Mounam sammatham Serial: An uncomplicated beautiful love story

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Mounam Sammatham 1 is the dubbed version of the popular TV show "Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Dhoon”(Hindi-language romantic drama television series in India that aired on Star Plus from June 6, 2011, until November 30, 2012.)

Mounam Sammatham serial (Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Dhoon) received a positive reception from audiences. The show is now airing on Asianet Plus. Certain characters' names have been modified for Malayalam viewers. Arnav and Khushi (Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani respectively) are the main characters in this play. Gul Khan produced and directed the show under the banner of 4 Lions Films. After the initial choice, Karan Singh Grover, pulled out of the part to focus on his film career, Barun Sobti was chosen as Arnav Singh Raizada, while Sanaya Irani replaced Shraddha Arya, who had originally been cast as the female protagonist. 

Mounam Sammatham Serial 2 is the dubbed version of the television show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Ek Baar Phir (Sunjoy Waddhwa's Sphere Origins produces an Indian romantic drama television series). Shlok (Avinash Sachdev) and Aastha (Shrenu Parikh) are the main lead and it is the second season of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Serial.

Mounam Sammatham 1 Plot

The main protagonists in the serial are Khushi (Sruthi in Malayalam) and Arnav. Khushi is a traditional young lady, and her family adheres to particular family norms. She is a simple girl who loves her family dearly. She has a strong trust in God and believes in the power of love and relationships. Arnav, on the other hand, is a wealthy businessman who has no faith in love or God. His primary concern is for his sister Anjali.

Then in the Mounam Sammatham 1, Arnav and Khushi meet for the first time and it creates a disastrous situation. They are irritated by one another whenever they meet. They do, however, share some characteristics. Khushi was hired at Arnav's office. She met Lavanya, Khushi's coworker, and Arnav's GirlFriend, at the office. She and her friends began making fun of Khushi and her outfits. In the Mounam Sammatham 1, Lavanya stayed with Arnav's family, and everyone was pleased except Arnav's Nani. Anjali engages Khushi to assist Lavanya in a specific predicament. Later, Khushi and Lavanya become friends after Khushi takes care of Nani's goat when Lavanya is absent. Various events occur in the Mounam Sammatham serial Malayalam as Arnav attempts to tease Khushi to elicit her replies. But they are unknowingly in love with one other. The show progresses through various dramatic scenarios.

Mounam Sammatham 1 cast

  • Barun Sobti as Arnav Singh Raizada
  • Sanaya Irani as Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada (Sruthi)
  • Daljeet Kaur Bhanot as Anjali Jha
  • Deepali Pansare as Payal Gupta Singh Raizada 
  • Akshay Dogra as Akash Singh Raizada
  • Karan Goddwani as Nanda Kishore 
  • Sana khan as Lavanya Kashyap 
  • Vishesh Bansal as Aarav Raizada
  • Sanjay Batra as Shashi Gupta

Mounam Sammatham Serial 2 Plot

Shlok goes out for a morning run when he notices female giggling, which gets him angry. Aastha attends an event with her old-age home acquaintances. When she arrives, she is stunned to see the sign house full. But because it was her friend's birthday, she pretended to be a wealthy relative. Then in the Mounam Sammatham Serial 2, Shlok had booked the seats that Aastha was using for someone else. Shlok remarks at the end of the show that he despises lying. Aastha realizes her error and approaches him to seek forgiveness. Shlok snatches her hand and drags her away. He mocks her and informs her that he has lost crores as a result of her mistake. Mounam Sammatham 2 episode 1, Aastha apologizes repeatedly, but Shlok grabs her hand and breaks her bangles, wounding her hand. Aastha refers to him as a devil. The following morning, Shlok's assistant informs him that he must arrive home for the pooja by noon Shlok's car isn't working at the moment, therefore he must commute by train. Aastha is on the same train as her. Aastha is surprised to see him but attempts to avoid him. Shlok's wallet, which included his ticket, is stolen, forcing him to exit the train. Mounam Sammatham serial Malayalam, Aastha gets Shlok's wallet and gives it back to him. Shlok believes Aastha did it on purpose and vows that he will take revenge for this. When Aastha returns home, she discovers that her father has left for work and she becomes furious. Shlok's house is Anjali Niwas, which Aastha's father visits. Avdood forgets about some files at home and calls Aastha to ask her to retrieve them. Mounam Sammatham 2 cast Avinash Sachdev as Shlok returns home in a taxi and enters his room. He recalls an incident from three years ago. He left home because of his mother and only returned to exceptional events. Aastha and Shlok come face to face, and Aastha is taken aback. She calls her friend's number, but there is no signal in the house, so she goes to Shlok's room. Shlok yells at her for coming into his room. He approaches her and opens the door for her. Aastha walks away. 

Then in the Mounam Sammatham serial, Niranjan begs Avdood for Aastha's hand in marriage for Shlok, but Aastha refuses. The next day, Aastha and Shlok cross paths on the road and become enraged with one another. Aastha's friend Gauri informs her that Shlok has suspended a girl from college, Anjali. Aastha, enraged, arrives at Shlok's headquarters and sits in his car, informing him that she will not go until he listens to her. Then in the Mounam Sammatham serial, Shlok becomes enraged and drives away, leaving her alone. On the day of Shlok's award ceremony, Aastha humiliates him in front of the audience, and the next day, Aastha discovers that there is conflict at the head office. When she gets there, the people start beating her, but Shlok saves her. He holds her responsible for this. Aastha learns that Shlok is planning to capture the Viddaashram and travels there to stop him. Then in the Mounam Sammatham serial, Aastha has been chosen for a job interview. Shlok attends Aastha's interview, and she is certain that she will not be hired. But, to her astonishment, she learns that she is one of the hundreds of others who have applied for this job. Aastha joins the event firm and is taken aback when she sees her first project, the Agnihotri's silver anniversary function. She arrives at Shlok's cabin, and Shlok tells her everything she needs to know about the job.

Mounam Sammatham 2 Cast

  • Avinash Sachdev as Shlokh Agnihotri
  • Shrenu Parikh as Aastha Kirloskar
  • Manish Wadhwa as Niranjan Agnihotri
  • Geetanjali Tikekar as Anjali Agnihotri
  • Samir Sharma as Shlok's Brother
  • Shalmalee Desai as Sojal Agnihotri
  • Karan Gangwal as Suresh
  • Tushar Dalvi as Avdhood Kirloskar
  • Prachi Shah as Kalindhi Kirloskar


If you're looking for a simple yet solid love, romance, and comedy serial, the Mounam Sammatham 1 and 2 seasons are ideal. The main cast has fantastic chemistry, and their performances are flawless. On Disney+Hotstar, you can watch all of the episodes of this show.

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