List of Best Bollywood Movies in between 2000-2010 (as per IMDB Rating)

Monali GuptaOct 10 . 19 min read

Watching movies is the best way to light up your mood. Here, I have selected some of the best Bollywood movies from 2000-2010 to watch as per the IMDB.

Bollywood Movies 2000

Hera Pheri

Hera Pheri is one of the best productions in the Bollywood industry. In this movie, two tenants and a landlord are unemployed and in desperate need of money. They chance upon a ransom call via a cross-connection and plan to claim the ransom for themselves. . If you are searching for the best comedy Bollywood movies then this one can be the one.

  • Release date: March 31, 2000 (India)
  • Rating: 8.2/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Priyadarshan



In the Ashtitwa movie, Shrikant Pandey lives a Struggling lifestyle in a rented apartment and is married to Aditi Pandit. Shikant has a very busy work schedule which affected his married life as he was unable to show enough love and affection to Aditi which forces her to have an affair with her music teacher, Malharkamat. Eventually, they became more intimate and Aditi ended up becoming pregnant – who give birth to a baby boy, Aniket. But later on, Malhar died and Aditi receives a fortune willed stating that she is the beneficiary to all Malhar’s assets. This storyline changes the life of Aditi’s family members forever.

  • Release date: October 06, 2000 (India)
  • Rating: 7.3/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Mahesh Manjrekar


One of the best Bollywood Movies. The movie is about a battle between two stubborn men and their combatant beliefs between love and fear and the result of three couples’ love stories.

  • Release date: October 27, 2000 (India)
  • Rating:7.1/10 (IMDb)
  • Director:Aditya Chopra

Kaho Na… Pyaar Hai

A young lady meets the doppelganger of her expired boyfriend and presently contains a chance to discover the individuals who have killed him. In case you're looking for the best romantic and action Bollywood Movies then go for it.

  • Release date: January 14, 2000 (India)
  • Rating: 6.9/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Rakesh Roshan

Fir Bhi dil Hai Hindustani

To seek justice for a man who demands vengeance on a politician, who was responsible for his daughter’s death, two rival reporters team up to help him to prove his guiltlessness.

  • Release date: January 21, 2000 (India)
  • Rating: 6.2/10 (IMDb)
  • Director:Aziz Mirza

Bollywood Movies 2001

Dil Chahta Hai

Three inseparable childhood friends are just pass out from college. Nothing comes between them until they fall in love, and their wildly different approaches to relationships create tension.

  • Release date: August 10, 2001 (India)
  • Rating: 8.1/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Farhan Akhtar

Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

The story is about the people of a small village in Victorian India stake their future in a game of cricket against their cruel British rulers.

  • Release date: June 15, 2001 (India)
  • Rating: 8.1/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Ashutosh Gowariker

Nayak: The Real Hero

A man accepts a challenge by the chief minister of Maharashtra to run the state for a day, and make such victory of it that son he is entangled in political interest.

  • Release date: September 7, 2001(India)
  • Rating:7.8/10 (IMDb)
  • Director:S.Sankar

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…In this movie, wealthy Rahul marries a poor woman and after this, he is disowned by his father. He moves to London to build a new life. After many years, his now grown-up small brother Rohan sets out a mission to bring Rahul back home and rejoin the family again.

  • Release date: December 14, 2001 (India)
  • Rating: 7.4/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Karan Johar


Tum Bin…Love will find a Way

Shekhar incidentally murders his relate Amar, and decides to observe over Aman’s company and take care of his friends and family. However, he falls in love with Aman’s fiancé Piya.

  • Release date: July 13, 2001 (India)
  • Rating: 7.5/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Anubhav Sinha

Bollywood Movies 2002

The Legend of Bhagat Singh

The film is about a youthful progressive who raised an outfitted resistance against British rule in India. 

  • Release date: June 7, 2002(India) 
  • Rating: 8.1/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Rajkumar Santoshi

Mr. and Mrs. Lyar

During a bus journey, a sincere Hindu Brahmin lady protects a Muslim man when communal revolting breaks out. 

  •  Release date: July 19, 2002(India)
  • Rating: 7.6/10 (IMDb)
  •  Director: Aparna Sen


After his wealthy family denies the wedding of the lady he is in cherish with, Devdas Mukherjee’s life spirals further and further out of control as he takes up liquor and a life of bad habit to numb the torment.

  • Release date: July 12, 2002(India) 
  • Rating: 7.6/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali


After a sensitive man is unceremoniously stripped of his duties as a bank manager, he decides to seek revenge by robbing the bank. He trains three bind men to do this hazardous task for him.

  • Release date: April 5, 2002(India) 
  • Rating: 7.4/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Bipul Amrutlal Shah


A small-time hoodlum named Chandu groups up with Malik, a low-level enforcer for a criminal syndicate. Together they eliminate all their foes, becoming the foremost dreaded hoodlums in Mumbai.

