List of Yash Upcoming Movies [2021-2022]

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Okay, so coming to the point, let me introduce the agenda for today, it is Yash Upcoming Movies. It has been a while since the actor has been seen enhancing the box office charm. This can be partly due to the pandemic and lockdown situation, and partly coz, at least I feel so, to keep us longing and waiting desperately. Don’t you think so? 

Well, a piece of good news without breaking the ice, this longing is set to end soon. This suspense will be clear with the list of Yash Upcoming Movies that will pop up soon as you scroll! 

So, let’s wait no more and know more about Yash Upcoming Movies!

About Yash: Biography

Before starting with our list of Yash Upcoming Movies, let us first explore Yash a bit. Sounds tempting, isn’t it?

Yash was born on 8 January 1986 in Bhuvanahalli, Hassan, Karnataka, his father Arun Kumar is a former BMTC employee and his mother Pushpa Gowda is a housewife. He was fond of singing and acting since childhood. After completing his high school at Mahajan High School in Mysore, he joined theatre. From 'Benaka Theatre', he started learning acting and trying himself. Due to good acting, he started getting good work in the early stages and got a chance to work in many telefilms.

Yash's parents left no stone unturned for Yash, whatever he wanted to do in his life, his parents supported him. Today, with the help of his support, Yash is one of the biggest actors in the Kannada film industry. We are discussing further how his life started and how he got a place in films.

Yash Career

Yash made his acting debut with the Kannada serial 'Uttarayan' in 2004 and was well-liked in this serial. After that, he acted in many Kannada serials like – Nanda Gokula, Preeti Ellada Mela, Shiva, etc.

After this, his film career started in 2008 and he got the first film of his career 'Jambada Hudugi'. After this film, his film career started and now his KGF Chapter 1 has made a special identity all over India. We are showing Yash Filmography or Yash film list here in this table.

Quick Question: Will you accept me if I refer to it as Yash Actor Movies List? Where are the Grammar Nazis at? 

So here come Yash Actor Movies List. Haha...

Yash Film List / Yash Filmography

Family Life: Sneak Peak

Yash married Radhika Pandit in 2016, Radhika is a Kannada film actress and has worked with Yash in many films. The two met on the film set and became good friends. After that, both fell in love and got married. But there is also a fact related to their life, Radhika Pandit and Yash have also played the role of brother and sister. But that was only on screen. After that their friendship turned into love and both of them got married, it is said that when Yash got married, he had invited the people of Karnataka.

Social Work And Charity

Whatever role Yash plays in films, Yash has done a lot in real life, Radhika and Yash have formed an organization named Yash Marg Foundation. Through this organization, he helps needy people. You will be surprised that they have constructed the lake for four crore rupees so that the need for water can be met. Now you can imagine what he thinks about the people in his life.

The Changed Stage Name: What’s The Mystery?

(One more step before reaching the list of Yash Upcoming Movies, we’re just there.)

KGF star Yash changed his real name Naveen Kumar Gowda for the screen due to the following reason.

Often film stars change their name for the silver screen. Not only Bollywood but also South film stars have done this. KGF 2 fame Kannada superstar Yash has also done the same. Not many people know that the real name of South Superstar Yash is Naveen Kumar Gowda. The film star changed his name to enter the film world. 

Do you know why the actor did this? When film star Yash was preparing to step into the film world, many people asked him to change his name. Many people thought that his name does not suit as a new hero, that it was too plain.

So, he must choose an appealing and catchy name. Accepting this opinion, the film star immediately changed his name. 

Yash did not even think much about his new name and he made his nickname i.e. childhood name Yash as his screen name. By the way, all the fans of Yash will say that the actor took the right decision.

Now let us hop on to the list of much-awaited Yash Upcoming Movies!

Yash Upcoming Movies And Yash Next Film Photos

Yash Movies List

Well, I wouldn’t call it a list or Yash movies list exactly as it contains just a single entry. Yash next movie release is set to happen 14th of April in 2022. Wanna know what is it that’s making you wait for so long, well, to be precise, for about 4 long years. Of course, you want to. Isn’t that the reason you’re chilling around here? Yash next movie in line is KGF 2.

There aren’t many Yash Upcoming Movies in line yet for the upcoming year. Scroll for more!

Yash Next Film Photos

KGF 2: Why The hype? 

Let us talk in detail about one of Yash Upcoming Movies! And when I say detail, I mean it.

KGF: A Quick Recap

After the advent of multiplexes, the kind of B-grade films in which big stars were seen stopped making. In the eighties and nineties, such films were made a lot. B-grade films like Insaniyat Ke Dushman, Mard, Ganga Jamuna Saraswati, Badle Ki Aag not only used to have a big budget but also stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra were seen in it.

