Made in heaven season 2 is coming... Are you ready for it?

Siddharth SinghMar 28 . 7 min read

Released in 2019 on Amazon Prime Video, Made in Heaven created a buzz in the OTT marketplace with its entrance and gave a much needed and quality addition to the genre of romance and drama titles in India.

Season 1 aired on March 8th 2019 and was critically acclaimed by fans and experts alike. This wasn't to any surprise as it came out of the direction and expertise of Zoya Akhtar and other directors like Nitya Mehra, Prashant Nair & Alankrita Shrivastava. Made in heaven portrays the Indian marriage and wedding narrative in a very soothing and vibrant way. While also pointing out the various challenges and obstacles that still are prevalent in our society.

Scoring encouraging reviews from fans as well as critics. Made in Heaven IMDb ranking of 8.3/10 is very impressive and shows that this show has what it takes to engage its audience and give them a good watching experience. And this show is making a comeback as promised by the makers at the end of the first season only. Due to COVID 19 it has been delayed a bit from its original schedule but Made in heaven season 2 is all set to release in 2022 on Amazon Prime Video.

But before we indulge in the information about the new season let us revisit the previous season and then go on and talk about Made in Heaven season 2 release date and other things. Fair warning, some spoilers ahead.

Made In Heaven Season 1.

Comprising a total of 9 episodes released all at once and a 50-minute runtime per episode. Season one was nothing short of a delightful experience. A binge-fest if not anything else, seriously there isn't any feeling better than having the whole season just ready to be watched all at once but we can agree to disagree on that.

Now, the show revolves around Karan Mehra & Tara Khanna (Arjun Mathur & Shobhita Dhulipala) who are the owners of a wedding management company by the name Made In Heaven in Delhi. And by weddings, we mean the big-fat Indian weddings. All the episodes in this season are based in India and each episode transports us into a different kind of wedding situation, with different people, different cultures and different challenges.

Their work as high profile wedding planners is stressful but even more challenging is their personal lives as well. Tara being a middle-class girl overcomes obstacles in her life and makes a life out for herself starting from nothing. On the other side, Karan represents the LGBTQ community in the show as an openly gay man. Just like in real life India is full of difficulties for him in the show too. Both of them continuously try to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives as the show progresses. 

But the main focus does not shift from the core plotline, Indian weddings, especially from the perspective of the super-rich. A dialogue in the show's episode that “They say that Marriages are made in heaven, but on the ground the reality is different…” very subtly summarises the core idea of the show. But unlike a stale and boring presentation of just the glamour and the sparkle of these big-fat weddings, Made in heaven also focuses on the human aspects of the matters of weddings and throws light on various social challenges and predicaments that still exists in an India that's constantly in the tussle between its traditions and modernity.

Made In Heaven Cast Season 1

  • Arjun Mathur as Karan Mehra
  • Shobhita Dhulipala as Tara Khanna
  • Jim Sharbh as Adil Khanna
  • Shivani Raghuvanshi as Jaspreet Kaur
  • Kalki Koechlin as Faiza Naqvi
  • Shashank Arora as Kabir Basrai

As well as cameos from renowned actors and actresses like Neena Gupta, Vijay Raza etc and a very impressive supporting cast too.

Made in heaven season 2 release date

The date of release is still not clear. But don't worry as we have all the related information about the potential release and rumours about the second season's story.

The shooting for made in heaven 2 began in March 2021 and it was ideally supposed to wrap up by the end of the same year only. But due to the advent of COVID 19, the shooting for it is still not complete and is supposed to be concluded in the first quarter of 2022. 

So our best guess is that the new season of Made in heaven will hit your screens somewhere towards the end of 2022 if not earlier.

Made in heaven season 2 rumours, plot, and cast.

The second season will have the same craziness and emotions of weddings but with the actions moving to foreign countries too. 

It is now confirmed that it would have Karan and Tara managing the weddings in foreign locations too. Thus taking the locations of the series to an international setting too. So far Paris, France has been confirmed as one of the locations. Only time would tell what other locations we would see in the second season of Made in Heaven. 

The second season would also be divided into 9 episodes, most probably of the same 50 minutes runtime.

As for the cast, you would find the same main casting as the original season. With most probably new and unique characters whose weddings the dynamic duo and their team would manage.

The streaming service required to watch Made in Heaven season 2 would be Amazon Prime Video this time around as well. 


Marriages are made in heaven but in reality, it isn't always so. But one thing is for sure just like the first season this upcoming season would be a treat for your eyes too.

More weddings to manage, more drama to cut through, more characters to tell, and more social and cultural representation to portray in Made in heaven season 2 on Amazon Prime Video.

So right now we wait. But as soon as the actual thing drops, you'll not have to wait for long to read a very precise review from us.

See you soon, till then keep chillin'. 

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