Karuthamuthu Serial Story twists: Next serial for a binge-watch?

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Karuthamuthu Serial Story is full of plots and subplots like any other daily soaps. The lead here is a female- Premi Vishwanath, who plays the part of Karthika in the show. 

The TV industry has flourished now more than ever, with numerous options for entertainment, including Karuthamuthu from Telugu TV. Originally, the serial has crossed over 1,000 episodes in a mere season of four. 

The drama mostly revolves around twists with a blend of romance and love. If asked about daily soaps earning a high TRP, Karuthamuthu is doing good. The serial has about four seasons presently and is available on Disney + Hotstar to watch, before which the serial was cast on Asianet all days but Sunday at sharp 7:30 PM. 

Karuthamuthu, during its first season, received the highest TRPs, which were afterward decreasing with each season that followed. Due to such slowing down of TRPs, the makers were obliged to end the show, even if there were a fair audience to watch it regularly. The remake is available in Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, and Hindi. 

Karuthamuthu Serial Story

Karuthamuthu Serial Story focuses primarily on the family matters of Dr. Balachandra. The director made it appear like it was a simple coincidence that the duo married ladies, also sisters named Karthika and Kanya. The mother of both is the same but has different fathers.

For the initial Karuthamuthu Season 1 Story, the storyline remains static until the great marriages of Dr. Balachandra and Jayan, who were brothers. Karthika is, in fact, the lead female actress who received the role of a loyal wife. Although completely loyal, her husband - Dr. Balachandra, lacks basic faith in the relationship. The situation is completely worrisome, where Balachandra is convinced about his impotence and that the pregnancy of Karthika is what questions him. 

There's also a psychopath in the Karuthamuthu Serial Story, who was a toxic pervert and was blinded by false affection for Karthika. The real twist is that this psychopath is a friend of Balachandra. He's so much in agony that he's soon preparing to take Karthika's life. 

Meanwhile, Kanya is opposite character-wise and tends to be flirty by nature. Kanya's biological father also was a pervert, the same character that Kanya was handed. 

After a few episodes, Karuthamuthu Serial Story soon shifts the stories till six years after where Karthika is still lost. And yes, this is also when she's departed from her memories. On the other hand, Balachandra is going crazy searching for his wife everywhere. 

The stories keep changing from season to season, and what's in the highlight of Karuthamuthu Season 1 Story might not remain constant for the following ones. Nevertheless, here is a brief outline of them all:

  • Karuthamuthu Season 1 Story 

Karuthamuthu Season 1 Story begins with discrimination based on skin tone. Karthika and her sister have grown up with the same mother while having differences from the father and also have stepdads. Karthika, the lead, is much laughed upon due to her dark complexion by her half-sister. 

After a few episodes, Karuthamuthu Season 1 Story soon focuses on married life, where she's still struggling to achieve some real merry. 

  • Karuthamuthu Season 2 Story

Unlike Karuthamuthu Season 1 Story, in which Karthika had been depicted struggling, this time it's time for Balamol, her and Balachandra's daughter. The drama is more on the evil side, too. Given that the avenging characteristics had developed, there are scenes of planning for murder. 

  • Karuthamuthu Season 3 story 

Season 3 comprises a story that entirely differs from Karuthamuthu Season 1 Story and season 2. This time, Balachandrika has become a successful, beautiful lady whose job profile is a collector. She also has a lover named Abhiram.

The actual Karuthamuthu Climax Episode is when Balamol finds out that even Podimol has fallen in deep love with Abhiram, and they'd go on to marry in private. All of this is when Podimol and Bala, being cousins, is yet to be known. 

Once Bala learned the truth, another Karuthamuthu Climax Episode aired where Bala regrets being a cruel and selfish being. Mostly the love and romantic relationship of Bala goes on hidden in fear of displacement. 

  • Karuthamuthu season 4 story 

The fourth and last one of the series is most unlikely out of all the seasons. Season 4 barely has any links to Karuthamuthu Season 1 Story and is largely focused on the offspring of Bala and Abhiram, Muthu.

Karuthamuthu Cast 

The Karuthamuthu Cast kept occasionally changing, especially when shifting seasons. And because it's not quite possible to add every artist who participated, here is an outline of the cast.

  • Renu Saudar: Karthika
  • Kishore Sathya: Dr. Balachandran
  • Akshara Kishore: Balamol
  • Archana Susheelan: Dr. Mareena
  • Santhosh Kurup: Nathan
  • Lekshmi Priya: Kanya
  • Richard N J: Jayachandran
  • Shobha Mohan: Arundhati
  • Dr. Sharmila: Jagadamba
  • Thara Kalyan: Mallika
  • Srihari: KunjuShekharan

Karuthamuthu Latest Episode Cast

  • Vishwanath: Deepa, Vantalakka
  • Nirupam paritala: Dr. Karthik, Doctor babu
  • Shoba Shetty: Dr. Monitha
  • Sangeetha Kamath and Niharika: Sravya
  • Archana Ananth: Soundarya
  • Gadiraju Arun Kumar: Anand Rao
  • Sahruda: Hima
  • Kritika: Sourya

Karuthamuthu: Summary

Supposedly, the timing of the show, viz, 7:30 PM each night, becomes an ideal time when each member of the house sits together in the living room. When the entire family decides to watch something together, what comes up other than the Karuthamuthu Serial Story?

If you have been watching the serial from the start, you can certainly see the difference between the initial cast and the Karuthamuthu Latest Episode Cast. Everything is upside down, and the faces are completely new as, until the end, the total episodes to air was 1450+. 

Karuthamuthu Last Episode was aired on 9 August 2019, after which the audience won't find any fresh episodes of it. As the end was approaching, the TRPs also started to decrease, but fans' support hasn't gotten any shorter. Karuthamuthu Serial Story is a good credit. 

As the producers have concluded the serial, you may still watch it on TV, but those are only a specific part of it. To watch it as per your wish, you can do so at Disney + Hotstar. Every clip is present over the platform from the first till Karuthamuthu Last Episode. 

So, are you ready to binge-watch the Karuthamuthu Serial Story? 

To watch the trailer, click here :

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