Maddam Sir Serial- Kuch Baat Hai Kyunki Jazbaat Hai

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Maddam Sir Serial - Kuch Baat Hai Kyunki Jazbaat Hai is an Indian comedy-action television series in the Hindi language.

It is a Jay Mehta-produced serial, written by Deepak Malik, Devang Kakkad, Vikas Sharma, Sameer Garud, and Lourrence Joseph John. Maddam Sir serial is directed by Hemen Chauhan. Jijaji Chhat Per Hain, a well-liked SAB TV program, was replaced by the Madam Sir series. Maddam Sir serial debuted on Sony SAB on February 24, 2020, and is streaming as Maddam Sir Sony LIV. 

Maddam Sir serial plot-

Maddam Sir serial is based on one of these all-female police stations built by four stunningly eccentric ladies in Lucknow. The head constable and eldest member of the group, Pushpa, juggles her life between her job and her family. Karishma, the sub-inspector, is a fish out of water since she disagrees with the police station's guiding principles. She talks before she beats, but now she must use reconciliation to resolve every dispute. Santosh Sharma is a fresh new recruit who fits the stereotype of an urban lonely female. S.H.O Haseena Mallik, a clever and amorous leader, is in charge of the group. Haseena Malik is emotive when solving problems while Karishma Singh has a short fuse, which can occasionally lead to conflict. DSP Anubhav Singh, an expert negotiator who works as a secret operative for the IB and is also Karishma's cousin, attempts to resolve their disputes and is successful. They regard each other sincerely despite their differences. Haseena quickly gains Karishma's trust as a devoted friend who will always stand up for her and protect her from harm. The Thana keeps resolving different cases, including numerous covert operations. Together, they work to end numerous crimes in society by applying their intelligence, energy, and commitment to their job and love of their country. The police station works to uphold the trust and hopes of the community by employing wise police officers.

Soon, Haseena Malik and Anubhav Singh fall in love. Anubhav accepts Haseena's proposal, but later she discovers that he pretended to love her in order to complete a mission of crucial national importance. After completing the assignment successfully, Anubhav realizes that he made a mistake by using Haseena for the task and that he had been in love with her all along. In order to make amends, he confesses his love for her and makes a marriage proposal to her. She declines it nonetheless out of concern about suffering yet another heartbreak. Will they get back together? well for that we do not want to spoil your suspense and leave it to you guys to find out eventually. Though a total of 573 Maddam Sir episodes of the serial, Maddam Sir have been aired, you can still watch it as Maddam Sir Sony LIV on Sony LIV online.

Below is the link for Sony LIV Maddam Sir:

Watch Maddam Sir Online - All Latest Episodes Online on SonyLIV

Maddam Sir cast-

  • Gulki Joshi - S.H.O. Haseena Mallik 
  • Yukti Kapoor - Dual role as S.I. Karishma Singh and Qayamat 
  • Sonali Pandit Naik - Counsellor cum Head Constable Pushpa Singh 
  • Bhavika Sharma - Cyber Crime Specialist Constable Santosh Sharma 
  • Yashkant Sharma - Constable Cheteshwar 
  • Priyanshu Singh - Constable Cheteshwar
  • Ajay Jadhav - Billu Champat 

Maddam Sir serial tariler-

Gulki Joshi quits Maddam Sir serial-

It is vital to take a break because working on a daily soap opera can be stressful and even detrimental to one's health. Gulki denies reports that she has left Maddam Sir and insists that she is an integral part of the show. She just took a month-long hiatus since her social life, mental health, and physical health were suffering. Haseena Malik is underground to deal with this as she is being falsely accused after several weapons were discovered at her home. The group is handling the story effectively.

Maddam Sir TRP-

With Maddam Sir serial IMDb rating of 7.8/10, the show and its 0.6 TRP are glued to one another. I'm pleased to see that TRP is steady and that even the show is completely secure. But because Sony Sab is launching many new shows, it is expected to approach 0.7 shortly.

Maddam Sir episode-

Kareena asked Karishma for assistance in the previous episode to prepare her for the role of a police officer in her upcoming Hindi film. On the opposite side, we observe that Nawab has locked MPT because he hasn't yet received the space's rent. Karishma is enraged at him to the hilt. In Maddam Sir new episode Kareena, who would play a police officer, now resembles Karishma in every way. When Haseena returns, she encounters Kareena and believes her to be Karishma. She begins to apologize for firing at her. Kareena is terrified since she doesn't know what is occurring and starts to freak out. Haseena is perplexed and questions why Karishma is acting in such an odd way.

The show's fun and humor are enhanced by the personalities and cases. Haseena and Karishma's ideological disagreements add to the drama and humor while Pushpa and Karishma are the saas-bahu couple who keep us delighted with their squabbles.


Ques. 1 Is Maddam Sir going to end?

Ans. Though there is some information indicating Svai Thakur's role in Maddam Sir may soon come to an end but the show is not going to end soon.

Ques. 2 Is Maddam Sir a good serial? 

Ans. The characters and cases in the program add to its joy and humor, overall it's a good watch.

Ques. 3 Who is the new character in Maddam Sir? 

Ans. As they work on a new assignment, Haseena Malik, nicknamed Urmila, and her team has adopted a new avatar. A Nauvari saree is worn by Haseena, Karishma, Santosh, and Pushpa as they go to a Mumbai food festival.

Ques. 4 What happened to Santosh in Maddam Sir? 

Ans. Santosh is abducted, and Amar Vidrohi is given the case to investigate. As the investigation goes on, they discover an empty strip of sleeping tablets and speculate about suicide.

Ques. 5 Who is Karishma Singh in Maddam Sir? 

Ans. Yukti Kapoor is playing a dual role in the serial, Maddam Sir. Her role involves S.I. Karishma Singh and Qayamat.

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