Half Vampire Half Human Morbius Review Star Cast and Release Date

Abhishek NaagarApr 11 . 6 min read

Morbius the new character introduced as a superhero from Marvel Comics in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. The character Morbius is suffering from a blood illness which eventually makes him do some experiments where he got converted into a bat-like creature and superhuman strength and reflexes. The movie is all about how Dr. Micheal Morbious played by JARED LETO turned into a bloodlust monster called Morbius and how he overcome this drive of killing.

Morbius release date is 1st April 2022 and the Morbius reviews are already out. Morbius Trailer made fans think that the movie has so much caliber to present as Sony’s Marvel Universe and Disney’s Marvel universe planned to mix up the story. Venom was also introduced in the Spiderman No Way Home end Scene where fans were thrilled to see this crossover and the future aspect of Marvel.

Morbius Rating tells the other story as rotten tomatoes gave 17 % only and Morbius IMDB rating is only 5.2/10. Fans were expecting a better-written story with a great introduction of characters as we have already made a certain benchmark whenever you see a Marvels movie. Reviews point out that the movie was not what they were expecting, the story was off and nothing much was made up in the movie. The acting performance of Morbius Cast and Jared Leto was praised, overall the movie was a flop where the lazy character story and not much exciting scripting made it worse for the movie. Many prime review companies said that the movie is better than only Fantastic Four which is the least favorite movie in the Marvel Universe.

Due to this poor performance of the movie, there is also one question that arises before the release of the movie it was stated that the Morbius will be alongside Blade and Venom in SpiderMan Universe will it be as they said even after this review or they will stick to what they already planed, for that, we have to wait for the new release related to SpiderMan Universe or Sony based Marvel Universe. In comic the Morbius is a very famous character but the movie was not able to portray it perfectly on the screens.


The movie starts with an introduction of young Michale Morbius meeting his stepbrother Lucien which he calls Milo, both the brother have one common blood Disease eventually after some time Michel became a well-known Doctor and was also offered a Nobel Prize but decline for its Synthetic Blood. Things went wrong when his colleague find out about the illegal experiment he has been caring out on bats which he took from Costa Rica, after finding out being captured Morbius make his final experiment in hurry and he get succeeded in it but there is one problem. Now Morbius is turned into a live Human Vampire type creature full of bloodlust. This new monster in trunks shed the blood of his crew and after getting consciousness he ran away from the authorities then story revolves around how his stepbrother Milo also gets into the opposite side and it's up to now the Mobius to stop him In the end, Milo dies and Morbius can only weep his tears for the death of his brother.


  • Jared Leto - Dr.Michael Morbius
  • Matt Smith - Milo
  • Adria Arjona - Martine Bancroft
  • Jared Harris - Dr. Emil Ncholas
  • Tyrese Gibson - Agent Simon Stroud
  • Al Madrigal - Agent Rodriguez
  • Michael Keaton - Adrian Toomes
  • Zaris-Angel Hator - Anna
  • Corey Johnson - Mr.Fox


Talking about its revenue generation this is some interesting thing that apart from getting many bad reviews and low ratings from a bunch of viewers it actually made a very well profit from its overall budget. Morbius Box Office collection is $57 Million in American Region and $69 Million from other countries so in all total the movie earned a worldwide collection of a whopping $ 126 Million. The cost of the movie was $ 75 Million so we can conclude that Morbius is financially good.

Being released after the pandemic fans were eager to come to theaters and that is the reason for the Morbius Box Office collection. 

Morbius release date in India is also 1st April 2022 and available in the nearest Cinema Halls.

Is Morbius a Spider-Man villain?

Mobius is a living vampire which is can be said that a villain in comics but from the cinematic point of view, No he is not the villain of Spider-Man.

Is Morbius a villain or superhero?

Morbius is a villain who cures his disease but becomes a vampire and things go berserk, we can conclude that he is a villain as also refer from the Comic.

Is Morbius a flop?

Yes, Morbius is a flop movie by the acting and screenwriting but quite good in terms of revenue.

Is Morbius Marvel or Sony?

Morbius is a Marvel Character but comes under SONY production house so it is set off in another Universe.

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