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The core of the film, Malayankunju is based on a landslide that occurred in the highlands of Kerala and resulted in the loss of many people's lives, homes, and relatives. The film explores the story through survivor Anikuttan, an electrician who lost his father to suicide and hates everything related to it.

Malayankunju is a 2022 Indian Malayalam survival thriller film directed by Sajimon Prabhakar and written by Mahesh Narayanan. Fahad Faasil and Rajisha Vijayan star, and Indrans, Jaffer Idukki and Deepak Parambol in supporting roles. Along with the script, Mahesi Narayanan is in charge of photography and Arju Ben is in charge of editing. The film's music is A.R. Raman.

Malayankunju release date

The film was difficult to make. The team was tasked with creating a set representing an underground area. Malayankunju movie release date is on July 22, 2022.

Malayankunju AR Rahman

Musical maestro A. R. Rahman returns with a Malayalam film after nearly 30 years. The Oscar-winning musician wrote the music for Malayankunju, the latest film from Fahad Faasil, a survival thriller that releases this Friday.

In a recent interview with YouTube channel Muzik247, Malayankunju music director, A.R. Rahman said time was tight, but the film's unique premise intrigued it. The composer said he was in Dubai when Fahad called him and he wanted to show him a movie. Running out of time, the musician invited the actor to Dubai to watch a film.

Rahman was impressed with the subject but asked the actor to collaborate on another project. However, Fahad persuaded the musician to write music for his upcoming film. Rahman said he's never seen a character like in Malayankunju, and he's never worked with a radio mechanic character who could be even if he wasn't a songwriter. The Composer said he followed the character's thought process and tried to create a variety of sounds to suit his setting. 

Malayankunju Cast:

  • Fahadh Faasil played the role of Anil Kumar aka Anikuttan
  • Rajisha Vijayan played the role of Sandhya
  • Indrans as Surendran
  • Deepu Navaikulam as Suni
  • Jaffer Idukki played Radhakrishnan's role
  • Jaya S Kurup played the role of Shanthamma
  • Nilja K Baby as Shiny
  • Deepak Parambol as Sumesh
  • Johny Antony played Francis's role
  • Jose M. V. as Chandradasan
  • Binu Manambur as Divakaran
  • Arjun Ashokan as Deepu
  • Irshad played the role of Poulose

Malayankunju Songs

Original song and background music composed by A.R. Rahman. The first single "Cholappenne" sung by Vijay Yesudas will be released on 12th July 2022 and the second single "Mannum Niranje" sung by Swetha Mohan will be released on 19th July 2022 with the third song "Ponni Makale" sung by Padma Bhushan Dr. K S Chithra. Cholappenne and Mannum Niranje have already crossed millions of YouTube views.

Malayankunju OTT

Malayankunju' follows the story of Ani, an annoying electronics worker who lives a quiet life with her mother. His daily life is thrown into chaos when the newborn baby next door recalls painful memories of the past.

The central conflict of the story revolves around the multifaceted character Anil, his relationship with the baby, and his attempts to survive buried under a massive landslide.

Malayankunju OTT release date is set to release on 11 August on Amazon Prime Video. Actor Fahadh Faasil's survival drama Malayakunju recently hit theaters and premiered on OTT. Written by Mahesh Narayanan and directed by Sajimun Prabhakar, this Malayalam film is about the struggle of men trapped in a land. This film was praised by the audience and critics.


Fazil was approached by Mahesh Narayanan, CU Soon, and Malik who had earlier worked with Fahad on taking Off. Fazel liked the story and agreed to finance the film. Sajimun Prabhakar, who was the assistant director of 'Ente Ummante Pro' and 'Android Kun Japan Version 5.25', has also been confirmed as the director. Rajisha Vijayan was chosen to play the female lead opposite Fahadh.

Principal photography began on January 28, 2021, in Erattupetta under the COVID-19 protocol. Filming continued at various locations such as Erattupetta and Ernakulam, and after 26 days of filming, the first schedule was completed. In the second program, on March 11, 2018, while filming a stunt scene, Fahad fell from a height and injured his nose, and underwent surgery the next day. However, he was A.R. Raman.

Malayankunju movie review

Anikuttan (Fahd Faasil), an electrician by profession, lives with his mother Shanta (Jaya Kurupu) in a village near Wayanad. Her father Radhakrishnan (Jaafar Idukki) commits suicide due to his daughter running away from home on her wedding day. The blow constantly haunts Anikuttan, who looks down on the floor below, agitated by sounds and even the cry of a baby disturbs him.

In the monsoon season, when it starts raining heavily, his neighbors want to go camping, but he refuses. And that night, a mudslide occurs and he gets stuck under it. What happens to Anikotan, can he survive and what happens to his mother forms the rest of the film.

Fahadh Faasil does a great job of providing two types of features before and after a landslide. The film belongs to him. His behavior as a damaged son, a brother who doesn't want to forgive his sister, and a man who looks tough but is very soft emotionally is perfectly executed.

The second part of the film is about the landslide that happened a year ago in Rajamala near Wayanad. Watching this scene gives you a shock wave of how hard and traumatic it must have been for someone who experienced the pain. A time-lapse movie is like watching death face to face. It gets into your veins and is technically, visually, and functionally excellent.

Here is the official trailer of Malayankunju Malayalam:

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