Krishnarjuna Yuddham: Will The Two Couples Will Have Their Happily Ever After

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An action comedy movie titled Krishnarjuna Yudham was released in 2018 in the Telugu language and was written, produced, and directed by Merlapaka Gandhi under the Shine Screens label. Nani, Anupama Parameswaran, and Rukshar Dhillon play the leading roles in the movie.

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About The Movie:

Nani performed two roles for the 3rd time following Janda Pai Kapiraju & Gentleman. In Prague, the Czech Republic, a portion of the movie was filmed. The krishnarjuna yuddham release date was April 12, 2018, across the globe.

Krishnarjuna Yuddham 2018 Telugu Movie Cast:


  • Merlapaka Gandhi


  • Merlapaka Gandhi


  • Nani as Krishna and Arjun Jayaprakash 
  • Anupama Parameswaran as Subbalakshmi
  • Rukshar Dhillon as Riya
  • Brahmaji as Brahmaji
  • Devadarshini as Dhinchak Roja
  • Nagineedu as Riya's grandfather
  • Ravi Awana as Bhai
  • Prabhas Sreenu as Shankar
  • Hari Teja as Shankar's wife
  • Vidyullekha Raman as Call Center Girl
  • Pooja Ramachandran as Nikki
  • Alapati Lakshmi as Krishna's mother
  • Kalpalatha as Riya's mother
  • Chatrapathi Sekhar as Bhai's henchmen
  • Mirchi Hemanth as TV Journalist
  • Neelya Bhavani as Doctor
  • Ruhika Dass as Jessy
  • Sudhakar
  • Rajeshwari Pamidighantam
  • Mahesh Vitta as Karri Seenu


  • Sahu Garapati
  • Harish Peddi

Nani Krishnarjuna Yuddham Movie Plot:

Krishna and Arjun Jayaprakash are identical twins, one from Prague and another from the Chittoor village of Akkurthi. The second is a rockstar and a flirt, whilst the first is a cheerful person. Krishna develops feelings for the doctor-in-training Riya, granddaughter of the town president. Arjun is in love with Subbalakshmi, a nature photographer who is a conventional Indian girl in krishnarjuna yuddham full movie in Telugu.

When Riya's grandfather in the hamlet learns about her relationship with Krishna, he transfers her to Hyderabad, where Krishna follows. In the meantime, Subbalakshmi comes to despise Arjun for his flirtatious behavior. Her professional camera, which contained a priceless image, was destroyed by Arjun's manager Brahmaji in a specific incident in krishnarjuna yuddham Telugu movie download.

Impersonators Krishna and Arjun Jayaprakash, one from Prague and another from the Chittoor village of Akkurthi, accordingly. The second is a rockstar and flirt whereas the second is a happy-go-lucky person. Riya, a doctor as well as the granddaughter of the town president, wins Krishna's heart in krishnarjuna yuddham full movie. Subbalakshmi is a wildlife photographer and is a typical Indian girl who Arjun adores. Krishna accompanies Riya to Hyderabad after her grandfather in the hamlet learns about their relationship as well as sends her there in Krishna yuddham.

As a result of Arjun's flirtatious behavior, Subbalakshmi begins to despise him. Her professional camera, which contained a priceless image, was broken during a specific event by Arjun's manager Brahmaji in Nani and Anupama Parameswaran movie.

Krishnarjuna Yuddham Movie Review:

In the krishnarjuna movie, Nani is portrayed as a complete populist hero. He offers a remarkable performance as Krishna and is superb in the role. His use of Chittoor dialect and the humor he creates through his persona are excellent. It's pretty intriguing how his love story is told and how Nani portrays all of his passionate exchanges with Ruksar in Krishna Arjun full movie.

Ruksar Mir has a respectable appearance and does a good job in her role. The language of Mahesh Vitta, who played Nani's sidekick, enhances good humor. On a funny note, his chats with Nani have already been highlighted in krishnarjuna yudham.

The opening part of the movie is quite fantastic, effectively showcasing Nani's two parallel courses. The first half of Brahmaji's comedy is strong and gets some good chuckles. Another benefit of the movie is its music, which sounds good and has been shot properly in Krishna Arjun movie.

It would have been better if Nani as well as Anupama's track had included some intriguing romantic sequences. After such a fun-filled first act, the movie abruptly shifts gears and turns into a kidnapping drama in Nani Anupama movie.

Even though Nani makes the huge brawls look fairly stunning, the climax overstretches the clashes a little too much. The second half's music that arrives at a crucial moment might have been completely ignored in krishnarjuna yuddham rukshar Dhillon.

Another significant flaw in the movie is that there isn't a compelling antagonist. A strong performer and some moments featuring the two Nanis fighting each other might have made a significant difference.

The film's production qualities are quite high because the village setting was well portrayed. Prague as well as its environment are not fully utilized, yet the camerawork is alright in krishnarjuna yuddham photos. Hip Hop krishnarjuna yuddham music director is generally strong, although his background score benefits the movie. The dialogue in the Chittoor vernacular is very well written and gives Nani's role a lot of depth. Since several of Nani's ascension scenes may have been slightly condensed, editing is strictly acceptable in Krishna arjuna yudham.

Regarding the film's director, Gandhi, he did a respectable job. His screenplay for relaying the narratives is outstanding, and he manages to keep the first half entertaining. The engaging movie, however, turns into a formulaic kidnap scenario with few passages deserving of appreciation in the second half. Since Nani makes things simple for everyone, there isn't a real antagonist or bone of contention at this stage in krishnarjuna yuddham movie download.


Overall, krishnarjuna yuddham movie review is a pure Nani movie from beginning to end. As he transforms into a popular hero who captivates you with his stirring performance, Nani's celebrity is in full swing. The foundational elements of this movie are an impressive initial half and strong humor. But the film's easy flow was hampered by a lackluster second quarter and a long running time. Given that it is the Christmas season and in light of Nani's incredible popularity, this movie ought to please everyone looking for simple popcorn entertainment this season.  The krishnarjuna yuddham release date was April 12, 2018.

Krishnarjuna Yuddham Review Rating IMDb:

5.7 out of 10 with 1381 votes on IMDb

Krishnarjuna Yuddham 2018 Movie Online Watch Trailer:

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