Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye: Story of Saumya who wants to work even after marriage, But will she succeed?

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Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye is an Indian television serial produced by Sumeet Mittal and Shashi Mittal under Shashi Sumeet Productions and stars Vidhi Pandya and Vijayendra Kumeria. The show premiered on 7 February 2022 on Sony Entertainment Television and digitally streams on SonyLIV. The show will be off-air on 12 August 2022. Read the blog to know Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye upcoming story and much more, Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye TRP was 0.3.

Hey guys back with a blog of one of your favorite shows, Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye streams on Sony LIV, Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye timings on Sony used to be 9 PM but Now it is 9:30 PM. 

Mose chhal kiye jaaye review

The Indian society has frequently witnessed a few extreme conflicts for ladies for many years now- the conflict for taking birth, for education, making an identification, and lots more. And even as matters are converting gradually, the patriarchal attitude maintains to exist and creates a hindrance. Interestingly, Sony TV`s new display Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye Sony TV starring Vijayendra Kumeria and Vidhi Pandya withinside the lead has controlled to throw mild at the equal concern with a brand new storyline because it is going on air tonight. 

The tale revolves around middle-magnificence lady Saumya (performed with the aid of using Vidhi Pandya) from Indore whose goal of turn into a scriptwriter withinside the small screen television world. She is exceptional at her paintings and really bold. However, her first conflict comes together along with her mom who isn`t simply supportive of her dream of going to Mumbai to satisfy her dream of turning into a writer.

On the opposite hand, Saumya appears ahead to operating with Armaan Oberoi (performed with the aid of using Vijayendra Kumeria) who takes place to be an ace TV producer. He seems to be a person who helps ladies' freedom, their ambition to make an identification in society, and usually vouches for his or her same rights. But as they say, all that glitters isn't always gold. 

Armaan has an exceptional belief in terms of actual lifestyles and believes in ruling over ladies. In fact, he believes in the usage of the feelings of ladies to create memories and make money. While Saumya aspires to paint with him someday, will she get to recognize his reality, or will fall into his goody-exact image? Will she satisfy her dream of turning into a writer? You can be left questioning those questions. 

Vidhi Pandya, who made headlines together along with her participation in Bigg Boss 15, has nailed the function of bubbly and bold Saumya. On the opposite hand, Vijayendra Kumeria left a mark together along with his swag and was given the target market excited to peer him in a gray shade. The first episode was successful in connecting with viewers, and it will be interesting to see how the story develops over the next few days.

Mose chhal kiye jaaye cast (Main)

  • Vidhi Pandya as Saumya Verma
  • Vijayendra Kumar as Armaan Oberoi

Mose chhal kiye jaaye today episode

The Episode begins offevolved with Prisha pronouncing I can in no way damage the youngsters. Soumya says fine, show your innocence to me, live withinside the residence, you may get the whole thing you need, provide me your telecall smartphone and residence keys. Prisha offers it and says consider me, I didn`t do this. Soumya locks her door and goes. Armaan says I m going to fulfill the kidnapper. Goldie says I will come along. Armaan says no, my youngsters` protection is greater imp, I will cross alone, kidnappers can suppose we're making plans something and do something to the youngsters. Soumya says Armaan is proper, allow him to cross alone, it's proper for the youngsters` protection. Armaan leaves with the cash bags.

He asks Soumya now no longer to worry. He says I get the youngsters safely. He leaves. Soumya hears the wind chimes sound. Goldie asks what do you imply to say? She recollects the windchime in their room. She says its sound is so pleasant. He says it's noisy, if you want it, then maintain it withinside the kitchen, now no longer here. She takes the windchime. 

She says yes, I m certain it's that equal windchime`s sound. Goldie says all of the windchimes sound equal. She says no, my dad was given this from Indore, Armaan informed us approximately Prisha, he knew we were going to meet her, but he didn`t ask her. He says he's in tension, he left in a hurry. She says no, something is wrong, we need to discover approximately the windchime. She asks Sushma approximately it. Sushma says it's an antique thing, I don`t keep in mind it, Prisha used to extrude the whole thing here, simply she will realize approximately it. Goldie asks why could she inform us if she is involved, she can be able to get alert, we've much less time, Armaan went with the cash, and we don`t realize who will he meet. 

Goldie asks what happened. She says I doubt Armaan, but my heart disagrees. Sushma says he won't do that and he loves his children very much. Soumya says he loves himself the most, but he still took the money. She calls Sirpi. Sirpi asks if you have children. Soumya says no. Let me speak to Prisha. Prisha says I'm innocent. Soumya says you have time, tell the truth, the police will follow you, help find the kidnappers, and tell the truth if you are innocent. Prisha says yes. Sumia asks for a wind chime. Prisha doesn't remember, she said it was a long time ago.

Soumya says not to say anything. Goldie says it was a big mistake to tell Prisha if she was involved, Soumya says in tears. Sushma consoles her. Prisha calls Soumya and says that the windchime is kept in the storeroom, I keep the old things there. Goldie says maybe the kids are in the storeroom, where are the keys? Prisha says it's in my room. Sushma gets the keys. The kidnapper asks the children to come, that's when they meet their father. He takes her. Samir and the others enter the warehouse. You see kidnappers with children. Her kidnapper points her gun at her and threatens her.

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Mose chhal kiye jaaye trailer


Ques.1- Is Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye serial ending?

Ans-  Yes, Mose Chhal kiye jaaye serial will shoot its last episode on 5 August.

Ques.2- What is the story of Mose Chhal Kiye Jaye?

Ans - It is the story of a girl named Saumya who dreams of becoming a writer and wants to work even after marriage.

Ques.3- Who is playing the role of Prisha in Mose chhal KIYE Jaye?

Ans- Avantika Hundal, is playing the role of Prisha in the show who is the negative lead.

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