Love You Racchu Review: A Perfect Love Story Which Takes A Dark Turn And Wrecks Havoc On A Couple Madly In Love

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Love u Racchu is a Kannada-language romantic thriller film starring Rachita ram and Ajay Rao in lead roles. Made under the banner of G Cinemas and produced by Guru Deshpande it was released in theatres on 31 December 2021. The movie is directed by Shankar Raj and is about the misadventures of a couple crazy in love with each other and willing to go to any distance for each other.

Hey, guys welcome back to 99chill. Today we have love you racchu Kannada movie for you that you may like. Although it is not your average paradise island, fairy tale kinda story but has mystery, crime and craziness in it too. 

Love You Racchu Review: About 

The Kannada language thriller was released on 31 December 2021 in theatres and did a decent job there. The love you rachchu is about a couple who embark on an unwanted journey of deceit, crime and suspense due to the circumstances they find themselves in. it is a nicely stitched-up film by the writer of love you rachu, Shashank and implemented well by debutant director Shankar Raj. although there are certain weak joints in the love you racchu movie it is still a worthy watch as you’ll find out in the review further. 

Cast Of Love U Racchu


  • Ajay Rao as Ajay
  • Rachita Ram as Rachchu
  • Raghu Shivamogga as the Driver
  • Achyuth Kumar
  • Arjun Gowda
  • B. Suresha


Shankar Raj has made his directorial debut with love u racchu and has done a decent job with the story given to him. 

Love You Racchu Review: The Plot 

The story is about Ajay and Rachu played by Ajay Rao and Rachita ram. Both of them are long-time sweethearts and they finally end up marrying each other. It has been almost a year of their marriage and Ajay has planned a surprise for his wife on her first birthday after their marriage. He tells her that he has booked a romantic retreat for them in Mudigere and he’s really happy and amped for the trip.

But things take a turn for the worse when he is not picked up by his driver from the airport upon returning from his current business trip. He reaches home on his own only to find his driver dead in his home with his wife standing there as his murderer.

Though it was in self-defence they get really scared and think of a plan to cover up this act by disposing of the driver’s body and going on their already scheduled trip as usual to avert any suspicion.

After a lot of pondering Ajay decides to do the above only and they decide to cover up a murder. And just as they were feeling like they did a perfect job with the cover, they receive a call from an anonymous person blackmailing them by saying they know about the murder and their plan to get away with it. The rest of the story of love u racchu follows Ajay and Racchu’s struggle to keep themselves out of the hands of the law while dealing with the situations that develop.

Love You Racchu Review

Good Stuff

The best thing about the love u racchu is not the whole story but a very important aspect of the story, the chemistry between the main leads of the movie Ajay and Racchu. Thus in order of singing praises of this film acting performances should be right at the top only.

Both Rachita ram and Ajay Rao are spectacular in their portrayal of their respective roles and their intimacy seems quite believable and pleasing to watch. Which is quite essential in cases of the romantic angle between characters. So a big win for the makers there. 

Apart from the protagonists, the whole supporting cast has worked hard to anchor the movie in its lace throughout the film which shows the success of the casting department. 

Coming down from acting performances in our love you racchu review we also have some credit to forward to the director of love u racchu Shankar raj who has done a pretty commendable job in his first gig. 

Bad Stuff

Now, the film has some pivotal factors that are going against it, with a less thrilling thriller begging the biggest no-go for it. See, the film has its moments of thrill and mystery but there is a lack of the continuous nail-biting experience that one expects from a movie like this. There is a lot of fat or say unwanted scenes that could have been omitted from the film and it would not have made a difference at all.

And going forward this problem affects the film’s ending as well. Which becomes quite predictable and thus spoils the taste for the viewers a little bit.


5.8/10 on IMDb.

Love You Racchu Review: Our Verdict

So it's time to wrap up this review and tell you our final thoughts about it. In the simplest of words, this is an okay-ish movie strictly from the perspective of the story. But if you count the acting performances, dialogues and other noteworthy points in the movie you will find that it is not a bad movie at all. Thus, making it a worthy contender for a movie night. But if you love thriller movies and expect to be amazed by this one then I am afraid you might come out as disappointed. But for a casual watching experience, we give this a thumbs up. See you at 99chill.com again.



Q.1 What is love u racchu romantic movie review?

Ans. It had a fairly positive response from the audience of the movie.

Q.2 Good Kannada romantic pictures to watch?

Ans. Milana, Dia, Mr and Mrs Ramachari etc.

Q.3 Is love u rachu a good movie? 

Ans. Yes, it makes up for a decent watching experience.

Q.4 Where can I watch love you racchu Kannada full movie?

Ans. On JioCinema.

Q.5 Romantic suspense movies?

Ans. Decision to leave, fifty shades of grey, sleeping beauty etc.

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