Nandagokula serial: Rocking Star Yash in Kannada serial for the first time

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The television platform has been for ages a means to popularise anything to the masses and there are quite self-explanatory examples for it too like cricket. And there is one simple reason behind it, television has more reach compared to cinemas and digital mediums. Thus we can say with confidence that TV has helped to shape careers and career-oriented people since its inception. Especially when it comes to a career in the entertainment industry. TV is an opportunity made in heaven.

We have seen this in Bollywood with our beloved actor late Sushant Singh Rajput, who became a household name even before becoming a Bollywood celebrity due to Ekta Kapoor's massively hit serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya. And there are plenty of examples of such in the other parts of the Indian entertainment industry too. Television is the stepping stone in the careers of many superstars of today.

And this article of ours comes just in time for it to make complete sense, as it is about a serial from the Kannada television industry that launched the acting career of a stalwart of Kannada cinema whom we all popularly recognize as Rocky from Kollar Gold Fields or Rocking Star Yash. The name of the serial, Nandagokula and aired on ETV Kannada in 2004 and was a big success. Today we’ll tell you about the serial that launched the careers of two very talented actors in the sandalwood industry and tell you all about their journey. 

About Nandagokula serial

The series was an instant hit from the moment it went on display in the year 2004. The reason why this serial got a really good reception was because of some film-like setups and songs picturization that went cohesively with the audience and were very immersive. The whole show was completely filmed in and around the villages in Mysore.

Rekha Chitra banner was the producer of the show & it was written by Rekha Rani who produced the serial as well along with being the brains behind it. Furthermore, the director of the show was her husband, Ashok Kashyap. The telecast of the show was done on the ETV Kannada channel in the year 2004. Rekha Rani is one of the youngest novelists in the state of Karnataka, and she writes mostly about the human complexities in full disclosure. Her husband Ashok Kashyap is a well-known and respected cinematographer who transitioned to doing direction with this serial.

Nandagokula serial cast

  • Yash; Yash as he is called on-screen and Naveen Kumar Gowda, which is his real name, is one of the most illustrious celebrities in the Kannada movie industry. He was born on January 8th in the year 1986 in Bhuvana Halli, in the Hassan part of Karnataka. He currently lives in Bangalore. His first introduction to acting came in form of theatre plays. He was part of the Benaka drama troupe which was started by B.V.Karanth. The actor then made his first impression in television serials when he debuted in the Nandagokula Kannada serial on ETV. He then proceeded to be cast in many popular serials like Uttarayana, Malebillu, Preethi Illada Mele, and Shiva. And finally started landing top roles in top Kannada language movies from thereon.

  • Radhika Pandit; this show also launched the career of Radhika Pandit. And just like Yash, she also came to be a known face in the Kannada television and film industry in the coming days. The charming actress was born on March 7th 1984 in the city of Bangalore. She completed her education at Mount Carmel College. Television was her place of debut as well. And interestingly enough, this was the serial that helped her meet her soulmate whom she married years later. 

  • Neetha; Neetha is a well-recognized Kannada television and film actress. She belongs from Mangalore and studied in Mangalore as well as Bangalore. Born on 2nd September 1986, she studied in St Agnes Mangalore. The acting was more like an eventful coincidence rather than a full-fledged dream as she was cast by the famous director Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar for a role in his serial. Her debut came in Punya directed by Nagathihalli which was a mega television serial.

  • Megha Shree; Megha Shree is one of the most talented actresses on South Indian television. She has a tall and beautiful personality. And after rocking it in the television industry she is now making moves in the film industry as well. 

Nandagokula serial release 

The serial was released in 2004 on ETV Kannada and was thoroughly loved and enjoyed by the public. Deeming it a commercial success.


In a final statement, we would like to say just this before going to watch KGF 2 with your friends try and watch Nandagokula once as well. Though it would not help your viewing experience in any kind it'll increase your love and respect for your beloved superstar Yash and his journey from 2004 to 2022.

Related queries  

Actor Yash's first serial?

Nandagokula is hsi debut serial.

Is Yash married to Radhika pandit?

Yes, they have been married since 2016.

Where to watch Nandagokula serial?

On ETV Kannada.

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