Love J Action: Love is blind

Monali GuptaNov 11 . 6 min read

Love J Action is a Hindi language Indian crime thriller web series produced and directed by Saurabh Tewari. The star cast of the web series is Anud Singh Dhaka, Kanga Baruah Nagia, Rohit Chaudhury, Purru, and Priyank Tiwari. Love J Action sonyliv written by Amitabh Singh Ramkshatra, Saurabh Tewari, Pranjal Saxena, and Shashank Kunwar. The series is produced by the Parin Multimedia production company. Jackson was the original title, but it was changed to Love J Action later on. 

The web series has a total of six episodes and was released on 12 March 2021 on Sony LIV. Here, I have listed all the necessary details you need to know about this web series.


Love J Action Plot

Jackson Awasthi (Anud Singh Dhaka) has helped a girl from a famous family, Kamya (Kangan Baruah Nangia), in escaping from her wedding with Superintendent of Police Abhay Anand (purru Chhiber). He loves her so, he decided to go after love but it leads to a wild goose chase, a confusing plot, including several characters - Vikrant (Rohit Choudhary), Nayan (Priyasha Bhardwaj), Chang (Dr. Agnelo Chang), and others – popping in and out of the frame.

Coming back to the plot, Jackson is taken into the police station after helping Kamya escape from her marriage and he confesses that she is dead. S. P. Abhay Anand (Purru) also finds a letter in which she claims she is not dead. It was Abhay who Kamya was planning to marry. So, where has Kamya gone? What was the reason for her escape from her wedding? Is there something Abhay is keeping hidden? Is there something Kamya is keeping hidden from everyone? To know the story you guys have to watch Love J Action on Sony LIV.


Love J Action Cast

  • Anud Singh Dhaka as Jackson Awasthi
  • Kangan Baruah Nangia as Kamya Gupta
  • Puru Chibber as S.P. Abhay Anand 
  • Bijou Thaangjam as Chang Man
  • Priyank Tiwari
  • Harish Chabbra
  • Neeraj Sood
  • Anil Dhawan
  • Deepraj Rana
  • Dhan Tejas


Love J Action Episodes

  1. Nanhi Cheenti (38 minutes run time)
  2. Mann Ka Vishwas (47 minutes run time)
  3. Asafalta Ek Chunauti (26 minutes run time)
  4. Sangarsh Ka Maidaan (46 minutes run time)
  5. Girkar Chadna (29 minutes run time)
  6. Jai Jai kaar (43 minutes run time)


Love J Action Release Date

It is an Indian Hindi language crime, romance, and thriller web series released on Sony LIV. The web series release date is 12 March 2021. There will be a season 2 of the web series but the release date isn't confirmed yet. It is expected that in season 2 Jackson will be the highlight of the show and the storyline will be similar to season 1.


Love J Action Trailer

The web series has released the trailer on YouTube. Below I’m mentioning the link for you, by clicking on its you guys will be able to watch the trailer of the series:



Rating: 7/10(IMDb)


Love J Action reviews

It captures viewers' attention from the first scene with Kamya's disappearance and the discovery of her death, but by the third episode, the excitement has worn off. We aren't emotionally involved in any of the characters save Kamya since the others aren't well-developed. She is surrounded by misogynists, and her father intended to murder her when she was still in the womb, but she was protected since she was with her brother. Love J Action cast Priyank Towari played the role of Minty shown here as a controlling brother, slapping her in public on a regular basis, and her fiance, S. P. Abhay Anand (Purru), sexually abuses her, leading her to escape.

Love J action sonyliv review of cast Anud Singh Dhaka played the role of Jackson, on the other hand, is a figure about whom we know very little. He adores Kamya and will go to any length for her, all that's there is to it. After the third episode, the program becomes a headache because it appears as the authors have first thought of the twists they want to include in the tale and then tried to create the story around them. As a result, everything appears forced. How did Jackson discover Vikrant's true identity? He appears to know all there is to know about everyone. He (and everyone else) has been handed clichéd phrases that become tiresome after a while.


Coming to the Love J Action sonyliv review of the cast. As Jackson, Anud Singh Dhaka impresses. His charm is complemented by the corny phrases, and he nails his persona. Kangan Baruah Nangia was also excellent as Kamya, the manipulative girl, although she lacked a spark. Despite the fact that she had to endure so much, we do not truly sympathize with her. Purru Chiber's portrayal as Abhay is equally enjoyable to see, while Priyasha Bhardwaj's acting as Nayan is similarly genuine. Others seem to be OK.

Love J Action sonyliv review, Arkodeb Mukherjee's cinematography is just about adequate. There's no room for such amazing camera work here. Sagar Desai's music is good; however, it may get a little too loud and exuberant at times. Devendra Murdeshwar's editing is excellent. The climax of Love J Action was the sole redeeming feature; it was unpredictable. The entire story is based on the ‘Koshish Karne wale ki Kabhi Haar Nahi hoti’ line said by Jackson in the series. 

It is expected that in season 2 of Love J Action Jackson will be the main highlight of the show and he will again do all those things to get love from Kamya. So, Let’s see what happens in the next season. 



After Shrikant Bashir, Sony LIV's Love J Action is another mediocre production. The novel is crammed with so many storylines and twists and turns that it becomes a chore and a bore after a while. The performances are decent, but the lines are corny, and the only nice thing about this program is the first two episodes, which piqued your curiosity, and the conclusion, which was startling and unexpected, and that's it; there's nothing else to watch here that you haven't previously seen. It's best to avoid it. Above I’ve give Love J Action reviews you guys can check it out to know more about the web series.

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