Netrikann cast Nayanthara's best performance will make the film best said by Producer Vignesh Shivan

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Netrikann is an Indian Tamil-language crime thriller and Netrikann release time was in 2021 and it is a remake of the South Korean film Blind from 2011. It revolves around a blind cop on the hunt for a serial killer. Milind Rau directed the film and is produced by Vignesh Shivan under the Rowdy Pictures label. K.S. Mayilvaganan and Kross Pictures, a worldwide film and television production firm, are co-producers. The film 'Netrikann' is rated A. That means, only those above the age of 18 are permitted to see this film. The film Netrikann cast Nayanthara is playing the main lead role while Ajmal Ameer plays the antagonist. In supporting roles are K. Manikandan and Saran Shakthi.


Netrikann Movie Plot

A missing person investigation involving a female university student and a hit-and-run victim appear to be connected. A witness is sought by the detectives.

Durga (Nayanthara) used to be a bright cadet at the police academy, but her police career was cut short after a horrible vehicle accident killed her surrogate brother Adithya and left her blind. Durga tells SI Manikandan at the police station that she was picked up by a taxi cab driver the night of the hit-and-run. Because Durga is blind, Netrikann cast K. Manikandan as SI Manikandan initially dismisses her statements, but as she demonstrates her strong senses, the detective begins to trust her. SI Manikandan and Durga then team together to track down the taxi cab driver, but all of their leads go nowhere. Then Gowtham, another witness, steps forward. Gowtham is a delivery kid on a motorbike who claims to have observed the hit-and-run. The automobile in question, according to Gowtham, was not a taxi cab, but rather an imported sedan.

Dr. James Dinah, a gynecologist who abducted, gagged, and raped young women, follows Gowtham home alone on the same night. Gowtham first escapes, but is pursued and struck by a brick. SI Manikandan and Durga drive to the location in an ambulance. The Netrikann cast Saran Shakthi as Gowtham becomes irritated by Durga's incessant pestering and storms away the day of his release. He sees Durga on the opposite side of the nearly-empty subway station and then watches her ride the subway followed by the murderer. He contacts her on her phone and informs her that the assailant is right in front of her. She uses FaceTime to tell him her location and surroundings while he tries to catch up with her. He and Kanna, her seeing-eye dog, lead her out of the underground and to safety. She grabs her pepper spray from her handbag and sprays the killer's eyes before fleeing with Kanna. She believed she'd be secure once she got inside the elevator, but the killer rushes in, injects her with propofol, and kills Kanna. 

The main Nayanthara as Durga pleads for Kanna as she awakes, but Gowtham offers her the blood-stained leash. She receives a call from an unknown number at home. The caller cautions her to stay away from the investigation. "You can't see me, but I'm watching you." SI Manikandan and Durga pay a visit to Renuka, Netrikann cast Lizzie Antony as Sofia's friend and Dinah's victim, who explains that Sofia was pregnant and had opted to get an abortion. Through an agency, they were able to reach Dinah. Durga takes on the role of a pregnant woman seeking an abortion to track down the killer. She arrives at Dinah's hidden clinic, then after a series of incidents, Dinah shows up at the station, confessing to having a disease and claiming that his wife Nancy resembled Durga, who was murdered by Dinah after an argument.

They had a violent altercation wherein SI Manikandan dies and the killer escapes. Meanwhile, Gowtham and Durga return to the orphanage when the school director asks them to keep an eye on it while the children are taken out. The murderer walks into the living room, smokes a cigarette, and turns on the music. The music irritates Durga, so she walks downstairs to turn it off. She chastises Gowtham for playing it, but the cigarette smoke catches her attention. The Netrikann cast Saran Shakthi as Gowtham battles the killer upstairs, while Durga flees, reaching the vehicle and shattering the windows with the motion sensor. The assailant assaults her, but she smacks him in the head and continues to hit him until he is killed. The body of SI Manikandan is discovered, along with additional evidence that points to Dinah as the murderer. The girls are also rescued from James Dinah's house by the authorities. Durga emerges after eye surgery and can see again in the final credits. The closing scene depicts Manikandan's remembering ceremony, in which he not only gave his life but also offered his eyeballs to Durga. Durga has been re-admitted to the police academy, and the girls whose lives she spared express their gratitude. As per


