Konda Polam Movie Review : Story of a Nallamala forest-based shepherd

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Konda Polam is a 2021 Indian Telugu action thriller film directed by Krish Jagarlamudi. Produced by First Frame Entertainments, it stars Panja Vaisshnav Tej and Rakul Preet Singh, with Sai Chand, Kota Srinivasa Rao, and Nassar in supporting roles. The film is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Sannapureddy Venkata Rami Reddy.

Hey guys, in this blog you’re going to know about konda polam movie rating, review, and much more, Know about the adaptation of the movie from Sannapureddy Venkata Reddy's Novel.

Konda polam movie cast

Vaishnav Tej

Rakul preet Singh

Sai Chand

Ravi Prakash


Kota Srinivasa

Chatrapathi Sekhar

Konda Polam Movie Review

The people in the movie live in a drought-stricken area of ​​Kadapa and must survive on a meager supply of water until it starts to rain again. Amit Masurkar's Sherni thoughtfully alludes to a similar predicament where people are forced to risk their lives for a living, but it was still something an outsider would see. 

Here, you can casually walk through a dense forest, knowing that she (the film sees it as a female personification) is the only one who can help them and your flock, even if it means taking risks. A more intimate and meaningful glimpse into the lives of those who head to survive. 

 The hallmark of a filmmaker like Krish is that he rarely leaves the theater empty-handed or empty-minded. According to konda polam review, the love story takes place between an educated man and an illiterate woman, but the conflict doesn't come from a familiar place either. It's not that he's not talented.

 The scene where he talks to his wife on the phone about a goat in labor tells us everything we need to know about these people. They don't just see these animals as animals, so it's only natural for one of them to get thirsty and join the herd. When Obulamma teaches Ravi how to hit someone with a rock, you see the exact moment he falls in love with her - he misses the mark, but she doesn't. It helps a lot in movies like this where you can't tell the whole story. With "Daarulu Daarulu" and "Tala Etthusong", Sirivennel beautifully brings meaning and drama to this journey. 

In 'Dham Dham Dham' Chandra Bose succeeds in creating a poetic relationship between these people and the forest. Even "Obama" succeeds in bringing the central romance to life with a beautiful tune arranged and composed by M M Keeravani. On top of that, every other week we mourn the Telugu movie Kryptonite. A different intention is easily forgiven in the film. But when a film like this makes such a commendable effort to immerse the viewer in the setting, cutting songs in an extravagant set would backfire.

Speaking of which, when Lacourt's performance suffers, she suffers just like any other performance when she can't escape all her facades. It probably also has something to do with spelling. Her film's intention to give this woman as much personality as possible from the start makes her a little pretentious. But after a few scenes of character creation, she's looking forward to Obulamma. She playfully/frivolously suggests to Ravi that he mutter her name "Obu-Obu" whenever he's frightened, but her lively presence contrasts devastation with cinematic gains. 

 Gnanashekar VS's cinematography has to be praised for its balance of meaning and vanity. Since the film is set in a forest, the vast aerial imagery suggests vastness and richness. But the camera also captures the man's relief when it finally rains and rubs wet dirt on his face, as if in a trance. In any other film, this scene would seem overly dramatized, but Sai Her Chand sells it beautifully. The background music, while otherwise a bit obtrusive, perfectly complements this sentimentality. 

The main keyword of the movie is "to become an epic". It's definitely a story of a man coming of age and realizing his own priorities, but it lacks the "epic" that prophesies it. Is it?

Talking about kondapolam movie rating, Konda Polam IMDb rating is 5.6/10, Times of India article rated it 3.5/5. Look, the story behind it is great. This idea of ​​men learning about themselves while trying to help the weaker beings in their care is a great way to tell the coming-of-age story. Much to be desired is execution. The same dialogue and concepts are repeated by different characters as if they ran out of ideas.

 In a lot of the plot, his devices are introduced and abandoned along the way, making the post-point threat seem repetitive and lethargic. I understand that for simple conflicts like human vs. wild, survival vs. wild, it's inevitable, but I think it could have been dealt with.

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Ques. 1- Is Kondapolam a hit?

Ans. konda polam review tells that it is a commercial Failure

Ques. 2- What is the story of Kondapolam?

Ans- Despite being the only highly educated man in the ranching community, Ravi struggles to secure a job. In searching for his job, he must face the biggest challenge of his life.

Ques.3 - What is the meaning of Kondapolam?

Ans- The word Konda Polam means forest grazing by livestock.

Ques.4 - How is Konda polam movie?

Ans-  Kondapolam tells the story of Nallamala forest-based shepherds who are responsible for protecting their sheep from the dangerous attacks of predators.

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