  • Release date: April 12, 2002(India) 
  • Rating: 7.9/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Ram Gopal Varma

Bollywood Movies 2003

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S

A hoodlum decides to fulfill his father's dream of becoming a doctor.

  • Release date: December 19, 2003 (India)
  • Rating: 8.1/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: rajkumar Hirani


In the days leading up to partition, a Hindu lady is abducted by a Muslim man. Soon, not only she finds herself forced into marriage but living in a new country as the borders between India and Pakistan are drawn.

  • Release date: October 24, 2003 (India)
  • Rating: 8/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Chandraprakash Dwivedi

Kal Ho Naa Ho

In this movie, Naina is an introvert and a depressed girl. Her life changes when she meets Aman but he has a secret of his life which changes their lives forever. Entangled in all this Rohit, Nania’s best friend who conceals his love for her.

  • Release date: Novenber 28, 2003 (India)
  • Rating: 7.9/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Nikkhil Advani


An IPS officer motivates and leads a corrupt and dysfunctional police force of Tezpur to fight against the corrupt politician.

  • Release date: August 29, 2003 (India)
  • Rating: 7.8/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Prakash Jha


Baghban An elderly couple wishes their children to care for them in their old ages but they see and treat their parents as a burden. They must struggle to regain their importance and dignity to themselves and others.

  • Release date: October 3, 2003 (India)
  • Rating: 7.9/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Ravi Chopra

Bollywood Movies 2004

Swadesh: we, the people

A Successful Indian Scientist returns to an Indian village to take his caretaker to America with him and in the process, he rediscovers his origin.

  • Release date: December 17, 2004 (India)
  • Rating: 8.2/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Ashutosh Gowariker


The intrigue of the Shakespearean tragedy ‘Macbeth’ is transported to the Mumbai underworld.

  • Release date: December 17, 2004 (India)
  • Rating: 8.2/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Vishal Bhardwar


An aimless, jobless, reckless grown-up man joins the army and matures into a battlefield hero.

  • Release date: June 18, 2004 (India)
  • Rating: 7.9/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Farhan Akhtar


Ab Tak Chhappan

A genuine encounter Specialist’s life starts to change with the entry of a new police commissioner who has ties with a local don.

  • Release date: February 27, 2004 (India)
  • Rating: 7.8/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Shimit Amin


Veer-Zaara movie is a saga of love, courage, separation, and sacrifice. A love story is an inspiration and will stay a legend until the end of time. 

  • Release date: November 12, 2004 (India)
  • Rating: 7.8/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Yash Chopra

Bollywood Movies 2005


The cathartic tale of a young lady who can’t see, listen or talk and the teacher brings a beam of light into her dark world.

  • Release date: February 4, 2005 (India)
  • Rating: 8.2/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali


Iqbal, a deaf and mute child of a farmer. He has a passion for cricket and seeks the tutelage of a washed-up, alcoholic ex-player

  • Release date: August 26, 2005 (India)
  • Rating: 8.1/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Nagesh Kukunoor

Hazaaron Khwaushein Aisi

Set within the backdrop of Indian Emergency 1975, the story revolves around 3 friends whose lives change drastically after the turn of events.

  • Release date: April 15, 2005(India)
  • Rating: 7.9/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Sudhir Mishra


Ajay Kumar the recently appointed, honest SSP of Lucknow police cracks down on the evil cop-mafia in Uttar Pradesh but finds a clever and ruthless foe in Gajraj.

  • Release date: July 29, 2005 (India)
  • Rating: 7.7/10 (IMDb)
  • Director:Kabeer Kaushik 


Subhash Nagre runs a parallel government within the city where he has a cult following. When his foes plot to kill him, his child takes charge and stands up against them.

  • Release date: July 1, 2005 (India)
  • Rating: 7.6/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Ram Gopal Varma


Bollywood Movies 2006

Khosla ka Ghosla

A Delhi-based retired middle-aged man tries half-heartedly to get he arrives back from a swindling property dealer with the help of his children and their friends.

  • Release date: September 22, 2006 (India)
  • Rating: 8.3 /10 (IMDb)
  • Director:Dibakar Banerjee

Rang De Basanti

The movie is about six young Indians who help an English lady to film a documentary on the freedom warriors from their past, and the events that lead them to remember the long-forgotten saga of freedom.

  • Release date: January 26, 2006 (India)
  • Rating: 8.1 /10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra 

Lage raho, Munna Bhai

Munna Bhai sets out on a journey with Mahatma Gandhi to fight against a corrupt property dealer.

  • Release date: September 1, 2006 (India)
  • Rating: 8.1/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Rajkumar Hirani


A political-minded enforcer’s misinformed belief in his lieutenant leads him to suspect his spouse of infidelity in this adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’.