Surprisingly, such films were seen again in 2018. After Salman Khan's Race 3, Aamir Khan's Thugs of Hindostan, 'Kolar Gold Fields: Chapter 1' also belongs to this category. Originally it is made in the Kannada language which has been dubbed and released in Hindi.

The story is from 1950 to 1981. On one hand, the villains get a gold mine and on the other hand, King Krishnappa Beria aka Rocky (Yash) is born. Rocky grows up in the streets of Mumbai. At the age of about ten, his mother dies due to poverty, but before dying, tells Rocky that she may have been born in poverty, but die in wealth. Rocky ties the mother's word and becomes a big name in the crime world.

Rocky is a hurricane. If the enemy is fire, he’s a step forward. He has so much power in one punch that if he punches someone, the person can jump hundreds of feet (Tollywood cliche). That alone is enough for twenty-five must-haves. In an instant, he lays a pile of dead bodies. Hearing Rocky's praise, he is called to Bangalore and assigned the task of killing Garuda, a crook who has a mine.

Rocky fails to kill him in Bangalore. He decides to go to Kolar and kill her in his own house. Garuda has its own history. His father has a big empire which is seen by many people.

Director Prashanth Neel has written the story. The influence of Baahubali and Gangs of Wasseypur is visible to him. Like Bahubali, where Garuda's family conspires to seize the gold mine, the film's mood has been kept like Gangs of Wasseypur. A different world is seen in Kolar where laborers are oppressed and made to work. Why this atrocity is done, the answer is not found in the film.

Expected Storyline And Release Date

The curiosity among the audience about the film 'KGF Chapter 2' is being seen these days, the same curiosity used to be only for Amitabh Bachchan's films. An angry young man like Amitabh Bachchan is back in this film. The first chapter of the film was very successful in the Hindi belt, now it is the turn of chapter number two. The trailer of this story ahead of Gatank has become a hit, the picture is yet to come. But, the story of this picture has been leaked which we have brought for you.

The story of 'KGF Chapter 2' will start from where the first part of this film ended. As in the story, actor Yash's character Rocky promises his dying mother that he will not die in poverty. His promise will continue in the second part as well. A glimpse of this was also seen in the teaser of 'KGF Chapter 2'. Rocky has grown a lot and is wiser too. His dream is to rule the gold business and he is also leading in this work.

Rocky, the main character of 'KGF Chapter 2', is so intelligent that he is beginning to understand the dirty game of politics and the equations being created between the mafia. His goal is to eliminate his enemies and teach them a lesson, but Rocky's love for actress Raveena Tandon's character will come in the way of his goal. The makers of the film released the first look of Sanjay Dutt some time back and informed that he will be seen in the role of the main villain Adheera in the film.

Sanjay Dutt's character Adheera is also a reason for the audience's curiosity for the film 'KGF Chapter 2'. The makers added to the excitement when a slight glimpse of Adheera was also seen in the teaser of the film. Adhere is Suryavardhan's brother whose dream is to rule the Kolar Gold Mine. On the other hand, Rocky also wants him to rule this gold mine. Hence, Rocky and Adheera will have a one-on-one fight. In the first film of this series, Suryavardhan's son Garuda was the main villain.

The shooting of 'KGF Chapter 2' has been completed and the post-production work is also underway. Till now its makers have not announced the release date of the film. Directed by Prashanth Neel, this film is the first Kannada film made with a budget of around 100 crores. The way the teaser and trailer of the film garnered huge likes on YouTube and attracted viewers. It seems that the film will hit the box office in the whole country.

See the teaser here.

KGF 2 Cast

  • Yash as Raja "Rocky" Krishnappa Bhairya
  • Anmol Vijay as young Rocky
  • Sanjay Dutt as Adheera
  • Raveena Tandon as Ramika Sen, Prime Minister of India
  • Prakash Raj as Vijayendra Ingalagi
  • Anant Nag as Anand Ingalagi
  • Achyuth Kumar as Guru Pandian
  • Srinidhi Shetty as Reena Desai
  • Malavika Avinash as Deepa Hegde, the chief editor of news channel
  • Eswari Rao
  • Rao Ramesh as CBI officer Kanneganti Raghavan
  • T. S. Nagabharana as the owner of the news channel
  • Archana Jois as Rocky's mother
  • B.S. Avinash as Andrews
  • Ramachandra Raju as Garuda
  • Vasishta N. Simha as Kamal
  • B. Suresha as Vittal, a slave at KGF
  • Saran Shakthi
  • Appaji Ambarisha Darbha

 I hope this not-so-listy list on Yash Upcoming Movies quenched your fan thirst for today. Will be back soon with some more spicy drama!

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