KGF Chapter 2 Review, Cast And All Details Of Upcoming KGF Chapter 3

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We are here with the review of KGF Chapter 2, the much-awaited film. But the wait is finally over as the KGF 2 has finally been released recently on the 14th of April 2022. The film's original language is Kannada. But, it has been dubbed in other languages like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu. The fans can access all the information about KGF Chapter 2 on KGF 2 Wiki.

The first Kannada movie to be released in IMAX is the KGF Chapter 2. KGF Chapter 2 is the sequel of KGF: Chapter 1 that got released in the year 2018. The makers had planned to bring up the sequel earlier, but the pandemic hindered the shoot, and the second part got delayed. Prashanth Neel has produced and written the film. However, Vijay Kirangandur has produced the film under the banner of Hombale Films. The KGF 2 features Yash, Raveena Tandon, Sanjay Dutt, and Prakash Raj as the lead characters. However, the makers had pictured the KGF 2 release date poster.

The KGF chapter 2 is an action film. Along with the release of KGF Chapter 2, the makers have already dropped a hint that KGF Chapter 3 will be coming soon.

KGF Chapter 2 cast:

Since the film is a sequel, it features a lot of characters from the first part. You can find the extra information on KGF 2 wiki. The audience loved all the action scenes and especially those, done by Yash. Hence, here are the names of the actors in the film:

  • Yash (Raja Krishnappa Bairya aka Rocky)
  • Sanjay Dutt (Adheera, Suryavardhan's brother)
  • Srinidhi Shetty (Reena Desai, Rocky's wife)
  • Raveena Tandon ( as Ramika Sen, the Prime Minister of India)
  • Ananat Nag (Anand Ingalagi, author of El Dorado)
  • Prakash Raj (Vijayendra Ingalagi, Anand Ingalagi's son)
  • Archana Jois (Shanthamma, Rocky's mother)
  • Ramesh Indra (Suryavardhan, KGF's founder)
  • Ramachandran Raju (Garuda, Suryavardhan's son)
  • Vinaj Bidappa (Virat, Garuda's younger brother)
  • Achyuth Kumar (Guru Pandian)
  • Malavika Avinash (Deepa Hedge, the chief editor of 24/ News channel)
  • Rao Ramesh (Kanneganti Raghavan, CBI Officer)
  • B.S. Avinash (Andrews)
  • Vashishtha N. Simha (Kamal)
  • B. Suresha (Vittal, a slave at Narachi)
  • Eswari Rao (Farmaan's father)
  • T.S. Nagabharana (Srinivas, owner of the news channel)
  • Appaji Ambarisha Darbha (speaker of Indian Parliament)
  • Lakki Lakshman (Rajendra Desai, Reena's father and a High-ranked associate at KGF)
  • Govinde Gowda (peon at the news channel)
  • Krishnappa (Rocky's father)
  • Divya G Gowda (Reena's aid)

The KGF Chapter 2 cast involves wonderful actors. Hence, many of them will be seen in KGF Chapter 3. The fans of the KGF chapter 2 got excited when they came across the KGF 2 release date poster. You can access all the details by KGF 2 Wiki.

KGF 2 background:

KGF is Kolar Gold Fields. The story of the KGF is set in the Kolar Gold Fields, where a lot of slaves are made to work hard as animals day and night. Amid this, the enemies of the KGF owner join forces and plot to get him killed. For this job to be done, they choose Rocky. Rocky does his homework. Amid all this, he falls for Reena. Rocky finally manages to enter the KGF as one of the slaves. He works there and observes everything. At last, he gets success and kills Suryavardhan in front of all. The story for the first part ends here.

KGF 2 storyline:

The author of El Dorado suffers from a stroke following the narration o the story. After him, his son takes on the responsibility. He would be seen drafting the storyline for KGF Chapter 3.

In chapter 2, Rocky takes over the KGF after he murders Virat. Taking Reena hostage, Rocky kills Kamal. Rocky's rise grabs the attention of Kanneganti Raghavan, a CBI officer. Following his victory, Rocky has many enemies in the row. In the meantime, Adheera reappears. Andrews plans to bring Reena outside and kills Desai to succeed. Adheera shoots a bullet at Rocky, but he does not die. But, Rocky finds himself in trouble as he is locked.

