Naagin 6 Review: Despite having a well-known actress in the lead role, the show's beginning is disappointing

Monali GuptaFeb 28 . 6 min read

Traitors in India assist a neighboring country in launching biological warfare by discharging a deadly substance into bodies of water, resulting in a pandemic. A professor seeks the assistance of a Shesh Naagin to track out the country's adversaries and find an antidote to save lives.

Naagin 6 is a Hindi-language supernatural fantasy television series about a shape-shifting serpent. Balaji Telefilms' Ekta Kapoor is the producer of this show. The sixth season release date was on February 12, 2022. Naagin 6 lead actress Tejasswi Prakash, Mahek Chahal, Simba Nagpal, and Manit Joura are main cast in the show.

Naagin 6 story

The story begins with a well-known professor summoning all of the nation's priests to warn them of an impending pandemic in 2020. The pandemic caused by a deadly virus appears to be the consequence of an attack from a neighboring country. While the pandemic appears to be unavoidable, the professor believes that only the Shreshta naagin (played by Mahekk Chahal, Naagin 6 cast) can save the nation. Despite earlier Shrestha naagin who were seen fighting for their love, this time the Shrestha naagin will be coming to save the nation. However, there is a twist: this Shrestha naagin, who appears to have the most power, cannot see her opponents this time is shown in the Naagin season 6.

In a parallel story, Pratha (Tejasswi Prakash) is urgently hunting for work and gets into difficulties after a dubbing session in which she does the voiceover for a naagin.

Rishabh Gujral (Simba Nagpal) is shown as an army officer in the Naagin season 6.

He and his brother Ritesh are planning to marry the daughters of their mother's friend. Rishabh is the one who receives part of the note delivered by the scientist via his assistant, which warns the army men of the threat posed by the 'Dushman' to their country. He's confused by that. Afterward, in the Naagin season 6 on their way home from the temple, Pratha saves Rishabh and Ritesh (his brother) in a car accident. Sheshth Naagin gives all three of them a lift. The scientist has led her to the location of the 'asuras' that must be destroyed. It turns out to be the Gujral residence, where the two brothers' wedding is scheduled to take place.

Sheshth Naagin( Mahek Chahal, Naagin 6 lead actress) becomes the head of security, and Pratha ends up in the same position. She had received a call from the Gujral household, asking her to assist them with the wedding preparations. Now, let's see where the plot takes us next.

Naagin 6 Cast

  • Tejasswi Prakash as Pratha, Sarvashreshth Shesh Naagin appears every 1000 years to battle wars, plagues, or both.
  • Mahek Chahal as Mahek, Shesh Naagin, a Sheshnaag clan Neeli naagin.
  • Simba Nagpal as Col Rishabh Gujral, Naagin 6 cast, Ritesh and Sheena's elder brother, Reema's fiancee: Lalit and Seema's son, Ritesh and Sheena's elder brother, Reema's fiancee.
  • Manit Joura as Prithvi Varma, Professor, and Assists the Traitors to die.

Naagin 6 release date

Balaji Telefilms' Ekta Kapoor is the producer of this show. The sixth season release date was on February 12, 2022. Tejasswi Prakash, Mahek Chahal, Simba Nagpal, and Manit Joura are main cast in the show.

Naagin 6 written update: 27 February 2022

The episode begins with Seema declaring her desire for Ritesh to marry Pratha. Urvashi decides to marry Reem to Rishabh nonetheless. Urvashi apologizes to Seema and begs her to allow Reem and Rishabh to marry. She concurs. Seema urges Pratha's father to allow Pratha and Ritesh to marry. He gladly agrees. In Naagin episode 6, Rishabh attempts to provoke Ritesh against Pratha but fails. As the moonlight beams on Sarvasresth Naagin on Mahashivratri, she begins to lose her human form and turns into a Naagin. She also begins to lose her abilities, and it is revealed that she must slay the 'Asur' before midnight. Reem disguises himself as a bride. Rishabh walks into her room and informs her that Ritesh has declined to marry Riya. In Naagin 6, Reem's refusal to marry Rishabh irritates him. They reconcile.

Because of Lord Shiv's blessings, Sarvasresth Naagin regains her human form. The Gujrals have arrived at the temple. Pratha is still head over heels in love with Rishabh. Rishabh protects her when her lehenga catches fire. Naagin studies the hands of all family members during aarti and discovers that Mr. Gujral is an 'Asur'. Then in Naagin episode 6, Mr. Gujral and the Minister decide to travel to the bush to receive the illegal weapons shipment. It is revealed that Naagin was masked when he approached the Minister. She assassinates the 'Asur'. Mayank arrives at the temple and informs Pratha that Naagin intends to murder her father-in-law, Mr. Gujral. InNaggin season 6, it is revealed that Mayank informed Mr. Gujral about Naagin, but he ignored him. 'Saperas' attack Sarvasresth Naagin. Mayank stops Rishabh's car as he attempts to depart, telling him that Mr. Gujral is soon to die. Rishabh and Pratha come on the scene, and she reveals herself to be Shesh Naagin.

Naagin 6 Review

The beginning of the show was not as impressive as the viewers were expecting. The show is fast-paced, yet it is fairly usual. 

This time, the Naagins are patriotic, and the sheshth Naagin appears in the globe only after 'Saperas' plays 'Vande Matram.' It's absurd and distracting. It's difficult to accept the supernatural in the context of a pandemic in the Naagin season 6.

It has the same typical 'gufas, "mandirs,' and 'ghaatis' where important incidents occur. It is no longer interesting to the audience. Then there's a 'shaadi wala ghar,' where Naagins attack their 'Dushman,' who includes family members and guests.

There are also unreal scenes in the Naagin season 6. One example is Pratha attempting to save Rishabh and Ritesh from sliding off the cliff. She extends her hand and attempts to pull them up. That's too unrealistic.

The exterior scenery also looks unreal. Mornings appear to be more like evenings, especially when Pratha, Rishabh, and Ritesh are at the temple. Even the early shots, when the scientist emerges from the ancient mandir, appear artificial. 

Coming to the performance of the Naagin 6 cast, Pratha is portrayed to be humble, obedient, and fragile, and Tejasswi plays the character well, albeit it remains to be seen how she performs as a Naagin. Maheck Chahal, Naagin 6 cast is fearless and tenacious. Her voice and motions make her appear to be a convincing Naagin on-screen. Simba Nagpal performs admirably.


Naagin 6 may have a popular figure at the lead, but the storyline falls flat. The beginning was not that much appealing as the viewers were expecting but now slowly people have started liking the storyline. 

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