Kaushiki Series: A Story Revealing The Dark Sides Of The Friends, Even Costing The Life Of Someone

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Kaushiki series is an Indian web series. The Kaushiki series full name is Sumer Singh Case Files: Kaushiki. This web series is a drama-thiller series filled with mystery. This Kaushiki web series comprises a total of 13 episodes. The web series is available on Voot. The web series is directed by Suparn S Verma. Kaushiki series features Rannvijay Singh, Rajeev Siddhartha, Shruti Srivastava, Sayani Gupta, Madhurima Roy, Namit Das, and Omkar Kapoor in the lead roles. The storyline for the series is written by Shantanu Srivastava. The web series is produced by Namit Sharma under the banner of Big Synergy Media.

The storyline of the Sumer Sing case files: Kaushiki series revolves around a group of five friends named Nikita, Ankush, Aditi, Mrityunjay, and Dinesh. This group of friends looks as if nothing is wrong in their lives and can never be. However, various dark secrets in their lives are buried down. These hidden deep secrets will change their lives if these secrets get revealed. The story further proceeds with friendship, relationship, and romance.

The Sumer Singh case files: Kaushiki is streaming on Voot as Voot Originals. Kaushiki series got released on April 27, 2018. Kaushiki cast has received a lot of love from the audience. This is evident from the Kaushiki web series review on IMDb. The series has been received. 8.7 stars out of 10. Sumer Singh case files girlfriends' story is quite appreciated by the audience.

Kaushiki web series cast:

The makers have chosen the best group of the cast to play the assigned roles in the Kaushiki web series. The Kaushiki cast has played the roles with honesty and breathed the life of the characters, they are playing. Here is a complete list of Kaushiki web series cast for the Sumer Singh case files: Kaushiki series along with the characters they have played and their real names:

  • Sayani Gupta as Kaushiki, the epicenter of the Sumer Sing case files
  • Namit Das as Dinesh
  • Madhurima Roy as Nikita
  • Rajeev Siddharta as Mrityunjay
  • Ranvijay Singh as ACP Sumer
  • Omkar Kapoor as Ankush Patel (Maggie)
  • Shruti Srivastava as Aditi
  • Abhishek Madrecha as Ripu

Kaushiki web series cast storyline:

The Sumer Singh case files web series storyline is quite loved by the audience. Here is the complete story of the Kashiki series in detail and episode-wise. The story of Sumer Singh case files girlfriends is explained below:

Episode 1 (Naushad Calling): Kaushiki meets a group of five friends Dinesh, Ankush, Aditi, Mrityunjay, Nikita, and Aditi. This group seems to be very happy but they have hidden their dark secrets deep inside them. However, Kaushiki refers to the group as not only friends but the killers too. What is the reason behind this? Will the audience witness the twist and turns at the beginning of the Kaushiki series story?

Episode 2 (Under the Rouge): Ankush is on her bike and is on the way to KAushiki's welcome party. On his way, he gets attacked by Naushad's henchmen. Further, it is revealed that Ankush is a part of Naushad's gang that smuggles drugs. However, in this turn of events, some secrets related to Nikita and Aditi's lives also come into the light.

Episoded 3 (This Day That Year): The audience witnessed a major twist in the tale as a toxic past related to Dinesh and Aditi gets revealed. On the other hand, Kaushiki finds herself falling for Mrityunjay's charm. Now it would be interesting to watch the Kaushiki series, will Kaushiki have to regret in future her feelings towards Mrityunjay? Here is the starting of the romance in Sumer Singh case files: Kaushiki web series.

Episode 4 (The Things We Do For Love): Mrityunjay is sitting with his roommate and recalling a deep dark secret of her life, that is hidden for a price. In the meanwhile, Kaushiki is on a mission to dig information about Ankush. What is Kaushiki up to?

Episode 5 (Edge Of The Blade): Kaushiki welcomes Nikki to her place to spend some time with each other. Nikki receives a call and Kaushiki overhears her conversation via Bluetooth recently connected to the music system. Kaushiki is shocked to learn about Nikki's deep and dark secrets.

Episoded 6 (No Answer): During the Garba night, Maggie survives an attack by the professional assassins. Later, he seeks Naushad's help and tends to his wounds. Maggie swears revenge to get back at the attackers. It would be interesting to watch Maggie's plan to get back at these professional assassins. This Sumer Singh case files cast web series story takes an unexpected turn further.

