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Hridayam is the story, something we all grown-ups can relate to, it is a teenage love story. As per the filmmakers, these incidents are real and dramatized. it all starts with the vulnerable feeling of a teenager as a fresher in college to adulthood through different twists and turns of life and destiny. So we should now dive into the Hridayam movie review and the Friday release date 21 February 2022 theatre release, hridayam ott release is on 18 February 2022


Hridayam which means the heart is a south-Indian movie, it is a romance drama genre and it is a Malayali language movie. It is the comeback film of the Merryland studios it is one of the earliest film studios in film making in Kerala, it is produced by Visakh Subramaniam, and is directed by - Vineeth Sreenivasan. the budget of the film is about 13 crore INR. This film is liked by many people and it is a hit. The Hridayam rating and Hridayam box office collection are proof of that. Hridayam cast - It features young actors and actresses like - Pranav Mohanlal, Kalyani Priyadarshan, and Darshana Rajendran as main leads and others. 


Unlike other movies hridayam movie release date does not have any controversy, and also no reports of postponing the hridayam movie release date have been in limelight till now. The photoshoot of this movie was started 2 years back that is in February 2020, but had to postpone everything due to the COVID - 19 pandemic outbreak in India. The shooting of the movie was concluded in the year 2021 in march, and the movie Hridayam is available on the OTT platform and was worldwide released on 21 January 2022 in theatres.

The movie/ Hridayam OTT release was on 18 of February in 2022, in Disney + Hotstar which is before the theatre release date. 


This is a coming-of-age romantic film, which rotates around the life of a Malayali guy namely Arun NEELAKANDAN. this movie shows how life changes, and the twist and turns of life. Arun is a 17-year-old teenager who starts his new college life as an engineering student in ks tech college in Chennai away from his homeland is Kerala, and then he saws Darshana for whom he falls heart over heels instantly. Arun was being ragged by his seniors and this leads to the closure of the young teenage couple that is Arun and Darshana. Arun got a friend namely Antony and then Arun also gets infatuated with his friend's (Antony) girlfriend colleague. And then the infatuation turns a bit more and then they got caught for intimacy and got moral policed. After confessing the truth to Darshana, Darshana got heartbroken and broke up immediately.

Arun got heartbroken and his life got worse than ever his life graph was linearly going downwards as he indulges himself in alcohol, and he became one of the college bad boys. Since then both of them challenge each other to have better life partners than their exes, but both fail as Darshana’s bf turns out to be a womanizer and Arun didn’t love his new GF at all. And in the end, both the couples broke up. Upon Arun's parent's suggestion and request he changes himself and gets sober he joins Antony in selva’s coaching classes whereas Darshana also later joins after joining Arun rebounds his grade and stood fifth in class clearing his all supplies this changes Arun makes a place in Darshana's heart again.

After a series of events, Arun meets his new partner Nithya, Arun is now a successful photographer and got married to her while Darshana still awaits Arun till after her marriage is fixed. Thus it gives a view of how life is. from where they all started and where they are now from all the twists and turns. and at last, we can see Arun thanking his college for creating him, into what he is today.


  • Pranav Mohanlal as ARUN NEELAKANDAN
  • Kalyani Priyadarshan as NITHYA BALAGOPALAN 
  • Darshana Rajendran as DARSHANA
  • Aswath Lal as ANTONY


 In both, the halves of the movie the screenplay were dominated by Arun which also impacted his increased performance. The movie took two years to release and was worth it. the hridayam OTT has also got 4+ stars out of 5 stars. 

It scored 8.5/10 on IMDb

Hridayam Review: THE GOOD 

Hridayam has shown the director's simple but excellent narrative powers and kept engaged the audience throughout the whole movie, the vividly clear and creative work of the director led to the film's firm base. Hridayam means heart, some said this picture was simple and reminded them of their college days and some said it was just more of a real incident as many can relate to this. The movie was simple and practical as well. It did quite well in showing college life as it is.


The director did well to engage it is audience yet according to a few critics this movie is a waste of time and has nothing valuable or meaningful, this story was, however, failed to cherish or touch a few people around the globe.


The movie did a great sale that is hridayam box office collection is USD 8.5 million and is overall recommended to watch to those romance lovers / romantic light-hearted people. The choice of the actors was very good and nailed their characters. So people should watch it. Hridayam cast nailed the film. As the hridayam movie review says it all.

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Frequently asked questions

  • People also asked for if hridayam was a hit or flop?

It was a hit since the first day with collection of 2.55 crore.

  • Is hridayam true story ?

Well no, hridayam is not a true story it is cinematic dramatization of many real life events accumulated together .


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