Kuttram Kutrame: A Crime Is A Crime

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Have you ever wondered what a Drishyam or Papanasam would be like if Jai played the lead role rather than Mohanlal or Kamal Haasan? I'm not sure whether there's a more odd idea that could be developed, but that's exactly what director Susienthiran does in his most recent film.

The second phase of the Susienthiran Cinematic Universe might be referred to as Kuttram Kuttrame. Susienthiran is back with a movie that is very much situated in the same universe as his 2021 feature, Eeswaran, after a few very underwhelming excursions at the theatres. By coincidence, the lead actor, Bharathiraaja, plays a crucial, albeit different, role in the movie, whose protagonist is also named Eeswaran. Three fatalities that take place across twenty years but are connected by dates open the movie. The third act makes superb use of Chekov's Gun, and it is interesting how the writing naturally moves from point to point without blatantly emphasizing coincidence.

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Kuttram Kuttrame, which if translated to English means "Crime is a crime," is a 2022 Indian Tamil crime thriller film written and directed by Suseenthiran, produced by D Company, and shown by Axess Film Factory. Jai plays the lead role, and Bharathiraja, Smruthi Venkat, Divya Duraisamy, and Harish Uthama play supporting roles. The music is composed by A The film was broadcast as a television premiere exclusively on Kalaignar TV on April 14, 2022, which coincided with the Tamil New Year, and was edited by Kasi Viswanathan and Velraj.

kutram kutrame movie cast-


  • Suseenthiran


  • Suseenthiran


  • Jai as Eeshwaran 
  • Bharathiraja as DSP Muthukaruppan  
  • Harish Uthaman as SI M. Naatrayan 
  • Smruthi Venkat as Priya 
  • Divya Duraisamy as Kokila 
  • Madurai Muthu as Muthu


  • AKV Durai

Kuttram Kuttrame Tamil movie plot-

Three fatalities occur at the beginning of the movie, but the fourth one that occurs shortly afterward is what really gets things going in this suspenseful, 100-minute movie. Kokila, the wife of Eeswaran, is discovered dead one morning after taking too many sleeping pills. Kokila's parents, Jai's sister, and niece Priya all think it was a suicide. Naatraayan, Kokila's uncle and the local police inspector, believes there may be foul play going on and wants to look into Eeswaran and his family. Retired DSP Muthukaruppan is called in to investigate when the probe encounters a number of obstacles.

Their idyllic existence is broken, and everything is turned upside down. The rest of the film is about how the family handles the maze of tensions.

Kuttram Kuttrame movie review-

It is up to Jai and Harish Uthaman to keep the film cohesive as many stories are told one after another, and both of them make a commendable job of it. It serves Jai's career in a similar way to how Kuttram Kutrame can be viewed as a respectable return to form for the director. He offers an understated sense of sympathy to his performance as Eeswaran, being as steely as the part calls for. It shouldn't surprise anyone anymore that Harish Uthaman is the star of his show because of his outstanding consistency throughout the years and Harish Uthaman wife support.

Kuttram Kuttrame maintains a relatively tranquil tone throughout, which benefits the movie greatly and is bolstered by Ajesh's music. The images of Velraj also exhibit this gloom. The movie takes place during a funeral, thus the hurried atmosphere that permeates the whole thing is created by an invisible clock ticking in the distance. Despite the narrative switching between timeframes with amazing ease, it nearly feels like the actions on the screen are happening in real-time.

The background use of the global epidemic in Kuttram Kuttrame is yet another remarkable feature. Additionally, Susienthiran's Eeswaran displayed this. This time around, considering how the world has almost accepted the virus, Kuttram Kuttrame features mask-wearing people, without focusing too much on that aspect, in contrast to the STR-starrer that made the plague a significant story factor. Susienthiran deserves credit for introducing the pandemic in his works; this is something that is uncommon in the majority of other mainstream movies published in the previous two years.

Although Kuttram Kuttrame is marketed as a sort of whodunit, it actually works better as a family drama thanks to Susienthiran's skill at hiding secrets. Even though it may not be a strong investigative thriller, it didn't really try to be. Even if the family drama may not be interesting, it's acceptable. Thankfully, it feels like the correct thing, even though it may not be the dramatic love triangle that the movie suggests it to be. Even though it may not be the murder mystery that one might expect, it is nevertheless a murder mystery that we didn't anticipate.

Kuttram Kutrame movie rating-

There are many rhythms in Kuttram Kuttrame that are reminiscent of the Jeethu Joseph film, but this one is truly unique and rather fascinating.

After Kuttram Kuttrame review, it is found that the movie had a 6.2 /10 IMDb rating with 270 votes. 

Kuttram Kutrame film conclusion-

It basically serves as a reminder that the biggest kuttram we can commit is to write off a director who gave us movies like Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu, Azhagarsaamiyin Kuthirai, Naan, Pandiyanaadu, Jeeva, his movies also got amazing reviews like Mahaan behindwoods review was also very impressive and was a hit. Susienthiran neatly ties multiple threads into a beautiful little bow to give us a surprisingly effective movie. 

Kuttram Kutrame movie trailer-

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