Episode 7 (One Epic Party): Kaushiki series witnesses a new addition to the cast in this episode. The audience witnesses a grand party thrown by Maggie on the occasion of his birthday. The story takes an interesting twist when all the friends survive a shoot-out at the party. This was an unexpected shoot-out. When everything gets normal, Kaushiki is found missing from the party. Where has Kaushiki gone? Is she in some kind of danger?

Episode 8 (Technology): Kaushiki's missing report is filed at the police station and ACP Sumer Singh gets to handle the case. On his investigation, he claims something shocking. He tells that Nikki tried to poison Kaushiki but failed in her intentions. Further, to continue with his investigation, he summons Nikki to the police station to interrogate her. However, Sumer Singh also reveals a shred of shocking evidence against Nikki. Here, the story of the Kaushiki series takes a new turn. Did Nikki try to kill Kaushiki in reality or is she being framed in the case? How will Nikki react to the accusations on her? Will Sumer Singh case files get to add something big to the story?

Episode 9 (Glock 43): Sumer Singh continues with his investigation and finds the CCTV footage of Maggie's place. But, he faces some issues with the device and fails to complete the footage. This leaves the ACP with no evidence against anyone. There is no footage after the gun pointed at Kaushiki. ACP is left with no evidence but a mysterious dead body. How will Sumer Singh continue his investigation without any lead? Will he find a way out to reach the real culprit? Will this be the end for Sumer Singh case files for Kaaushiki's missing case?

Episode 10 (Alibis): Sumer Singh finds out about the detailed account of events that took place at Maggie's place, at the time of the party. This revelation of details of the party brings some uneasiness to the group of five friends. Sumer Singh calls Aditi and DK to the police station to interrogate and proceed with the investigation. Will the audience get to witness the betrayal of two best friends in the Sumer Singh case files: Kaushiki series? Now it would be interesting to watch will this pair of best friends betray each other to save their respective lives?

Episode 11 (The Boyfriend): ACP Sumer Singh finds something alarming and he visits Mrityunjay, who is admitted to the hospital. Sumer Singh confronts him for killing Kaushiki. Sumer Singh gets shocked when Mrityunjay accepts all the accusations. He confesses that he is the one who has pushed Kaushiki into the water. Sumer seems to be a bit unconvinced with Mrityunjay's confession. Will he close the case and accept Mrityunjay's confession or will he dig deeper into the case? Is this the end of the twists in the storyline of Sumer Singh case files: Kaushiki series?

Episode 12 (Poker Night): Based on some solid and convincing proof, Kaushiki's friends are declared to be innocent with no involvement in her case. They all gather up in Goa to celebrate their freedom. The Sumer Singh case files girlfriends story takes a turn that blows up everyone's mind. Much to the friends' group surprise, ACP Sumer Singh pays an unexpected visit as an uninvited guest to the party. He initiates a game of Poker, a game of bluffs and secrets. What is Sumer Singh up to? Has he come across something else in the Sumer Sing case files?

Episode 13 (Back To the Beginning): Everyone at the party receives the shock of their lives when they see Kaushiki entering the room safe and sound. This is because they all had believed that Kaushiki got killed at Maggie's birthday party. Kaushiki narrates the whole story, starting from the beginning. She makes sure that all of them pay for their crime. What is up next for Kaushiki's friends? This is the end for Sumer Singh case files for the case.

Kaushiki web series review:

Kaushiki web series has received a great response from the audience. The viewers have loved this web series filled with drama, mystery, and thrill. The Kaushiki case has breathed life into the story. The Sumer Singh case files: Kaushiki web series has been awarded 8.7 stars out of 10 on IMDb. The Sumer Singh case file cast has been loved by the audience that gets reflected in the IMDb points.


Kaushiki Season 2:

Season 1 of the Kaushiki web series is available on Voot Originals. The Kaushiki cast has been loved by the audience. The viewers might be expecting Kaushiki season 2. But the makers have not revealed anything about season 2 of the Sumer Singh case files: Kaushiki season 2. However, if the makers come up with season 2 of the Kaushiki season 2, we can expect the same Sumer Singh case files cast.

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