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Manasu Mamata is a Telugu tv serial that airs on ETV Telugu, Directed by Anil Kumar G, and has completed 3305 episodes, read the blog to know more.

Hello guys, this article will tell you about the Manasu Mamata serial an Indian Telugu series that airs on ETV Telugu from Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm (IST). This Telugu series is of 3305 episodes, directed by Anil Kumar, and has ended. The pilot episode aired on January 31, 2011. According to the latest top reviews, this is one of the most popular series. The series was ranked 4th on his latest Barc-TV rating chart. Anil Kumar G is the director of this Telugu mega-series. Popular series of actors and actors appear in this series. The continued search for actress names in the manasu mamatha serial means the popularity of this series.

Manasu Mamata serial plot

  • The story begins with Koteshwar Rao (Koti) working for Harshavardan, a man of high status and wealth. A simple, middle-class man, Koti lives with his wife and his daughter, Arcana, a beautiful girl with a fine personality. Arcana is highly regarded by Mr. Koti's boss, but Harshavardan's terrible daughter Saunderya is jealous of Arcana and mischiefs.
  • The story then revolves around his daughter Lari (Lalisa) and the industrial worker Lamprasad, who left him alone, after his wife Pooja died. Meanwhile, Arcana enrolls in school as a teacher and is assigned to Lari's class. Archana soon learned about Lalli and was able to sympathize with her very much and build friendships. Shortly thereafter, Ramprasad and Archana got married and Lalli acquired a loving mother for herself.
  • The plot grows thicker as Krishna claims to have seen Arcana. Ramprasad, who knows this is not possible, does not believe him, but it was later discovered that Arcana had a doppelganger. The girl falls in love with Krishna and gets married. But in another order of events, it turns out that Arcana isn't dead at all! She was so unhappy that she decided to run away from home. She is currently working as a worker at a construction site owned by Gayatri Devi. Soon Gayatri Devi is killed by Saunderya and Shashank. During the murder, Arcana was seriously injured and his face was scratched. Her doctors decided to give Arcana the face of Gayatri Devi to save her from her premature death. Upon recovery, the doctor reveals her truth to Arcana, and she agrees to take over Gayatri Devi's identity. Soundarya was shocked to see Gayatri Devi (actually Archana) still alive.
  • Shortly after, Krishna and Arcana Doubles leave for America. Back at the real Arcana's house, Bunny escapes. As Raja, he has a new enemy named Ashok. At this point, Soundraya is found guilty and imprisoned for the murder of Gayatri Devi. Ashok is a policeman who has a grudge against Raja. Raja escapes from the village and settles in Hyderabad, where he moves with a criminal named Shanker and his sister Lakshmi. Ashok and Raja vie for Lalli, Ramprasad's grown-up daughter. However, Lari marries Ashok. At this time, Krishna and her daughter Chandu land in Hyderabad. They tell the family that Arcana's doppelganger has died in the United States.
  • The actual murderer was Ashok, Raja's rival and competitor. Ashok tries to ignite the conflict between his Ram Prasad and Raja, but his plan succeeds. However, Raja later realized that Ashok was the main culprit in Shankar's death and realized that fact. After that, the story of raising two children, a millionaire child and a driver's daughter, who are completely different in status and growth, continues. The show was able to attract the audience and received a good response from the audience.

Manasu Mamatha serial cast

Characters in Manasu mamatha telugu serial:

·       Hari Teja as Archana, Surya Teja, Jayanthi

·       Subhalekha Sudhaka as Koti

·       Sameera Sherif as Chandu/Karuna

·       Priyatham Charan as Raja

·       Ragini

·       Ravi Krishna as Siddu/Anand

·       Prasad Babu

·       Vizag Prasad

·       Anil Allam as Krishna Prasad

·       Priyatham

·       Hema Sri

·       Vikas

·       Krishna Reddy

·       Ashmita Karnani

·       Aumkar Kotamraju

·       Venu

·       Kranthi

·       Sirisha

·       Seetha Mahalakshmi

·       Sravya Sruthi

·       Monisha

·       Kalyan

·       Chakri

·       Yashwin

·       Suresh Chandra

·       Subbaraya Sarma

·       Indu Anand

·       Draksharamam Saroja

·       Raaj

·       Visweswara Rao

·       Guru Charan

·       Priyanka

·       Shilpa Reddy

·       Abhishek Yannam

·       Varsha

·       Jayaseela

·       Manasa

·       Shobha Rani

·       Ishita Varsha

·       Anusha

·       Girish

·       Dhana Lakshmi

·       Nishanth

·       Gayatri

·       Srivani

·       Malakpet Sailaja

·       Kallu Krishna Rao

·       Lalithya

·       Sneha

·       Mukesh

·       Bhargava Rao Guttikonda

·       Kavya Gowda


Ques. 1 - Who are the main characters in Manasu Mamata serial cast?

Ans Anil, Hari Teja, Hema Sri, Krishna Lady, Bikas, Arcana, Jayanti, Koteshwar Rao (Koti), Harshavardan, Archana, Soundarya, Ramprasad, Pooja, Lalli (Lalitha), Ramprasad, Gayatri Devi, Krishna, Bunny, Shashank, Laxmi, Ashok, Bhargavi, Dr. Chakravarthy, Raja are the main characters in the Manasu Mamata serial.

Manasu Mamatha actress name list is as follows:

·       Draksharamam Saroja

·       Seetha Mahalakshmi

·       Sravya Sruthi nalluri

·       Indu Anand

·       Ishita Varsha

·       Priyanka serial actress

·       Dhanalaskshmi

·       Hari Teja

·       Anusha

·       Shilpa reddy

·       Jayasheela

·       Malakpet Sailaja

·       Hemashree

·       Bommalata Sarika

·       Allari Subhashini

Ques 2- What is the Manasu Mamatha serial heroine name?

Ans Sameera Sherief and Hari Teja are the names of heroines in the Manasu Mamata serial.

Ques 3- What is the Manasu Mamatha serial start date?

Ans The first episode started on January 32, 2011.

Ques 4 -Who are the Manasu Mamatha serial heroes?

Ans Manasu Mamata actor cast:

·       Aumkar Kotamraju

·       Yashwin

·       Abhishek yannam

·       Krishna reddy

·       Ravi Krishna

·       Visweswara Rao

·       Guru charan

·       Vizag Prasad

·       Suresh Chandra Menon

·       Kranthi chand

·       Subbaraya Sharma

·       Priyatham charan

·       Prasad babu

·       Kallu Krishna Rao

·       Anil Allam

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