Montu Pilot Season 2: Cast, Review, Storyline, Platform and Trailer

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Montu Pilot is a Bengali web series directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya and starring Saurav Das, Solanki Roy, Chandriya Ghosh, Kanchan Mallik, and Subrata Datta.

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About the movie:

A teaser directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya was released on November 19, 2019. On December 1st, the official trailer for Montu Pilot was released on the Bengali OTT platform Hoichoi.

This series is about the character Montu who wanted to be a pilot as a child. His mother tried to rescue him from the Nilkuti red light district, but failed and met a tragic end. Montu becomes a pimp and does not understand his love and does not feel sensitive emotions. However, his life changes when he meets Bromore.

Montu pilot season 2 cast:

Director: Debaloy Bhattacharya
Writer: Debaloy Bhattacharya
  • Saurav Das as Montu Pilot
  • Solanki Roy as Bhromor
  • Chandrayee Ghosh as Bibijaan
  • Kanchan Mullick as Taufik
  • Subrat Dutta as Doctor
  • Alivia Sarkar as Shoroma
  • Rafiath Rashid Mithila as Bonhi
  • Suzi Bhowmik as Transgender Brothel worker

Producers: Maansi Entertainment

Montu Pilot Season 2 Storyline:

A character named Montu, who grew up dreaming of becoming a pilot, is the main character of a TV program. All his mother's attempts to remove him from Nilkuti's red light district failed, and she died in the process. As an escort carrier and pimp, Montu loses his ability to appreciate love and experience subtle emotions. However, his life changes when he meets Bromore. With nothing to lose, the Montu pilot returned to Nilkuthi. To avenge his fate, he uses Bone as a pawn. Will Nilkuti be able to resist the wrath of the angry Montu?

Montu Pilot Season 2 Release Date:

A teaser shot by Debala Bhattacharya was released on November 19, 2019. The official trailer for Montu Pilot on the Bengali OTT platform Hoichoi debuted on December 1st. On April 29, 2022, Hoichii started airing the second season.

Montu Pilot Web Series Review:

At boring moments, the character actors Subrat Datta and Kanchan Mallik show some charm but are limited by the mediocrity around them. In the entire series, Chandra Ghosh plays the most exciting role that can fully reveal her acting skills. But the background doesn't get the proper attention.

Most of the characters in the series often talk about deep thoughts like love, betrayal, and sadness. The main character, Montu, who is the center of the whole program, is the most likable of them. I don't care what the character is thinking because either the actor playing the character or the character himself has disappeared from the screen. Despite the short length of 20 minutes per episode, they are still in a hurry and deliver very little meaningful information.

Surprisingly, when the Montu Pilot 2 cast or storyline is disappointing, the element that unites the program is the music. If the plot were a little more interesting and less outdated, Montu Pilot would have passed the test. The Montu Pilot dialogue isn't impressive, but it's decent, and a lot of profanity is used to convey the character's annoyance. The movie has no taste. Outside of sporadic attempts at metaphors, the environment adds little visual to the experience.

Montu Pilot Season 2 Story:

The sudden return of Montu (Sourav Das) to the Nilkuthi brothel made everyone worried about his intentions. He came with the girl Boni (Rafiath Rashid Mithila) for the sole purpose of doing business with Bibidjan (Chandra Ghosh).

Who is that girl? Where was Montu before she came back here? What happened to Bchromor (Solanki Roy)? Why weren't Bromor and Montu's daughter Jonaki not together when they arrived in Nilkuthi? The answer to this question will be slowly unraveled with a twist at the end.

Sourav Das at Montu was once again able to deliver first-class performance. Rafiat Rashid Mithila as Pori was convincing. Chandra Ghosh as Bibijaan, Subrat Dutta as Daktar, Alivia Sarkar as Soroma, and Kanchan Mallik as Tufik were also faithful to the characters. After notable performances in Mandaar and Sundarbaner Vidyasagar, Sudeep Dhara did some decent performances here as well.

Thanks to the explosive popularity of Monto Season 1, expectations for Montu Pilot Season 2 were quite high, but it did not live up to expectations for slow storytelling. In addition, the reason for Montu's return received attention, but only a few flashbacks were shown.

The characters of Subrat Datta and Kanchan Mallik didn't get enough attention. Amit-Ishaan's music and background music, Indranath Marik's filming, and Sanglap Bhowmik's editing were other positive aspects of Montu Pilot 2.

The best part of Montu Pilot Season 1 was the chemistry between Surab Das and Solanki Roy, but there was no such chemistry in Montu Pilot 2. The only thing that could have been much better was the relationship between Montu and Yonaki, but the director of Debala Bhattacharya didn't pay much attention to this part.

He has previously acclaimed public and critics for his work on film and web series including Biday Byomkesh, Charitraheen 3, Dracula Sir, Dupur Thakurpo, and more.


If you like to watch Bengali web series with good performances and good music, you can easily add Montu Pilot 2 to your watch list.

Here is the trailer for month Pilot Season 2:

Image Source: IMDb

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