List of Best Punjabi Comedy Movies

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 Punjabi’s always have an extrovert, active, fun-loving, party lover, and a charismatic personality. Similarly, Punjabi comedy movies are full of excitement, laughter, music, and entertainment. In Punjabi movies, they always keep their tradition and values alive.


The best part about Punjabi movies is their awesome music. Punjabi movies have entertained a lot of people over decades however certain movies are just a waste of time but the industry has also provided us with some of the finest jewels.


If you are a Punjabi comedy movie lover or you are searching for some best Punjabi comedy movies, then you have come to the right place. There are lots of best Punjabi movies to watch but here, I have listed the best Punjabi Comedy Movies of all time just for you guys.


Best Punjabi Comedy Movies on Netflix:


Guddiyan Patol

Two sisters come back from Canada to their village to visit their maternal family and to take their grandmother for a short trip for her relaxation but on the way, they end up meeting with a boy from Punjab. The English name of this movie is Baby Dolls. If you guys ask me about the best Punjabi movies of all time then Guddiyan Patol is one of them to watch.

·        Release date: March 08, 2019 (India)

·        Director: Vijay Kumar Arora

·        Rating: 7.3/10(IMDB)

·        Rotten Tomatoes: 11%

·        Cast: Tania as Nicole

                 Sonam Bajwa as Kashmeer ‘Kash’ Kaur

                 Nirmal Rishi as Naani Jal Kaur

                 Rupinder Rupi as Maami Mukho

                 Gurnam Bhullar as Amreek

                 Happy Gupta as Beauty

                 Gurmeet Saajan as Ajaib Singh

·        Story by: Jagdeep Sidhu

·        Screenwriter: Jagdeep Sidhu

·        Produced by: Bhagwant Virk, Nav Virk


Jatt James Bond

The relatives of Shinda mistreated him so he finds other ways to have his love, Lalli. Shinda and his two other friends come up with an idea to solve their all problems and decide to rob the local bank in a try to become rich.

·        Released date: April 25, 2014 (India)

·        Director: Rohit Jugraj

·        Rating: 6.7/10(IMDB)

·        Rotten Tomatoes: 20%

·        Cast : Zareen Khan as Lalli

                    Gippy Grewal as Sukhshindar Singh (Shinda)

                    Gurpreet Ghuggi as Binder

                    Yashpal Sharma as Bant Mistri

                     Rubina as Bank Employee

                     Mukesh Rishi as MLA

                     Vindu Dara Singh as Lalli's Brother and Bank Manager

                     Avtar Gill as Sarpanch

                     Sardar Sohi as Jarnail

                     Shahbaz Khan as INS Harnek Singh

                     Karamjit Anmol as Sucha Singh

·        Screenwriter: Jass Grewal, Ed D Singh, Jatinder Lall

·        Produced by: Mukesh Sharma & Gurdeep Dhillon


Bha Ji in Problem

Sundeep is married to two women, Anu and Jasmeet, both wives unaware of each other's existence. Chaos arrives when a man who knows Sundeep’s secret wants to marry his sister.

·        Released date: September 24, 2020(India)

·        Director: Smeep Kang

·        Rating: 7.2/10(IMDB)

·        Rotten Tomatoes: 31%

·        Cast: Ragini Khanna as Preet

                     Gurpreet Ghuggi as Cheema

                     B.N. Sharma

                     Karamjit Anmol

                     Khushboo Grewal as Jasmeet

                     Misha Bajwa as Anu

                     Harbhajan Singh as Harbhajan (Special appearance)

                     Akshay Kumar (Special appearance)

·        Screenwriter: Smeep Kang, Naresh Kathuria, Vaibhav Suman

·        Produced by: Akshay Kumar, Ashvini Yardi


Jatts In Golmaal

In the movie, Binnu Dhillon as Titu plays the role of a gangster who needs a heart transplant so he approaches Sunny who is a jobless simpleton and somewhat dumb desperately wants to go to Canada.

·        Released date: May 24, 2013 (India)

·        Director: Ksshitij Chaudhary, R. Raja

·        Rating: 6.7/10(IMDB)

·        Rotten Tomatoes: 33%

·        Cast: Arya Babbar as Sunny

                     Sameksha as Raavi

                     Gurpreet Ghuggi as Jugnu

                     Binnu Dhillon as Titu Badmaash

                     Jaswinder Bhalla as Bali Chacha

                     B.N. Sharma as Titu's Mama

                     Veena Malik as Sujata

                     Sardar Sohi as Kang Saab

                     Karamjit Anmol

                     Harpreet Johal

                     Rubina as Guest Appearance

·        Screenwriter: Naresh Kathuria

·        Produced by: Manmohan Singh Harveen Singh and Harpreet Singh


Marriage Palace

In this movie a village guy name Nimma who does everything to marry his lovemate Pammi of the same village. Then Pammi’s father agrees to their marriage but at the time marriage in a marriage palace, his bride got to exchange with someone's bride, then how he gets back his wife is a complete laugh riot.

