Koi Jaane Na cast, plot, trailer, and review: A film no one knows about like its title

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Koi Jaane Na is an Indian Hindi language Psychological thriller movie. The film is directed by Amin Hajee and produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Amin Hajee. It was released theatrically on 2 April 2021 in India. Main Koi Jaane na cast - Kunal Kapoor and Amyra Dastur. 

Here, I have listed all the necessary details you need to know about the Koi Jaane Na film.


Koi Jaane Na Plot

The film begins with Kabir, disguised, trying to find something or someone at a discotheque and killing a drug dealer, Vicky Singhania, with his taser during a fight. Outside, the police are arranging a raid on the discotheque to apprehend Vicky, and Kabir walks away calmly when the inspector on duty recognizes him as the well-known inspirational writer and blogger Kabir. The court then grants him three months' reprieve from a contractual commitment with a publishing business for which Kabir was required to provide the second half of his bestseller within six months. 

In addition, he has granted them exclusive rights, which means he cannot write for any other publishing business. Koi Jaane na cast Vidya Mahajan as Rashmi, his ex-wife, is now married to the owner of this publishing business and wants to destroy Kabir and take the remainder of his possessions, including an ancestral property in Panchgani and his vehicle, which he adores. She assumes he is writing for someone else because she previously got practically his whole fortune in alimony and he is still able to live a good life. She hires private investigator Ricky Rosario to look into this. 

On his trip to Panchgani, Kabir meets Suhana and falls in love with her. Koi Jaane na cast Amyra Dastur as Suhana obtains a job as a receptionist at a resort and likes Kabir's company. Ricky is meticulous in his work and lavishes bribes. Bindia, the daughter of Kabir's home's Gardner, will allure him while simultaneously keeping a watch on him. When Ricky is gone with Suhana, he barges into Kabir's house. Rashmi directs him to a secret chamber over the phone and instructs him to search the area for any clues. Ricky discovers a secret laptop and can unlock and extract information proving that Kabir is the ghostwriter for the "Zaran Khan" novel series, which violates his contract with his current publishing business. However, Ricky informs Rashmi that he was unable to open the laptop and discovered nothing of consequence.

Later, he meets with Kabir and tells him that he would not reveal his secret until he pays him three times what Rashmi is to him. Deeply concerned, he first tells Suhana everything and shows her his hidden chamber. Suhana, instead of being upset, is impressed and informs him that she has a plan to help him out of the issue. They meet Ricky and inform him that Kabir would expose that Ricky as Zaran Khan's Ghostwriter and that he may keep all of the royalties from this series. Koi Jaane na cast Karim Hajee as Ricky flatly rejects this, stating that he only wants cash. Later that night, he is discovered slain on the roadway, with his phone shattered. Ricky had already lodged a case of life threat against Kabir as a pre-emptive response against his blackmail scheme, according to Police Officer Ashwini Kalsekar, who is investigating the murder. Suhana lies to the police officer about being with him at the time of the murder to spare Kabir. Later in the day, she is concerned about Ricky's photographer buddy, who she fears may reveal Kabir's secret. She discovers his studio's address and visits him that night. She notices him inside, discussing with another man his blackmailing skills when the other man slices his throat. The mystery man appears and tells Suhana that if she does not stop up, he would kill her along with Kabir.

Later, when Kabir meets her, he drives her home, and they pass through a mob. Koi Jaane na cast Kunal Kapoor as Kabir comes to a halt to investigate and discovers the murder, while Suhana secretly takes her hair clip, which she had dropped earlier. When they come home, the police officer has already begun examining his hidden chamber, and when Kabir tells her the full tale, she is sure that only Kabir has a motive for both killings. Kabir tells her that he has already figured out a way with his lawyer, and that they would backdate his agreements for the Zaran Khan series to avoid the problem, and that he has already exposed his name on his blog. She cannot arrest him because there is no proof and asks both of them to come to her office the next day. Later, she tells him about a horrific history in which she witnessed his alcoholic father murdering his mother and sister. Suhana informs Kabir the next day that she observed the second murder, and Kabir pushes her to inform the police. Suhana notices the killer exiting the police station as they approach it and asks Kabir to drive away.


Koi Jaane na cast Kunal Kapoor as Kabir discovers that St Paul's Hospital is a psychiatric institution, and Dr. Rao has departed to look for a patient. Finally, Suhana confronts Dr. Rao, and she steals the revolver from the police officer and threatens to murder him. Kabir steps in and informs her that she is the patient Dr. Rao is looking for. Suhana had already slain her father on that tragic night and suffered from schizophrenia as a result of the act. Dr. Rao treats her, and one day she flees the hospital after a staff member tries to molest her. Her health later deteriorates as a result of her failure to take her medications. When Kabir is threatened by Ricky, she alter ego takes over and she conducts these two murders. Kabir can comfort her, and she surrenders. Later, she is revealed to be healing at St Paul's Hospital, where Kabir visits her daily. Koi Jaane na cast Atul Kulkarni as Dr. Rao and the officer talk about the two, and Dr. Rao informs the officer that Suhana is steadily improving, that the charges against her have been dismissed owing to her mental condition and that Kabir might be able to take her home by next week.

Even so, the officer is not convinced, telling Dr. Rao that the case is not over for her because the murders in Zaraan Khan's novels have occurred, and she is reassured that Kabir is, in fact, Zaraan Khan and that once Suhana is released, Suhana and Kabir could form a dangerous and powerful duo. Despite Dr. Rao's assurances that Kabir is only a writer, the officer remains skeptical and departs, informing Dr. Rao that they will meet again. Dr. Rao considers her remarks as she walks away, staring at Kabir and Suhana.


Koi Jaane na cast


·      Kunal Kapoor as Kabir Kapoor

·      Amyra Dastur as Suhana

·      Neha Mahajan as Bindiya

·      Vidya Malvade as Rashmi

·      Ashwini Kalsekar as Police Officer

·      Naufal Azmir Khan as Nikhil

·      Karim Hajee as Ricky Rosario

·      Raj Zutshi as Raj, Suhana's father

·      Aditya Lakhia as Aditya

·      Javed Khan as Inspector

·      Aditi Govitrikar as Suhana's mother

·      Kamlesh Sawant as Police Inspector

·      Viraf Patel as Vicky Singhania

·      Achint Kaur as Kabir's friend

·      Randeep Arya as Randeep

·      Sameer Khandekar as Chandrakant

·      Atul kulkarni as Dr. Rao

·      Aamir Khan as Special appearance "Har Funn Maula" in the song 

·      Elli AvrRam as Special appearance "Har Funn Maula" in the song



Koi Jaane Na Trailer

The official trailer of the Koi Jaane Na movie was released on YouTube on the T-series channel. Here, I have provided the link to the trailer of the film. By linking on the below-mentioned link you will be able to watch the trailer of the film:


Koi Jaane na review 

Amin Haji is the writer and director of the film Koi Jaane Na. After seeing the film, we can readily conclude that Amin Haji picked the subject properly, but he was unable to execute it adequately. The storyline and cinematography of the film are both inadequate. Some of the film's conversations have gotten rather good.

Talking about the performance of the Koi Jaane na cast. Kunal Kapoor has given unimpressive performances. Amaira Dastur's performance is likewise below average. Karim Haji has done well. Vidya Malvade, Atul Kulkarni, and Ashwini Kaleskar all performed admirably. The film is supported by a dancing cameo by Aamir Khan and Elli Avram.



Koi Jaane Na movie is a psychological thriller genre that no one knows about. The only reason to see this film is for Aamir Khan and Elli Avram's dancing routines; else, there is no reason to watch it.

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