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Lakshmi's NTR is a 2019 Telugu-language Indian biopic film directed based on the life of N. T. Rama Rao, a renowned actor as well as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh before it was partitioned, as seen through the eyes of both Rao's second wife, Lakshmi Parvati, as well as Rao in his final days. Agasthya Manju as well as Ram Gopal Varma collaborated on its direction.

Greetings, folks Today we will discuss the ntr Lakshmi movie, the name of a film. We will discuss the lakshmis ntr review in Telugu, the cast, the rating, and other topics throughout this article.

About The Movie:

On July 4, 2017, RGV confirmed via his YouTube channel that he was going to direct Nandamuri Balakrishna's NTR biopic, titled RGV's NTR. Because of the discrepancies, they each produced two distinct NTR movies. Eventually, the title of the movie was altered to Lakshmi's NTR. Lakshmi's NTR release date was 29 March 2019.

Laxmi’s NTR Cast:


  • Ram Gopal Varma
  • Agasthya Manju


  • Ram Gopal Varma
  • Narendra Chary


  • P Vijay Kumar as N. T. Rama Rao
  • Yagna Shetty as Lakshmi Parvathi
  • Sritej as Nara Chandrababu Naidu
  • Aningi Rajasekhar as Rama Subba Reddy
  • Vj Balu as Balakrishna
  • Swarnakanth as Devineni Nehru


  • Rakesh Reddy
  • Deepthi Balagiri

Laxmis NTR Movie Plot:

The Lakshmi ntr new movie is based on real incidents that happened to NTR when he met Lakshmi Parvathi. NTR's deposition was brought about by intertwining his love story with political machinations that came to light at the time. Following his encounter with Telugu researcher Lakshmi Parvathi, it details significant occurrences in NTR's life, including his tribulations as a widower, his remarriage, as well as the split of his political organization, the Telugu Desam Party.

The first scene of Lakshmi's NTR shows how NT Rama Rao as well as his autobiographer Lakshmi Parvathi fell in love. The film finishes with NTR's demise and transports viewers back into the late 1980s in laxmi’s ntr.

Lakshmis NTR Review:

The main attractions of Lakshmi's NTR are the lakshmis ntr cast excellent performances. It is generally known that RGV is a maverick when it comes to choosing the appropriate performers for all of his films, and he does it once more with Lakshmi's NTR. Newcomer P Vijay Kumar, who portrayed NTR, dazzles with a strong performance. The audience will feel emotionally moved by his portrayal in the latter half of the film, particularly in the pre-climax as well as conclusion scenes.

Yagna Shetty, a Kannada actor, portrays Lakshmi Parvathi with great poignancy. A special mention should be made of the way she highlights her fragility in the parts where she becomes embroiled in the family's outburst against both her and NTR following their marriage.

Shri Tej, a young hero, is excellent as CB Naidu, NTR's cunning son-in-law as well as the brains behind the "big betrayal" on NTR. The remaining performers, who portrayed NTR's children Harikrishna, Balakrishna, as well as Purandheswari, are competent and successfully elicit a strong reaction from the viewers in lakshmis ntr review.

Various sequences encourage the viewers to enjoy the drama, particularly when the movie adopts political drama coloring. Viewers will be touched when they witness a legend like NTR take his final breath following an apparent betrayal by his people during the movie's heartbreaking final 20 minutes in ntr Telugu movie.

Lakshmi's NTR frequently causes intense deja vu. In contrast to everything he had stated, RGV fails to make any unexpected discoveries regarding what happened behind closed doors instead choosing to repeat the same old tale from a prejudiced viewpoint with CB Naidu as the target. Since viewers are familiar with practically all of the scenarios, the entire film comes out as plodding and predictable in ntr Telugu cinema.

NTR's wedding proposal to Lakshmi Parvathi, the most important sequence in the movie, lacked clarity as well as failed to impress viewers. RGV does not attempt to explain why Lakshmi Parvathi, who was generally content with her compassionate husband Veergrandham, would leave him and her kid in favor of marrying NTR.

If RGV had provided any never-before-seen or heard-of instances to support his narrative, viewers might have understood his motivation to enrage CB Naidu, the son-in-law of NTR, including his children. Children back then frequently couldn't watch their supposed father bringing another woman into his life as a substitute for their mother.

The only family drama that directors RGV, as well as Agasthya Manju, can produce is a half-baked one. While they are successful in getting compelling performances from the major actors, writers let the audience down with a predictable plot and narrative that is full of widely recognized events and leaves them wanting more.

Background music by Kalyani Malik is dramatic, and powerful, and serves the director's agenda. The songs are all displayed as montages and don't interfere with the action. Every time CB Naidu as a cunning leader comes on screen, an ominous theme song plays. Raamy's cinematography is passable in ntr Telugu film.

His use of both light and shadow to depict NTR and Lakshmi ntr full movie Telugu online inner agony is effective. With add the much-needed pace, editing may have been a bit more incisive, particularly in the first half. The production plan is suitable in lakshmis ntr review in Telugu.

There wasn't much opportunity to reproduce the period atmosphere because most of the movie was shot indoors. Even while most of the talks are necessary, NTR's interpretations of a few, particularly those involving his son-in-law and children, are highly dramatic and add to the unfolding treachery.


Overall, Lakshmi ntr shows how the legendary NTR declined both personally and politically when Lakshmi Parvathi became a part of his life. The portrayal of CB Naidu by RGV as a cunning son-in-law turned party leader, without any evidence to back up his claims, gives the impression that the movie is frequently overly prejudiced. Lakshmi's NTR may have a successful debut and will currently capitalize on the audience's curiosity due to the numerous scandals and the excitement surrounding the forthcoming general elections. But in the final, the movie is an uneven and unimpressive account of historical events that still reverberates in the minds of every Telugu person who once served as a silent witness. Once the novelty wears off, we need to examine how it holds up over time.

 Lakshmi's NTR Rating IMDb:

6.5 out of 10 with 595 votes on IMDb

 Laxmi Parvathi NTR Movie Trailer:

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