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On April 23, 2021, SonyLIV released Kathmandu Connection, an Indian online drama. Sachin Pathak directed the film, and Samir Khurana served as Executive Producer. Amit Sial, Gopal Datt, and Aksha Pardasany are among the Kathmandu Connection cast. In major roles, Anshuman Pushkar, Anurag Arora, Sanjiv Chopra, and Vikram Singh Sodha.


The crime thriller Kathmandu Connection web series is set in Nepal. The plot of this show is based on facts, and it revolves around Kathmandu's link to the assassination of an officer investigating the Mumbai bombings. The tale is centered on this one phrase, which appears to be highly interesting, but the six-episode run has rendered the topic complex and uninteresting.


Kathmandu Connection makes an effort but fails to amuse. The SonyLiv show struggles to meet that unique blend, especially when the plot begins to resemble a cross between Manoj Bajpayee's The Family Man and Kay Menon's Special Ops. The analogies are unjust, but they are unavoidable.


A more concise introduction to the key characters (Kathmandu Connection cast) and their families may have aided in the suspense. Rather, it takes up three-and-a-half episodes of a six-episode season, quitting the show in desperate need of breath. When it finally gets to the topic, though, it quickly devolves into attention-getting. The web series surprising swings in the plot shift not only the speed but also the genre - from a crime drama to a vengeance thriller.


The very first season premiered on Sony Liv on April 23, 2021. It has a total of six episodes that run between 29 and 41 minutes each. Viewers reacted to the series both positively and negatively. On IMDB, Kathmandu Connection had a 5.8/10 rating. We may deduce from the viewer's ratings and reviews that the series did not satisfy them.

The makers have yet to make an official declaration regarding Kathmandu Connection Season 2 release date. However, considering ratings and reviews are also crucial variables in series continuation, we may estimate that the prospects of it being renewed are slim.


Kathmandu Connection plot


The storyline of the Kathmandu Connection begins with the investigation of the 1993 Bombay Blasts. With the unexplained assassination of the investigating officer, the abduction of a hotelier, and the surveillance of a journalist, the inquiry continues to uncover new evidence. The relationship these 3 instances have with Kathmandu, Nepal's capital is the source of the enigma.


Talking about Kathmandu Connection cast Amit Sial's zealous police officer Samarth Kaushik and his accomplice Mishra (Anuraag Arora) are on the hunt for the mafia involved in the abduction of a hotelier. Ritesh Agarwal (Gopal Dutt), a CBI official, is investigating the death of a colleague in another area of the country. Shivani Bhatnagar, a prime news anchor, is also being followed and receiving unanswered calls. The web series weaves all three incidents together, as we learn that there is a link at a casino in Kathmandu operated by Sunny, who's Dawood Ibrahim's minion and politician Mirza Baig's ally. However, the time taken by writer Siddharth Mishra to interconnect all of the personalities and links becomes boring. However, there are insights coming forward about Kathmandu Connection season 2 release date.


The portrayal of one such dismal year in the country's history will undoubtedly resurrect some painful recollections from that time. The story is compelling because it pursues three concurrent investigations across boundaries. Without a question, this investigative drama has some good aspects that have all the makings of a solid, intriguing thriller.

Check out the trailer available here and have a proper insight of the narrative and to get to understand the Kathmandu Connection cast more. https://youtu.be/ZEtAt1604lQ


Kathmandu Connection cast

  1. DCP Samarth is played by Amit Sial
  2. Shivani Bhatnagar is played by Aksha Pardasany.
  3. Sunny is played by Anshuman Pushkar.
  4. Shravan Mishra is played by Anurag Arora.
  5. Hitesh, a CBI officer, is played by Gopal Datt.
  6. Trilok Kumar is played by Vikram Singh Sodha.
  7. DGP Madan Sharma is played by Sanjiv Chopra.
  8. Mirza Baig is played by Zakir Hussain.


