Nenjuku Needhi Review: Know about the Tamil Remake of Article 15 and much more

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Nenjuku needhi Is the Tamil remake of 2019 Anubhav Sinha’s Article 15, starring Udhayanidhi Stalin, and Tanya Ravichandran. Find out about the Nenjuku Needhi reviews in the blog and much more.

Hey guys, Hope you enjoyed 2019 Anubhav Sinha’s Article 15 as this blog is about the Tamil remake of the same movie, Produced by Boney Kapoor and Anuraja Kamaraj. Nenjuku Needhi reviews are telling all about itself, read the blog to know more.

Nenjuku needhi showtimes

The running time of Nenjuku needhi is 150 mins. Nenjukku neethi movie release date is 20 May 2022. 

Nenjuku needhi reviews

If all things were equal, who would be the king? Everyone thinks they are the same.”- Like this dialogue in the film, Udayanidhi Stalin's Nenjuk Needi is powerful, badass, and thought-provoking. We've made a lot of films that talk about fairness, but this one hit us hard right from the start. You know exactly what will happen next, but the writing and production are very effective and will keep you hooked. A remake of the Bollywood movie Article 15, this movie is about two Dalits. It follows an IPS officer investigating a heinous crime involving the mysterious death of a young girl and a missing girl. IPS officer Vijayragavan (Udhayanidhi Stalin) is stationed in rural Tamil Nadu where caste discrimination and untouchability are still practiced.

Vijayragahvan has read many books about discrimination, but it is getting harder to face these issues in real life. While he is still grappling with and trying to figure out the ideologies of those around him, his life has taken a turn for the worse with the mysterious disappearance of three Dalit girls who worked in a local factory. Two are found dead, but the case is complicated by the lack of any trace of the third. Who is behind this heinous crime and how Vijayraghavan proceeded with the case despite pressure from casteist dignitaries make up the rest of the plot. The core plot is nothing new, but Arunraja Kamaraj's script and the anguish the characters go through make us go crazy for the film. There is a scene where Vijayragahvan talks with his men about the caste system and the number of divisions within it.

It makes us laugh, but Vijayragahvan's answer to this will resonate with most viewers. Most of the dialogue deserves a round of applause because it's so effective. When you think it's overdone, the creators justify it with interesting incidents and environments populated by characters. Cinematography (by Dinesh Krishnan) and music are the heroes here. Composer Div Ninan Thomas understood the heartbeat of the film and took the scene to another level. Udhayanidhi is the original where he played the role of Ayushmann Khurrana and this character feels tailor-made for him. 

The only downside of the nenjuku needhi review is that some of the sequences are predictable and the narration is a bit delayed in the first half. more than makes up for it. Ahri's character as Kumaran, a Dalit leader, and revolutionary, is perfect. However, the creators could have focused more on his character in the backstory as we come to sympathize with him. Shivani Rajashekar does a good job. 

Anubhav Sinha's Article 15, released three years ago, was hailed as one of the few mainstream Hindi films to address caste issues. He also faced heavy criticism for his portrayal of high-caste police officer Ayan Ranjan (played by Ayushman Khurana) as the savior of the Dalits. Ayyub) will also appear. However, the film definitely incorporates Officer Ranjan's perspective. There are times when he strives for justice, risks his work, and even gets his hands dirty (literally even walking through a swamp). 

Article 15 clearly specifies that the main character belongs to a higher caste, but in the Tamil remake of Nenjuku Needi, the caste of the other party is not specified. Officer Vijayraghavan (Udayani Distalin) turns out to be a well-mannered English-speaking officer who has studied abroad. One of his junior officers asked him, "Your full name is he Vijayraghavan?" Another official later claimed he must be of a higher caste. But I don't know exactly. 

By not revealing the caste of the protagonist, Arunraja Kamaraj, who directed this remake, not only stays away from criticism of "Savior of Savarna", but also establishes a very different environment to that seen in Article 15. 

In fact, the contrast between the two worlds is one of the most interesting aspects of the remake. Unlike Lalgaun (a fictional town in Uttar Pradesh), we do not see people identifying other castes by their surnames. Even in the village of Pollachi, where the remake is set, caste has been dropped from the people's names, thanks to Tamil Nadu's social reform movement. But it exists everywhere. 

A large steel pot of rice was discarded at school because it was cooked by Dalits. Ambedkar and Periyar statues are imprisoned for possible caste riots. A police officer, unaware that manual cleaning is prohibited, tries to call on the downtrodden caste people to clean the police station's overflowing sewers. 

CBI officers will not drink water brought to them by officers with a green list code. Another officer calls them "Adunga" instead of "Abanga", dehumanizing them. An influential upper-caste businessman abuses and kills an underage Dalit girl simply because she asked for a 30 rupee pay raise. Arunraja presents all areas of caste violence: from the subtle to the extreme.

Nenjukku neethi movie cast

The film stars consists of Udhayanidhi Stalin, Tanya Ravichandran, Aari Arujunan and Shivani Rajsekhar. Udhayanidhi Stalin performs the lead function of Vijayaraghavan IPS at the beginning completed via way of means Ayushman Khurrana in the Hindi version

Nenjukku neethi rating

Nenjukku needhi has a rating of 7.4 IMDb. According to the audience, Nenjuku needhi review is 4.5/5 which is pretty good as compared to Article 15.


Ques.1- Is Nenjuku needhi a remake?

Ans- Yes, Nenjuku Needhi is a remake of the Bollywood movie Article 15.

Ques.2- Who is the villain in Nenjukku needhi?

Ans- Suresh Chakravarthy is playing the role of an evil cop in Nenjuku Needhi.

Ques.3- Is Nenjukku neethi an Article 15 remake?

Ans- Yes, Nenjuku Neeshi is the Tamil remake of Anubhav Sinha’s Article 15

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