·        Released date: November 23, 2018(India)

·        Director: Sunil Thakur, Shivani Thakur(creative director)

·        Rating: 6.7/10(IMDB)

·        Rotten Tomatoes: 18%

·        Cast : Sharry Mann as Nimma

                      B.N Sharma as satnam Satti

                      Payal Rajput as Maani

                      Nirmal Rishi as Bhalwan Bebe

                      Harby Sangha as Bhalwan

                      Anita Devgan as Nimma’s Bua

                      Nisha Bano as Jeeti

                      Ashok Pathak as Pardesi

                      Gurmeet Saajan as Nimma’s Fufad

                      Vijay Tandon as Jeeti’s father

                      Gurpreet Toti As Nimma Relative

                      Ekta Gulati Khera

                      Rakesh Dhawan

·        Story by: Rakesh Dhawan

·        Screenwriter: Rakesh Dhawan

·        Produced by: Shubham Chandrachur, Harsh Goyal, Happy Goyal, Sazal Goyal


Best Punjabi comedy movies on Amazon Prime :


Carry on Jatta

In this movie, Jass falls in love with Mahie at a friend’s wedding, and she tells her friend that she wants to marry an orphan like her. To marry her, Jass lies to Mahie and tells her that he is an orphan and has no family. After their marriage, he finds himself in a hilarious situation when he tries to hide the truth from his family.

·        Release Date: July 27, 2012 (India).

·        Director: Smeep Kang.

·        Rating: 8.3/10(IMDB)

·        Cast: Gippy Grewal as Jass Dhillon

               Mahie Gill as Mahie

               Gurpreet Ghuggi as Honey Tiwana

               Binnu Dhillon as Goldy Dhillon

               Jaswinder Bhalla as advocate Dhillon

               Anshu Sawhney as Daljeet Dhillon

               B.N Sharma as Sikander singh Tiwara

               Sardar Sohi as Vada Bhullar

               Kaeamjit Anmol as Taji

               Lakki harkhowalia as Veer

               Rana Ranbir as Chota bhullar/Aarhu

               Inderjit nikki[cameo]

·        Story by: Smeep Kang (story), Naresh Kathooria (screenplay), Sukhdeep Singh Sandhu(dialogue writer).

·        Screenwriters: Smeep Kang, Naresh Kathuria, Sukhdeep Singh Sandhu.

·        Produced by: Sippy Grewal, Mahesh Sharma (executive producer), Nitin Talwar.

Chal Mera putt

 The movie is all about six Punjabis from India and Pakistan trying to settle in a foreign county.

·        Release date: July 26, 2019 (India)

·        Director: Janjot Singh

·        Rating: 8.3/10(IMDB)

·        Rotten Tomatoes: 10%

·        Cast : Amrinder Gill as Jaswinder Singh a.k.a Jinder

                     Simi Chahal as Swaran Kaur a.k.a Savy

                    Iftikhar Thakur as Chaudhary Shamsher

                     Nasir Chinyoti as Tabrez Waseem                       

                     Hardeep Gill as Bikkar Chacha

                     Akram Udas as butta khan

                     Raj Dhaliwal as Butta’s wife

                     Sanju Solanki as Billa’s father

                    Gurshabad as Balwinder Singh ‘bolla’

                     Seema Kaushal as Chachi

                     Raj Dhaliwal as Butta’s wife

                     Sanju Solanki as Billa’s father

                     Prabhjot Kaur as Chacha’s daughter

                     Rup Khatkar as Bal

                     Agha Majid as Tavrej's Father

                     Nimrat Khaire as a special appearance in the song "Baddlan De Kaalje”

·        Story by: Rakesh Dhawan

·        Produced by: Ashu Munish Sahni, Karaj Gill

·        Screenwriter: Rakesh Dhawan


In the story, a young average man is looking for his bride and failed many attempts with matchmakers. His family is delighted when he finally meets the woman of his dreams but things do not go as per the plan.

·        Released date: June 21, 2019 (India)

·        Director: Jagdeep Sidhu, Bhanu Thakur, Jagdeep Singh

·        Rating: 6.3/10(IMDB)

·        Rotten Tomatoes: 13%

·        Cast: Diljit Dosanjh as Chadta

                     Neeru Bajwa as Vanjhali

                     Jagjeet Sandhu

                     Hardeep Gill

                     Anita Devgan

                     Gurpreet Bhangu

                     Sonam Bajwa as Special appearance in the “Tommy” song

·        Story by: Jagdeep Sidhu, Jagdeep Singh

·        Screenwriter: Jagdeep Sidhu, Jagdeep Singh

·        Produced by: Anurag Singh, Atul Bhalla, Aman Gill, Pawan Gill, Amit Bhalla


Yaar Annmulle

A story of three friends - Guru, Deep, and Sher Singh lives in a hostel and they decide to stay absent from classes. In this story, they deal with rival groups and experience all aspects of friendship and love.

