Madam Sir: Comedy Sony SAB show that empowers women and positively portrayed feminism

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Madam Sir is an Indian Hindi-language comic action television series that debuted on Sony SAB on February 24, 2020, and is also available digitally on SonyLIV. The show Madam sir timing is Monday to Friday at 10 PM and the repeat telecast is shown From Monday to Friday at 1; 15 AM, 3:00 AM, 5:00 AM, 8:00 AM, and 10:30 Am. Jay Production, run by Jay Mehta, is in charge of the show's production. Gulki Joshi, Yukti Kapoor, Sonali Naik, Bhavika Sharma, and Rahil Azam are playing Madam Sir main roles.

Madam Sir Serial Plot

Set in Lucknow, the tv show is based on an all-women police station founded by four gorgeous and quirky women. Pushpa, the oldest, is the chief constable who attempts to manage her life at home and work. The Madam sir cast name Yukti Kapoor as Karishma, the Sub Inspector, is a fish out of water since she disagrees with the police station's attitude. She beats before she talks, yet she must now resolve all cases through reconciliation. Madam sir actress name Bhavika Sharma as Santosh Sharma is a young recruit who is a typical lonely city girl. S.H.O Haseena Mallik, the pack's leader, is smart and romantic, and she leads by example.

Madam Sir photo

The main concern for all of these women is to be sympathetic in their policing while dealing with cases that come into this police station. As a result, their solutions are typically unique. The people and cases add to the show's excitement and humor. While Pushpa and Karishma are the Saas-bahu couple who keep us engaged with their squabbles, Haseena and Karishma's ideological disagreements contribute to the drama and comedy.

Madam Sir tv show depicts the romantic aspects of life, as Haseena falls for DSP Anubhav, but the latter pretends to love her for them to work together on a dangerous national subject.

Madam Sir Cast

  • Gulki Joshi as S.H.O. Haseena Malik, MPT's SHO. She always treats each case with wisdom and passion. She believes in the abolition of crime, not the abolition of criminals. She is a great leader as well as a nice person.Yukti Kapoor madam sir cast as S.I Karishma Malik is married and the daughter-in-law of Pushpa Singh, with whom she has a complicated relationship.
  • Sonali Pandit Naik as Counsellor Head Constable Pushpa Singh, The Mahila Police Thana's oldest member, and Counselling Head.
  • Bhavika Sharma as Cyber Crime Specialist Constable Sontosh “Santu” Sharma, A detective in charge of cybercrime in the madam sir sab tv. She sometimes acts childishly and makes blunders, although she excels in internet-related tasks. She is usually perplexed by Haseena and Karishma's approach to solving situations.

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  • Priyanshu Singh madam sir cast as Women psychology specialist Constable Cheteshwar “Cheetah” Chaturvedi, A lady who specializes in psychology One-sidedly, he adores Santosh. Previously, he was quite sluggish and frequently slept on duty, but he subsequently became responsible. (2020–present), replaced Yashkant Sharma during the 2020 COVID-19 lockout.
  • Ajay Jadhav madam sir cast as Billu Champat, a criminal turned spy who prefers to live in jail because he has nowhere else to go. He does, however, frequently assist his police colleagues in solving cases by acting as a snitch on criminals. He is friendly with all Mahila Police Thana officers. 
  • Ahil Azam as DSP Anubhav Singh, an IB negotiator. He is the new DSP who has arrived to settle the feud between Haseena Malik and Karishma Singh. 

Madam sir episode 1

In Lucknow's Ladies Special Branch, Constable Pushpa is dealing with a prankster. While she is on the phone, she hears a commotion outside the police station. She requests that Santosh have a look outside. Madam sir cast name Bhavika Sharma as Santosh spots a warning sign on the notice board indicating that the police station would be closed in 30 days. Santosh informs Pushpa of this, and Pushpa instructs the employees to leave through the back gate. Madam sir actress name Gulki Joshi as Inspector Haseena Malik catches them and takes them inside the police station just as they are ready to flee in the madam sir episode 1. She assures the mob that she will pay off the entire amount before the station closes. Meanwhile, Madam sir actress name Yukti Kapoor as Karishma Singh finds a buyer for the police station. Haseena Mallik returns the purchaser and instructs her staff to file an F.I.R within 24 hours.

Madam sir Today episode

Everyone in the Mahila Police Thana tries in vain to cheer up Santosh. Madam Sir devises a strategy to get Santosh out of the scam with which she has been involved with the Mahila Police Thana succeeds in saving Santosh? To know more about Madam sir today episode watch it on Sony SAB or watch it online on the SonyLIV app.

Conclusion: Madam sir review

Madam Sir Serial is a show that empowers women and positively portrayed feminism. This show is one of the SAB tv's best comedy programs and gives a great social message. Madam Sir sab tv not only depicts the challenges of women in Indian society but also focuses on men who are victims of abuse.

Overall, it’s a great comedy show to watch and you can also watch it online on the SonyLIV app. The show Madam sir timing is Monday to Friday at 10 PM and the repeat telecast is shown From Monday to Friday at 1; 15 AM, 3:00 AM, 5:00 AM, 8:00 AM, and 10:30 Am.


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