Khaki Movie Review: Do Not Underestimate The Power Of A Policeman

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Hello, What's up readers? Are you guys liking the 99chills.com content? To meet your expectations and to let you be aware of amazing ongoing entertainment we are back with an amazing movie review. This time the movie which we are going to do is Khakee Karthi starring in it.

So now let's explore the details of the Khakee Telugu movie online and dig deep into the details of the Karthik police movie plot, Theeran movie review, Khakee Telugu movie cast, Khakee movie Karthi release date, Khakee movie Telugu trailer, Khakee Telugu director and other crew, and other pertinent information regarding the Khakee movie Tamil.

A remake of the Tamil film Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru, Khakee is an action-comedy that was written and directed by Vinoth H and produced by Prabhu S R and Prakashbabu S R. Ghibran provided the music for the film.

Let's first see the cast and plot of the movie then we will dive into other stuff that is, the Khakee movie review and Khakee Telugu full movie.

The movie hit the screen on November 17, 2017, now let's see the cast of the Khakee Tamil movie.

Khakee movie cast-


  • Vinoth H 


  • Vinoth H 


  •  Karthi as Dheeraj
  • Rakul Preet Singh as Priya
  • Abhimanyu Singh as Omveer Singh/Oma 
  • Bose Venkat
  • Scarlett Mellish Wilson


  • Prabhu S R

Khaki Movie Story-

DSP Dheeraj and his wife Priya, the love of his life, live a contented and carefree existence. He is a loyal police officer who treats offenders with ruthlessness, and it is because of this mentality that he is frequently transferred. The one bright spot in his life is Priya, a housewife who follows him everywhere he is transferred and has become accustomed to him putting work before family.

After his most recent relocation, he discovers a film about a crew of 17 robbers who killed and looted victims brutally. Dheeraj becomes involved in the case and becomes determined to apprehend the crooks commanded by Omveer Singh/Oma despite the fact that the thugs have only left their fingerprints as proof. Even before the opening titles have finished, it is clear that the band of dacoits featured in the movie is brutal in its murders. The dacoits, commanded by a quaking Oma, take inspiration from the legendary Thuggee gang that terrorized India for more than 450 years and love to rob homes that are close to roads. The only similarity between the killings and the Dandupalya gang is in the manner in which they are carried out. Oma's dacoits are more cunning and methodical in their murders.

Khaki movie review-

In the Khaki review, it can be said that in addition to having an almost flawless screenplay that emphasizes intelligence over strength, "Khakee" also stands out from other cop thrillers due to its thorough investigation into dacoit gang operations. Aside from one unique song, there are no songs that break up the flow of the movie, which is another impressive aspect of the way it was shot. It's also important to note how the film depicts the predicament of the police force and those officers who choose to prioritize their duties over their own highs and lows.

Despite its length, the movie moves at a pace that makes it difficult to look away. Only in the second half does the movie start to drag as it nears its conclusion. Despite having a love track in the middle of a fast-paced cop drama, the director is able to pull it in just as the audience's tolerance is starting to wear thin. However, it's difficult to grumble when Karthi and Rakul are so adorable on television.

Karthi is amazing in his part as the lead cop who won't stop hunting down the killers and putting an end to the killings. If necessary, he will also fly across the nation to perform this. It's difficult to resist falling in love with Rakul Preet because she looks so stunning in her role. Rakul has good screen time, at least for a chunk of the movie, unlike most South Indian film heroines today who exist in the movies just for the purpose of it. In his role as Oma, Abhimanyu Singh impresses with a subtle threat that isn't over the top wild.

The amount of effort, investigation, and labor that went into "Khakee" is readily apparent on film, making it a welcome contrast from mindless dramas. Both pointless hero-elevating moments and pompous rhetoric are absent. One feels a connection to the characters at the movie's conclusion, which is difficult to achieve these days. Ghibran's music deserves recognition for keeping the audience interested just like the storyline did.

Khakee full movie Telugu conclusion-

The 10-year timeline of Khakee is based on certain actual incidents that took place in the 1990s. It centers on an honorable police officer named Dheeraj who has been given the case of a string of murders. You follow his mission in the movie.

Overall, Khakee is a gripping cop thriller with some heart-pounding scenes. Such thrillers that display the core plot without deviating from it are quite uncommon. The movie benefits greatly from Karthi's macho cop persona, spicy action scenes, and riveting narration. The picture has no commercial components at all because it belongs to a very unique genre. Khakee is a movie you should not miss this weekend if you enjoy action movies and are looking forward to watching a genuine action thriller.

Khakee film trailer-

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