  • Release date: July 28, 2006 (India)
  • Rating: 8.1/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Vishal Bhardwaj


Two ladies—different backgrounds, miles apart, and strangers to each other—are connected by tragedy. Their newfound friendship is tested on one hold the fate of the other’s spouse in her hands.

  • Release date: September 22, 2006 (India)
  • Rating: 7.9/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Nagesh kukunoor

Bollywood movies 2007

Taare zameen par 

An eight-year-old boy is thought to be a lazy trouble-maker until the new art discovers the real problem behind his struggles in school. 

  • Release date: December 21, 2007 (India)
  • Rating: 8.4/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Amole Gupte, Amir khan

Chak de India!

Kabir Khan, the coach of the Indian Women’s National Hockey Team, dreams of 

making his all-girls emerge victorious against all odds. 

  • Release date: August 10, 2007 (India)
  • Rating: 8.2/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Shimit Amin

Jab we met

A depressed wealthy businessman finds his life changing after he meets a spunky and carefree youthful woman.

  • Release date: October 26, 2007 (India)
  • Rating: 7.9/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Imtiaz Ali


A villager, Gurukant Desi, arrives in Bombay in 1958 and rises from its streets to become the GURU (Master), the biggest mogul in Indian history.

  • Release date: January 12, 2007 (India)
  • Rating: 7.7/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Mani Ratnam

Johnny Gaddar

Police officer describes a story of lost cash which results in lies, deceit, betrayal, and death.

  • Release date: September 28, 2007 (India)
  • Rating: 7.8/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Sriram Raghavan

Bollywood movies 2008

A Wednesday

A retiring police officer thinks back about the most astounding day of his career-a case that was never filed but continues to haunt him in his memories-the case of a man and a Wednesday.

  • Release date: September 5, 2008 (India)
  • Rating: 8.1/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Neeraj Pandey


The movie is about a man who loves to make a "to-do list". He makes his last bucket list when he realizes that he is about to die.

  • Release date: November 7, 2008 (India)
  • Rating: 7.8/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Shashant Shah

Rock On!!

Four companions rejoin to remember their moments of glory as a rock band.

  • Release date: August 29, 2008 (India)
  • Rating: 7.7/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Abhishek Kapoor

Mumbai Meri Jaan 

A man who loves to form “to-do records” makes one final bucket list when he realizes he is about to die. 

  • Release date: August 22, 2008 (India)
  • Rating: 7.7/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Nishikant Kamat

Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

Lovinder Singh, a thief now in care and facing trial, reflects on his life of crime while the press reflects on how he managed to get away with so much before being captured.

  • Release date: November 28, 2008 (India)
  • Rating: 7.7/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Dibakar Banerjee

Bollywood movies 2009

3 Idiots

Two friends are searching for their long-lost companion. They revisit their college days and recall the memories of their friend who inspired them differently, even as the rest of the world called them ‘idiots’.

  • Release date: December 25, 2009 (India)
  • Rating: 8.4/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Rajkumar Hirani


A law student witness duplicity, crime, and homicide after being chosen as Common Secretary of his college.

  • Release date: March 13, 2009 (India)
  • Rating: 8.1/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Anurag Kashyap


After breaking up with his childhood sweetheart, a young man finds comfort in drugs. Simultaneously, a teenage girl is caught in the world of prostitution. Will they be crushed, or will they discover recovery?

  • Release date: February 6, 2009 (India)
  • Rating: 8/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Anurag Kashyap

Rocket Singh: Sales Man of the year

A story of a new graduate attempting to discover a balance between the maddening demands of the ‘professional’ way, and the way of his heart.

  • Release date: December 11, 2009 (India)
  • Rating: 7.5/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Shimit Amin


A father tries to help his son adapt to an uncommon condition that causes the young boy to age beyond his years

  • Release date: December 4, 2009 (India)
  • Rating: 7.2/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: R.Balki

Bollywood movies 2010


Expelled from his school, a 16-year old boy returns home to his harsh and abusive father.

  • Release date: July 16, 2010 (India)
  • Rating: 8.2/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Vikramaditya Motwane

My Name is Khan 

An Indian Muslim man with Asperger’s disorder takes a challenge to talk to the President of the United States seriously and embarks on a cross-country journey.

  • Release date: February 12, 2010 (India)
  • Rating: 8/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Karan Johar

Do Dooni Chaar

In this movie, a middle-class Indian family tries to buy a new car.

  • Release date: October 8, 2010 (India)
  • Rating: 7.5/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Habib Faisal

Rakta Charitra

A slaughterer thug decides to become a politician to take revenge deaths in his family.

  • Release date: October 22, 2010 (India)
  • Rating: 7.6/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Ram Gopal Varma


Ethan, a magician rendered paralyzed in an accident, sets off a furor when he requests the court to end his own life.

  • Release date: November 19, 2010 (India)
  • Rating: 7.5/10 (IMDb)
  • Director: Sanjay Leela Bansali
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