Maestro Movie Release Date: 17 Septemeber 2021

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Welcome back lovelies, as we all know that India is a diverse country with its own diverse culture, but we had very often noticed that every culture is praised by other cultures, and we have a lot of common things in our diverse culture. Remaking movies are also very prevalent nowadays. Which is helpful for many people, and also a good way to entertain a lot of people at the same time. As India is a diverse country so is its language. Almost every state has its language and every language has its many dialects, Okay so India and its diverse language is not our main matter, but you must be wondering why one had said so much on India but not on the topic because it has relevancy with today’s topic, well today’s topic is a Telugu remake of a Bollywood movie therefore without wasting further time lets look forward towards the movie.


This movie was created by Shresht movies (Production Company). And the music by Mahati Swara Sagar .The Maestro movie release date is 17 September 2021. The movie was also distributed by Disney+Hotstar.

The movie was directed by Merlapaka Gandhi. The maestro movie review got a mixed opinion. The casting choice was good. The film straight went for an OTT release rather than a theatrical release, so if you have a question like “maestro movie where to watch ? “ go straight to the OTT platform, without wasting further time.

Release Date and time

Maestro movie OTT release date is 17 September on Disney+Hotstar. As the movie makers avoided a theatrical release rather went for the OTT release.

The plot 

The story here is all about the protagonist Arun. Arun is a musician and a pianist ( the one who plays the piano). Arun thinks that pretending to be blind will enhance his piano skills, and thus he fakes being blind and went to a piano shop to buy a piano but the budget of the piano does not fit in Arun’s pocket. There at the piano store, he sees Sophie for the first time, and Sophie offers Arun to buy her piano. Later Arun got to know that the piano is not with Sophie but it is in her father's restaurant. Arun later comes up with an idea not to buy the piano but to play the piano in a restaurant instead, in this way Arun will get a job in the restaurant, and also the customer gets attracted to the restaurant as well.

Days pass by and both Sophie and Arun get closer and fell in love. One day Arun gets an offer to play the piano on the wedding anniversary of former film actor Mohan and his wife Simran then starts all the chaos. When Arun gets into the house he sees Simran opening the door and Mohan lying dead on the floor he pretends to be blind and ignore everything there and starts playing the piano. Since then thing starts to get more complicated and things go beyond imagination with severe twists and turns.

Cast character 

  • Nitin played/acted as Arun, a pianist
  • Tamannaah played/acted as Simran, wife of Mohan
  • Nabha Natesh played/acted as Sophie, Arun's girlfriend
  • Jisshu Sengupta played/acted as CI N. Ravindar / Bobby
  • Naresh played/acted as Mohan, a former film actor
  • Sreemukhi played/acted as Lakshmi / Lucky, wife of N. Ravindar
  • Ananya Nagalla played/acted as Pavithra, daughter of Mohan
  • Harsha Vardhan played/acted as Dr Swamy
  • Racha Ravi played/acted as Murali, an auto driver
  • Mangli played/acted as the sister of Murali
  • Lahari Shari played/acted as a TV Reporter
  • Srinivasa Reddy played/acted as SI P. Srinivas Naik
  • Duvvasi Mohan played/acted as Musical instrument shop owner
  • Master Nikhil played/acted as Tinku


The maestro movie review has mixed opinions. The maestro movie rating rated by IMDb is a solid 6.9/10, and google users have also praised this movie a bit.

Review the good 

There are certain positive sides to the movie and a few of them are listed below:- As it is a remake of a Hindi /Bollywood movie many non-Hindi speakers can enjoy this movie. The actors did their job well. It is available at any time as it is an OTT movie. The maestro movie rating is pretty decent.

Review the bad

The movie has certain bad sides also some of the drawbacks are mentioned here:- As it is a remake of a well-known movie it does not have much creativity in the storyline and so. Remake movies often end the viewers' or audiences' zeal to watch movies. The movie is not kids friendly as it has few intimate scenes and violence. A parental guide is preferred for minors.


Overall a watchable movie, as per reports the maestro movie review by google audiences was 76% which means that 76% of people out of 100 who had watched the movie had liked the movie very much. The movie got praise from the general audience. The role played by Nitin is different this time from his other movies, though he did not do something out of the box yet it is appreciated. Tamanna also aced the role of an antagonist. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the Maestro movie release date?

The Maestro movie release date is 17 September 2021.

Maestro movie remake of which movie?

Maestro movie is the remake of the 2018 Bollywood movie Andhadhun. 

Image Credits- IMDb

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