In terms of performance, it's all about Amit Sial. He has plenty of opportunities to play Samarth, a multi-faceted character who is both tough as a cop and sensitive as a father and husband. His sincere conduct is the glue that pulls the jumbled story together. In addition to Sial, Kathmandu connection cast Anuraag Arora, Gopal Dutt, and Aksha Pardasany performed admirably. Police Inspector Sharvan Mishra (Anurag Arora) and CBI Officer Hitesh Aggrawal are both on his side (played by Gopal Datt). Both Aksha Pardasanyand and Anshumaan Pushkar had made appearances in the online series. While Aksha does a good job as news presenter Shivani Bhatnagar, her on-screen romance with Sial seems artificial. Sunny Sharma, who is engaged in unlawful acts such as smuggling and abduction, is more persuasive than Anshuman. He appears to be more of an ordinary man than a scam artist, thanks to his thin frame and mild dialogue style.

The Kathmandu Connection cast and crew are also superb, as evidenced by the fact that of the acting seen


Kathmandu Connection Season 2 expected storyline


With the same Kathmandu Connection cast, Shivani Bhatnagar, Ahmed's lover, is furious with Samarth and has resolved to avenge him. She is attempting to persuade folks that Samarth is a traitor. She was effective in her objective at the end of the show, and Samarth was labeled a criminal. You'll also see the suffering of a police officer who was dismissed from his job and unhappy because of his family difficulties. The series is full of mystery and suspense, and you may be able to foresee the outcome at times. This piques viewers' interest in the Kathmandu Connection season 2 release date.


Kathmandu Connection review


Audiences gave Kathmandu Connection favorable reviews, but experts gave it mediocre reactions. Smaller episodes and more attention put into differentiating this spy/revenge drama from other fantastic shows like Special Ops and The Family Man would have rendered Kathmandu Connection a sure-fire success for SonyLIV. It's enjoyable for the time being, but it requires a long to get through it.


The opening episode of the series sets the tone for a fantastic crime thriller. There's also a mystery that, up until the third episode, brought twists and turns to the main storyline and plotlines, raising anticipation. However, by the fourth episode, both the show and the viewers' hopes have been dashed in spite of the excellent Kathmandu Connection cast. It wouldn't be unfair to remark that the last episode was poorly designed.


The narrative has the makings of an exposes, but it misses the substance and passion required to present such true-to-life events. The storyline is initially confused since it takes forever to connect it all to Kathmandu, as well as the interpersonal conversations are monotonous. The latter half of the show, particularly the last two episodes, is fairly captivating, with plenty of plot twists to keep the audience hooked to their seats.


The narrative and its handling are among the major downsides of the Kathmandu link. The series starts with a 92-year-old serial massive explosion in Mumbai that commences with the killing of an officer, then a correlation to the plotline of kidnapping in Delhi, a TV journalist arriving from Kathmandu with blank conversations, and eventually reaches the police, journalists, and gangsters Love triangle, and eventually, this storyline has devolved into a vengeance drama by the excellent Kathmandu Connection cast that offers nothing fresh to the viewers.


When it comes to the program's cinematography Kathmandu Connection review, the airport sequences are particularly bad. This series' story takes place in the 1990s, yet the director appears to be lacking in depth. The series' speech and soundtrack are both mediocre. Sneha Khanwalkar's backdrop soundtrack aids in the development of the plotline in the final two episodes. Also, credit to filmmaker Sachin Pathak for devoting close attention to detail when it comes to nailing the era, such as the lack of cell phones in the early nineties, Shivani's clothing, and the automobiles in which the major protagonists (Kathmandu Connection cast) ride.


'Kathmandu Connection' did, however, peter out in the middle as the scripting gets erratic and the play takes a formulaic path. Putting these flaws aside, this six-part cat-and-mouse chase is a good one-time view with indications for the Kathmandu Connection season 2 release date too though.


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