Netrikann Movie Cast

  • Nayanthara as Durga: A former CBI officer who lost her eyesight in an accident and Nancy: a software engineer, Durga's look-alike, James's wife killed by him
  • Tulasi as Nancy (Nayanthara dupe).
  • Ajmal Ameer as Dr. James Dinah, a gynecologist who kidnapped some girls, raped and killed them
  • K. Manikandan as SI Manikandan, a kind and innocent police officer who helped Durga in that case, who was later killed by James
  • Saran Shakthi as Gautama delivery boy, who helped Durga in that case later she adopted him as her brother
  • Scooby as A Dog ("Kanna"), Durga's pet and later killed by James
  • Sachin Nachiappan as Aditya, Durga's adopted brother in an orphanage who accidentally died
  • Lizzie Antony as Sofia's mother
  • RJ Ananthi as Renuka, Sofia's friend
  • Redin Kingsley as Babu, James's agent
  • Pradeep K. Vijayan as Veterinarian
  • Supergood Subramani as a Police Officer
  • Yaanai Joke Kathir as Robber
  • Ravi Venkatraman


Netrikann Movie Release Date

Netrikann release time is August 13, 2021, and was released on the Disney+Hotstar platform. Netrikann is a remake of the Korean film Blind.


Netrikann Movie Trailer

The film’s official trailer was released on YouTube on Sony Music South and it got 22 lakh views. Here, I have provided the link to the trailer of Netrikann. By linking on the below-mentioned link you will be able to watch the trailer of Netrikann. The film Netrikann rating is 6 out of 10.



Netrikann Movie Review

'Netrikan' seems to be a standard thriller movie. That is, the majority of thriller films released to date share a similar plot. A psychotic bad guy. Who is the perpetrator of all crimes in dim red and yellow light? He's dressed in a black hoodie. In the suspense film 'Netrikan,' however, Anand does not appear throughout the film. Some scenery appears to be stretched out like a piece of elastic. In a good thriller picture, the background soundtrack is quite vital, however, the background score in "Netrikan" is lifeless. Some of the film's sequences are cliched and nonsensical. 

Girish Gopalakrishnan's soundtrack for the film is excellent. However, it is superfluous. It would have been great if it had only been utilized for promotion and not for the film. Because the songs that appear in the middle of the film obliterate any sense of anticipation that may have arisen in the mind. Even half of the audience can readily foresee how the movie would conclude. Despite these flaws, the film is not tedious to watch. Although there isn't much enjoyment to be had, the anticipation of fun persists.


The film Netrikann cast Nayantara in the main role of Durga. Nayantara's performance in the film manages to keep the viewers engaged till the very end. When you look at a blind girl's body language, you may perceive that she has a fault. However, because the character has been proved to have good judgment, he can grant the 'Benefit of Doubt' here. In the rest of the eyes, the consistency with which he has remained throughout the film is admirable. Police Inspector Manikandan was played by Netrikann cast Manikandan Achari. This is a well-written character. A naïve police officer who works for the underdogs. Manikandan has done an excellent job portraying this character. This character succeeds in both laughing and sobbing throughout the film.


Ajmal Amir has taken on the role of the film's antagonist. Ajmal fails miserably in his portrayal of a geeky criminal. Overall, his attempt to convey this strong persona with basic facial gestures falls short. He fails to innovate the role from his side, other from copying the nasty gestures of several classic English films. Milind Rau is the director of the film. Milind's directing does not appear to be anything outstanding. There is no need to describe each scene in Rajasekhar's cinematography separately.



'Netrikann' does not do the suspense thriller genre justice. The Netrikann cast Nayantara and Manikandan Achari do everything they can to keep the sinking ship afloat to the very end. However, the ship sinks in the end. You all can watch it if you want to. The film Netrikann rating is 6 out of 10.


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