Lalitham Sundaram Review: Will They Be Able To Fulfill Their Mother Last Wish

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Madhu Warrier makes his directing debut in the Malayalam language with the comedy-drama Lalitham Sundaram. Manju Warrier, Biju Menon, Saiju Kurup, Deepti Sati, and Anu Mohan appear in the movie. Kochumon and Manju Warrier jointly produced the film under the Manju Warrier Productions label.

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About The Movie:

Together with Gautham Sankar, P Sukumar is responsible for the film's cinematography, while Lijo Paul is in charge of the editing. The film's art director is Bineesh Chandran, whereas Sakhi Elsa is in charge of creating the costumes.  The dance choreography for the film was created by National Film Award-winning choreographer Kala Master. Lalitham Sundaram release date was 18 March 2022.

Lalitham Sundaram Movie Cast:


  • Madhu Warrier


  • Pramod Mohan


  • Biju Menon as Sunny Mary Das
  • Manju Warrier as Annie Mary Das
  • Anu Mohan as Jerry Mary Das
  • Raghunath Paleri as Das
  • Saiju Kurup as Sandeep
  • Deepti Sati as Simy
  • Sudheesh as Rajesh
  • Remya Nambeesan as Sophia
  • Zarina Wahab as Mary Das
  • Madhu Warrier as Doctor
  • Nandhu as Music Director Harikumar
  • Vinod Thomas as Xavier
  • Anjana Appukuttan as Lisy
  • Thennal Abhilash as Rukmini
  • Ashwin Warrier as Paul
  • Ambika Mohan as Sister Maria
  • Asha Aravind as Priya


  • Manju Warrier
  • Kochumon

Lalitham Sundaram Story:

Because of their hectic schedules, Sunny (Biju Menon), Annie (Manju Warrier), as well as their younger brother Jerry (Anu Mohan) are estranged from their family. On the anniversary of their mother's passing (Zarina Wahab), the siblings get together and choose to carry out her final request. Following their reunion, a sequence of humorous occurrences helps them mend their broken family ties.

Lalitham Sundaram Review:

Maintaining it elegant as well as uncomplicated. Actor Madhu Wariar's debut film, Lalitham Sundaram, which translates to "Simple, Beautiful," appears to have adhered to that to the letter. He keeps the positive vibe going the entire time by using certain well-known events and tropes. Nevertheless, the OTT release's ensemble cast, flawless photography, and enjoyable soundtrack make it a watchable experience in lalitha Sundaram review.

Before the film's release, there was a lot of discussion regarding Madhu Warrier, a brother, directing Manju Warrier. This may have been the first one in Malayalam cinema. A lot of enthusiasm also surrounded Manju and Biju Menon's reunion after twenty years apart. They play siblings Sunny and Annie, which may disappoint fans who were hoping to envision them as a couple. Jerry is their younger brother (Anu Mohan) in lalitham Sundaram movie review.

Here on the anniversary of their mother Mary Das's passing, the three return home to be with their widower father, Das (scenarist Raghunath Paleri). The siblings are living separate lives in various places and seem more like strangers. With a run of unsuccessful business projects to his name, Sunny is an entrepreneur who has failed, and his marriage to Sophy (Ramya Nambeesan) has reached its lowest point. Manju Warrier cancer song is good.

Sandeep (Saiju Kurup), Annie's loving husband as well as a happy homemaker, as well as her two children, completes her happy family. Annie is a successful businesswoman. Simi (Deepti Sati), the live-in girlfriend of Jerry, the IT guy, is divorced in the city mar movie review. (It is encouraging to see stories in Malayalam movies that feature live-in relationships as well as stay-at-home dads.)

But when the siblings decide to remain back for an entire week in their massive house, certain old wounds reopen, and everything is not well among the siblings. Certain unresolved problems get worse after a while, particularly between Sunny as well as Jerry in Kapoor and sons hit or flop.

Nonetheless, the majority of these sequences are somewhat brief, which some viewers might find unimpressive. The narrative by Pramod Mohan lacks any unexpected turns or suspenseful scenarios. Considering the number of seasoned artists in the cast as Madhu Warrier daughter, the tale has its highlights, but that one wishes that there were more. The mechanics of the siblings' relationships ought to have been thoroughly explored, as well as the explanation for the brothers' falling out appears improbable as anu Warrier.

However the actors manage to keep the movie together; Manju is airy as the high-flying entrepreneur in her debut direct OTT release, while Biju, who was most recently in Aarkkariyam, is dramatic as Sunny, who is weighed down by his emotional baggage.

It's amusing to watch them joke around and occasionally react informally. However, Saiju takes the spotlight as Manju's husband, and it is a pleasure to observe him on screen because of his flawless performance with Manju Warrier parents.

Although some of the frames appear excessively shiny, Kapoor and sons shooting location, particularly Vandipperiyar, Kuttikanam, as well as Vagamon, have been expertly caught by filmmakers P Sukumar as well as Gautham Sankar. Although Bijibal's music as well as the background score make an effort to fit in with the story, some viewers might find his usage of a medley of classic Malayalam film songs more appealing near the end in lalitham Sundaram review.


If you do not however mind the intimacy of feel-good dramas, lalitham Sundaram story is worthwhile to watch despite its shortcomings. You might gain some insights and possibly experience some emotion.

Lalitham Sundaram Rating IMDb:

6.1 out of 10 with 973 votes on IMDb

Lalitham Sundaram Story Trailer:

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