On the other hand, Shetty and Andrews are on the same page to plot against Rocky and his allies. They approach Inayat Khalil for support. An injured Rocky and Reena reach Dubai, and they have to discuss a deal with Khalil. He sells the AK-47 to Rocky. In the meantime, Rocky's allies kill Sjetty's henchmen and recapture the West coast. Adheera orders his men to attack Rocky's trucks, but they get killed, and Adheera's plan fails. Rocky spares an injured Adheea with a warning. Rocky murders Shetty and takes charge of Mumbai. Rocky gets a stern warning about Ramika Sen's popularity, but he neglects that warning. Reena falls for Rocky.

However, we would not be able to see Reena's character in the upcoming KGF Chapter 3.

Now the story of the KGF 2 leaps for three years. Finally, Ramika Sen's party makes it to win the elections. And they choose Ramika Sen to be the Prime Minister. She gets a brief about KGF from Raghavan. She orders to seal of all the state borders and gives an official authority to CBI officials to raid Rocky's warehouse. On the other hand, Rocky's man captures the young Ingalagi, who was spying there. Rocky gets overwhelmed with his integrity. However, CBI officials get nothing when they raid Rocky's warehouse.

Rocky pauses all the export from KGF. Adheera receives a request from Andrews to kill Rocky. Rocky gets married to Reena. He meets Ramika Sen and presents her with a file exposing his involvement in money laundering. But she is unable to take any hard steps as her party members are also having corruption charges.

The makers will soon reveal the KGF Chapter 3.

The review points by various critics about both the parts of KGF can be found on KGF 2 Wiki.

On the other hand, Adheera succeeds in tracing a secret passage to KGF, and he shares the same with Andrews. Daya, John, Andrews, and Adheera plan to attack KGF along with Khalil's men. Reena breaks amazing news to Rocky, about her pregnancy. But gets shot by Adheera in the nick of time. Reena's death enrages Rocky. He kills John and Adheera. However, his henchmen kill Daya and Andrews. After the incident, Rocky interrupts Sen's speech in the parliament and murders Pandian. Then, he discloses that it was Pandian who planned Garuda's attack, and Adheera got framed for the same. And it was Pandian who told Adheera about KGF's secret passage.

We will soon get to watch KGF Chapter 3. And the fan can access the additional information by KGF 2 Wiki.

Ramika Sen passes a death warrant for Rocky. However, Rocky gets KGF evacuated and leaves on a ship along with the gold. Indian Navy chases Rocky's gold ship, but Rocky does not agree to surrender. To this, Sen issues an order for the Indian Army to bombard Rocky's ship. Rocky's ship gets shattered, and he dies and is lost in the ocean. But, his dead body and the gold are still missing. However, before evacuating the KGF, he had done his duty and formed the residential colonies for all the workers of the KGF.

Now, Anand Ingalagi's son Vijayendra decides to write a book on Rocky.

Before the film ends, the middle scenes show that the CIA officials hand over a file with Rocky and his crimes to the USA and other 16 nations and Ramika Sen.

At present, the peon of the news channel gets hold of the draft of the KGF Chapter3.

So, here is a hint for the KGF lovers that there will be KGF chapter 3.

KGF Chapter 2 review:

The KGF 2 has received both positive and negative responses from the side of the audience.

The makers have not revealed anything about the KGF Chapter 3, but the audience is very excited about the KGF Chapter 3 release date. The film will always remain in the memories of the fans for the outstanding action and the imagination level.

The Times Of India has appreciated the film, KGF 2, and gave 4/5 points. However, KGF Chapter 2 has received 9.7/10 points on IMDb. You can read about all other critics' points on KGF 2 Wiki.

After the sequel of any movie gets its release, the fans usually question, "Will there be KGF Chapter 3 ?" The answer is "YES." The fans will soon get to know the release date of KGF Chapter 3.

The makers had planned to release the KGF Chapter 2 earlier. But, the filming of the scenes was halted by the pandemic. But, the wait is finally over, and the much-awaited film is here in the theatres.

Image Credits: IMDb

Here is a glimpse of the trailer of KGF Chapter 2:

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