Man Vs Bee: Rowan Atkinson’s Hilarious Return To Small Screens| Series Review & Details

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Feeling sad lately? Or need a break from the usual high-octane action flicks or dramas? Then you are in extremely good luck as we have for you a brand-new Netflix miniseries that’ll tickle you to your bones and also give a serene nostalgic feeling too. But why is that? What is so special about this series? Now, if the title didn't jog your memory maybe ‘Mr Bean’ would do the job… you got it now right? I knew it because a majority of people actually only recall Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean (even I did during my entire childhood). And let me tell you Man vs Bee would take you on a journey back to the golden standard of comedy. 

So without wasting any more time let me take you through all the things you need to know about this new Netflix comedy miniseries starring Rowan Atkinson, Jing Lusi, Julian Rhind-Tutt and more.

Man vs Bee Trailer

Man Vs Bee Cast

The cast of this mini-series isn't exceptionally vast but whoever is in it aptly justifies their casting. Now, let us meet the cast of, Man vs Bee series,

  • Rowan Atkinson as Trevor Bingley, a newly employed house sitter in the company House Sitters Deluxe.
  • Jing Lusi as Nina Kolstad-Bergenbatten, the owner of the luxurious mansion where Trevor gets his first job of house-sitting. She also is the parent of a pet dog named Cupcake.
  • Julian Rhind-Tutt as Christian Kolstad-Bergenbatten, Nina's husband.
  • Greg McHugh as The Gardener of Nina & Christian.
  • India Fowler as Maddy, Trevor's beloved daughter.
  • Claudie Blakley as Jess, Trevor's ex-wife.
  • Tom Basden as the Police Officer.
  • In the additional cast, Gediminas Adomaitis appears as Marek, Christian Alifoe as Karl, and Daniel Fearn as Lewis, the three burglars. Chizzy Akudolu appears as the judge and Aysha Kala as the detective.
  • And how can I forget the most important cast member of all…The Bee.

Story of Man Vs Bee Miniseries

Trevor Bingley is a dedicated family man and even though he’s divorced from his wife Jess, his love for his daughter Maddy is unwavering. Although he struggles to keep his job for a long and thus has very little time to spend with his daughter. In that very fashion, Trevor starts a new job at House SItters Deluxe, a company that provides house sitting services to people with riches and massive houses.

He arrives at the magnificent residence of Nina & Christian Klostad-Bergenbatten as they are about to leave for their vacation completely unaware that something has accompanied him there. Although, Nina finds out that he is here in the place of their regular sitter who is familiar with their house. On top of that, she comes to know that it is Trevor's first job as a housesitter thus she has doubts about leaving their expensive fortunes in his care. Though they finally have no choice but to leave as they are getting late. Leaving Trevor Bingley in charge of their multi-million-pound mansion and its contents. And then, the real madness, laughter & excitement begin.  

Soon Trevor finds out that there is a bee in the house that follows him wherever he tries to go. Annoyed by this he tries to oust the bee from the house but fails in all sorts of hilarious and painful ways while also damaging expensive articles in the house. The rest of the story depicts the constant struggle Trevor does to defeat his nemesis in his contest of Man Vs Bee.

Verdict on Man Vs Bee Netflix Series

If I had to sum up my experience in a single word for this comedy series I would call it ‘Refreshing’. After big and dramatic shows and movies like stranger things and MCU titles in recent days, a humble show like this feels just right. And that is especially because of one person, Rowan Atkinson. Every time you see him perform you just cannot find any flaws in him. His comedic timing, expressions and acting talent have entertained a whole generation of people including me and we are truly lucky he is still coming onto the different platforms to entertain us.

Apart from starring in the show, he has also written it along with William Davies. The quality of direction is excellent as David Kerr has done his job masterfully. All the nine episodes are funny, and very well written and the ending is also on a very interesting note. Overall, you’ll love this comedy mini-series on Netflix. You can watch it with anyone, anywhere and you’ll only see the room fill with laughs and giggles, nothing else.

The IMDb Man vs Bee is 6.8 out of 10 by 23k people.


  • How many episodes in man vs bee?

There are 9 episodes in the show’s first season.

  • Is Man vs bee released?

The show was officially released on 24 June 2022.

  • What is man vs bee based on?

Rowan Atkinson has said that the show is roughly inspired by a part of Mr Bean from 1992.

  • What is Mr Bean’s real name?

Rowan Atkinson 

  • Is Rowan Atkinson on Man vs Bee?

Yes, he is the main lead and also one of the creators of the show.

Image credits: IMDb

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