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Krack is the film that Ravi Teja has been waiting for. This is the first superhero film released after the quarantine. Let's see if it is advertising.

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Veera Shankar (Ravi Teja) is a mad cop who rubs three notorious criminals in different cities the wrong way. Among them, Katari (Samuthirakani) is the most powerful and tries to rebel against Shankar. How far will he go to kill the hero, which is what the movie is about?

Krack Telugu Movie Review

It's been a tough decade for moviegoers, especially mass audiences who can't whistle when high-octane sequences are played in slow motion on the big screen. Ravi Teja and lead actor Shruti Haasan Krak prepare lunch with dessert for everyone. The world's cinema is now accessible through the OTT platform, and Crack is proving the value of watching large-scale commercial shows in cinemas.

Police dramas are often full of ruthless cops, and Krack Movie Review is no exception. But director Gopichand Malineni manages to add a fresh element to it and it's nowhere near the same old wine. The film begins with a happy Ravi Teji, who enjoys a happy life with her wife (Shruti Hassan) and her son. The family track seems very attractive, and the romance of the couple is well-written. Krack movie rating is quite good.

However, the on-screen romance is short, and the film gradually prioritizes the plot, showing how ruthless Shankar is in dealing with criminals and thugs in his jurisdiction. It's good to see the brutal woman from Jayamma (Varalakshmi Sarathkumar) on screen because it's rare to find an antagonist like her in her Telugu movies. Katari has a special track from the film that explains why the antagonist in this film is inferior to the main character in this film. Krack Telugu movie release date was 9 January 2021.

Nothing special happens in the first half, but it's still fun to see people clapping or whistling and watching fights and public conversations. Another notable scary part of the film is the ferocious Wetaphalem gang, who drink the blood of donkeys and wield violence. It looks like Gopichand did a lot of research before writing the track. Because at one time these people existed in this area. The first half of Ravi Teja Telugu cinema ends with a whistling heroic break.

Like any commercial film, the hero's downfall begins after he dominates the screen tremendously, and Putrajo eventually finds a clever way to control the criminals. Shruti Haasan, who completely disappeared from the screen in the first few minutes, made a strong return to the screen with a not-so-bad turn in the second half. Yes, anyway, it seems illogical to care about such things in a commercial film! The only minor disappointment is that the Ravi Teja actor has missed his trademark comedy scene. More than his singing, Tommen once proved that background music can bring scenes to life on screen. Krack movie release date was in the year 2021.

As for performance, Ravi Teja returns to the arena to prove why he is called Mas Maharaj. His gentle gaze mirrors his dedication and he still provides tough competition for his young opponents. I'm here. Samthilakani is somewhat scared and her wicked mischief is evident. The rest of the actors also do their job well.

Any Sankranti would be incomplete without a mass entertainer and crack the year off to a great start. Minor flaws aside, this is a great watch and proves why the theater experience still matters. Ravi Teja Krack movie release date was in January 2021.

Krack Movie Cast:

Director: Gopichand Malineni

Writer: Gopichand Malineni


  • Ravi Teja as CI Potharaju Veera Shankar
  • Shruti Haasan as Kalyani, Shankar's wife
  • Samuthirakani as Katari Krishna
  • Varalaxmi Sarathkumar as Jayamma
  • P. Ravi Shankar as Konda Reddy, Subba Reddy’s brother-in-law
  • Ali as Shankar's friend
  • Vamsee Chaganti as Constable Balaji
  • Sudhakar Komakula as Constable Kiran
  • Satwik Malineni as Kalyani and Shankar's son

Producer: 'Tagore' B. Madhu

Positive aspects 

The Krack movie in Telugu background is pretty nice and has a solid volume. One of the biggest selling points is that Gopichand Malineni has packed the film with enough elements to attract the public. Whether it's Ravi Teja's gigantic rises and action sequences, Krack has a lot to offer and comes up regularly.

After that, after a very long time, Ravi Teja is in his element in Krack Telugu movies 2021. His body language, lines, and gigantic avatars culminate in this film. It's been a while since I danced well in a movie. Varalakmi Sarathkumar was impressed with his negative role.

Thaman provides crazy background music and solid songs, another bonus to the film. But another asset to the film is Samuthirakani, the main villain who threatens Ravi Teja and puts him into a tough fight. The fight scenes with Ravi Teja are all brilliantly crafted and the audience will love them.

Shruti Haasan is back in the Krack movie Telugu, more beautiful than ever. But unfortunately only in the song and a few scenes. The fighting positions are perfect and everything is well made. All major battles based on the Ongole gang are well displayed.

Negative aspects 

The plot of the Krack Ravi Teja movie Telugu is very ordinary, nothing new. The three villains are introduced to the story and how they are connected and what important roles they play in the story are revealed very late in the film. Because of this, the story of the past itself is not clear.

Also, the family scene between Shruti Haasan and Ravi Teja seems compelling and unnecessary. After 15 minutes of the second half, it slows down a bit. There aren't many stories to tell here at the moment, which increases the execution time.

Technical aspects 

The production value of Ravi Teja new movie 2021 is unmatched because of the bombardment of the crew, which is evident in every scene. The fights deserve special mention as they are all superbly choreographed and look very polished.

Editing is fine, but the family scene in the first half of Keack may have been cut off. As mentioned earlier, the music in the movie is good. The production design and overall police setup are pretty good. There was no need to add so many famous printmakers to the film.

Krack movie Director Gopichand Marineni did a good job. He did a good job fighting the crack mass agent. His work on key episodes between heroes and villains and on Ravi Teja Telugu film showed that his interpretation of various negative characters is very good. I didn't let anyone get bored. The only negative point is that the story is simple and has nothing to say.


Overall Krak is a complete masala artist and Ravi Teja is in great condition. Despite the mediocre Krack Telugu full movie and a few logical conclusions, the film was released at a time when the Telugu public was longing for a parka artist. It's a good look at this Sankranti and ends with a treat especially for the public, as the Karck film is full of good songs, serious fights, and real heroes.

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