman who strives to realize her dream of moving to Australia. Nevertheless, because she is a female and he preferred a son, her father expresses no interest in her. Her younger cousin Barath mistakenly locks the door when they first meet at the matchmaker event, causing them to become stuck ultimately. They chat about the past to keep themselves occupied.

Shruthi admits that she had a crush on a man by the name of Arjun. They both desired to launch a food truck enterprise. Arjun traveled to Bangalore to discuss their relationship and company with his father. Shruthi, however, got right to work on her strategy and was prepared to buy the truck as a surprise for Arjun. But as a result of his eagerness for the dowry, Arjun did not return as planned. Since they learned Arjun wasn't returning, Shruthi as well as her father decided to arrange for her to marry someone else as nothing succeeds like success meaning in Telugu.

When it's his turn, Karthik explains that he was jobless and frequently went out with Sathya and Faizal. Karthik loves cooking, so he produces cooking videos with his friends. However, it wasn't successful enough. They decided to produce prank videos but were foiled when Karthik's father caught them in the act in the beats movi.

After that, the door was fixed, and it was then discovered that Karthik had arrived at the incorrect address for his matchmaker event. Karthik later attends the actual matching function, which involved a wealthy family. Shruthi informs the man attending her matchmaker event that she is not interested in getting married in the meantime decent meaning in Telugu. Karthik and Shruthi decide to manage the food truck independently, with Karthik serving as the cook and Shruthi handling the business end of things because the parents of Karthik's bride expected him to be able to operate a business film beats. Their initial struggles are largely brought on by Karthik and his friends' sloth, their arguments with Shruthi, and their decision to give up the food truck.

Later, Karthik makes a home visit to Shruthi and tells her father to be happy of having such a competent daughter. Additionally, he insists that he allow Shruthi to follow her aspirations and says that if he ever has a boy like him, he would like to have a daughter like her. As a result, Shruthi recognizes Karthik's good character and subsequently persuades Karthik's father that he is a wonderful cook by preparing Karthik's cuisine. Then, with the help of both of their parents, they launch their firm in oh manapenne review.

Following this, their food truck enjoys tremendous success. They unknowingly fall in love during this process, but since they are both betrothed to other people, they drift apart. They reunite via a radio show hosted by Shruthi's buddy Ramya after realizing their love for one another. Karthik and Shruthi successfully reconnect with the help of their family and friends.

Oh Mana Penne Review:

Karthik, a carefree young guy, and his family members and friends arrive at Shruti and her family's home for a matchmaker ceremony at the start of the movie. Due to a stuck door, the two end up trapped in the same room where they have to pass the time by telling each other about their lives in Manam full movie in Telugu Hotstar. Karthik, a recent engineering graduate with no passion for his work and only a desire to maintain his carefree lifestyle, is open about having accepted the proposition only for the dowry, which also will enable him to live comfortably. Shruti, an aspirational MBA gold medalist, is equally open about her lack of interest in marriage because she has her sights set on pursuing higher education in Australia.

When they begin to feel a flame for each other, it is abruptly put out only when they discover Karthik and his family have wound up at the wrong address. They discover their love lives haven't really been wonderful either in Pelli choopulu review. However, fate puts them back together as business partners whenever Shruti offers to hire Karthik as a chef in the food truck company she plans to launch (cooking appears to be the one thing he has some interest in). But how long before they realize that they are the ideal couple for a lifetime?

Even for viewers who have watched the original in oh mana penne remake of which movie and thus are familiar with the emotional rhythms of the plot, Kaarthikk Sundar manages to make Oh Manapenne! feel new despite adhering closely to the Pelli Choopulu script (written and directed by Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam). Some of this has to do with the fact that he took the moments from the original but shot those in his style rather than attempting a shot-for-shot reproduction. Additionally, he modifies the traits of the Telugu film's characters to better suit the personalities of his own leads rather than having his leads copy them in a copycat movie review.

Karthik played by Harish Kalyan comes out as an even more blatant no-good who is content with his lack of talent and just wants a simple life. Additionally, Priya Bhavanishankar's portrayal of Shruti is less upbeat than Ritu Varma's portrayal of Chitra in oh mana penne is a remake of which movie. Along with the grins and the resoluteness, there is also a hint of sadness (due to her father's treatment of her). They make sure that the humorous and romantic moments are equally as impactful as the emotional passages opposite of decent. For evidence, all you need to do is look at the scenes in which their characters reconcile with their respective fathers.

Deepak Sundarrajan's dialogues have a spark to them and are full of life and humor. The supporting cast members give a few noteworthy performances misses meaning in Telugu.

As Karthik's witty pal, Anbuthasan gives a performance that ought to advance his career. He does an amazing job at analyzing the individuals and events inside the movie using movie references. As Karthik's helpless father who can't abide by his son's careless lifestyle, Venu Arvind excels.


Oh, Manapenne! is made even warmer by Vishal Chandrashekhar's scintillating tune and Krishnan Vasant's lovely cinematography. one of those movies that makes you happy and contented.

Oh Mana Penne Rating IMDb:

7.2 out of 10 with 1,679 votes on IMDb

Oh Mana Penne Remake Trailer:

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