·        Released date: October 07, 2011 (India)

·        Director : Anurag Singh

·        Rating: 7.4/10(IMDB)

·        Rotten Tomatoes: 14 %

·        Cast: Arya Babbar as Guru

                     Harish Verma as Sher Singh

                     Yuvraj Hans as Deep Singh Sondhi

                     Jividha Astha as Simmi

                     Jenny Ghottra as Prinkaa

                     Kajal Jain as Amandeep Kaur

                     Satwant Kaur as Amandeep Kaur's Mother

                    Shavinder Mahal as Guru's father

·        Screenwriter: Anurag Singh

·        Story by: Anurag Singh

·        Produced by: Vivek Ohri, Rajan Batra, Tinu Luthra


Here, I have also mentioned some of the other best Punjabi movies to watch online on different sites and apps. Also, the below mentioned are among the best Punjabi movies of all time.


Jat and Juliet

 Fateh Singh is from a small village, who wants to marry a Canadian girl so that he can get Canadian citizenship on the other hand Pooja is a classy modern girl and she wants to go to Canada to fulfill her dreams. They cross Stark opposites, Fateh and Pooja with dreams in their eyes reach Canada. They cross paths and sparks fly on their way to Canada because of their different outlook on life. In the beginning, both of them hated each other but faith brings them close by the time their hated transformed into friendship. Will their friendship turn into love or they will remain friends forever? You guys will be able to know after watching the movie.

·        Release date: June 29, 2012 (India)

·        Director: Anurag singh

·        Rating: 7.5/10(IMDB)

·        Cast: Diljit Dosanjh as Fateh Singh

                     Neeru Bajwa as Pooja

                     Upasana Singh as Channo

                     Jaswinder Bhalla as Joginder Singh

                     Rana Ranbir as Shampy

                    Sari Mercer as Jennifer (Jenny)

                    Karamjit Anmol as Nathan

                    B.N. Sharma as shampy’s father

                    Lakhiwinder Sandhu as Bhola (Lakhwinder singh)

                     Balinder Johal as the Kathy (Landlord)

                    Anita Devgan as Fateh's mother

                     Amrit Billa as Fateh's Father

                     Anita Kailey as Jaswinder (Jazzy)

                     Amrinder Gill as Yuvraj Singh, Guest appearance

                     Isha Rikhi as Twinkle, Yuvraj’s wife

                     Tarsem Paul as Pooja’s Father

                     Sunita Dheer as Pooja’s mother

·        Story by: Dheeraj Rattan

·        Screenwriter: Dheeraj Rattan

·        Produced by: Darshan Singh Grewal, Gunbir Singh Sindhu



Kala Shah Kala

The film shows the bygone period where Binnu Dhillon would be playing the role of a guy who has a dark complexion and on the other side, and a completely contrasting character would be playing by Jordan Sandhu in the movie

·        Release date: February 14, 2019 (India)

·        Director: Amarjit Singh Saron

·        Rating: 7.3/10(IMDB)

·        Cast: Binnu Dhillon as Lovely ‘Naag’

          Sargun Mehta as Pammi

          Jordan Sanshu as Jaggi

          Karamjit Anmol as Hari

          Shehnaaz Kaur Gill as Taaro

          Nirmal Rishi as Nindro Bhua

         Anita Devgan as Lovely’s mother

         Harby Sangha as Jeet Barber

          Gurmeet Saajan as Lovely’s father

          Jatinder Kaur as Pammi’s grandmother

         Ashok Pathak as Dhaba Waiter

          Gagneet Singh Makhan as Paal, Pammi’s brother

          B.N.Sharma as Jora Singh, Pammi’s grandfather

·        Story by: Amarjit Singh Saron

·        Screenwriter: Amarjit Singh Saron

·        Produced by: Harsimran Dhillon, Binnu Dhillon, Karan Soni, Gursimran Dhillon, Achal Kaushal, Navaniat Singh, Binnu Dhillon

Jinhe Mera Dil Luteya

Life is carefree and filled with series of mischievous events for dashing and happy-go-lucky Yuvraj and rocking rebel Gurnnor at Patiala University. Both of them are neighbors but do not have a good relationship with each other. Then they are bedazzled by sexy and charming Noor, whose dad has returned from abroad and is very wealthy. Both of them have fallen for Noor who has swept them off their feet the moment she lands in their lives, as both of them eagerly want their lady love’s attention and her heart.

·        Released date: July 29, 2011 (India )

·        Director: Mandeep Kumar

·        Rating: 7.5/10(IMDB)

·        Cast: Gippy Grewal as Yuvvraaj Randwara

        Diljit Bajwa as Gurnoor Randhawa

        Neeru Bajwa as Noor Bajwa

        Binnu Dhillon as Karanveer

        Karamjit Anmol as Karma

        B.N.Sharma as P.k Paltal         

        Rana Jung Bahadur as Advocate Shingara

        Jaswinder Bhalla as Professor Bhalla

        Sunita Dhir as Mrs. Randhawa

        Shivender Mahal as Mr. Bajwa

        Tai Sapru as Gurnoor’s father

        Sardar Sohi as Yuvvraj’s father

·        Story by: Dheeraj Rattan

·        Screenwriter: Dheeraj Rattan

·        Produced by: Rajan Batra, Vivek Ohri






















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