Kapatadhaari Movie Review: Ratings, Cast, Storyline, Aspects, Verdict

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Hero Sumant's new film, Kapatadhaari, aroused audience curiosity with its commercials. A film directed by Pradeep Krishnamurthy hit the screens today.

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A traffic policeman, Gautam (Sumant), exhausted from his daily life, decides to go to the Criminal Division and begins to become close with high-ranking officials. This is the time when three unidentified skulls were found near a subway construction site. While the police ignore the case, Gautam takes over and begins a secret investigation. Is there a big story behind the three skulls? How do actors like Nassar and Jayaprakash relate to the whole story? It shapes history.

Kapatadhaari Movie Review

Sumant is one of the few actors in Tollywood who prefers reasonable scripts over big ones. His latest film, a Telugu remake of the Kannada film Kavaludaari, captures and maintains tension throughout the film. Kapatadhaari rating is quite on various platforms such as IMDb.

Director Pradeep takes the time to create the world of Kapatadhaari and Gautam. A conscientious traffic policeman believes he can solve a case no matter which division he belongs to. If you've been wanting to switch for a few years and haven't been able to do it, it's because you're out of luck. When the remains of a skeleton are found, he cannot sleep. As soon as he checks the record, he learns that it belongs to someone who died 40 years ago. And when it comes to today's events, the director is good at convincing the audience with a twist. Kabadadaari rating is quite good on various platforms.

The film follows the old thriller formula, in which the protagonist first binds up evidence without resistance and discards the fact that traffic police have access to criminal police records, but the director handles the film with logic. The best thing in Kabadadaari review is about Gautam is that he is not portrayed as a superman with genius. He's just a diligent cop trying to solve crimes with the help of a journalist named G.K. (Jaya Prakash) and retired Inspector Ranjit (Nasser). The Kapatadhaari Review keeps the high tone before the climax and captures a few moments from the edge of the seat. Music director Simon King also makes it fun.

Sumant brings out his character well by showing subtle and mature acting that is not overdone. Nandita shines in her limited roles, but Nasser and Jaya Prakash outdo everyone. The actor who plays Fernandez also impresses. Kapatadhaari movie rating was 6.2 out of 10 on IMDb.

Kapatadhaari work so well is that it doesn't distract you with unnecessary elements. Director Pradeep Krishnamurthy keeps the flow going by making the film worth seeing.

Kapatadhaari Cast:

Director: Pradeep Krishnamoorthy

Writer: Hemanth Rao


  • Sumanth as Gowtham Kumar
  • Nandita Swetha as Swathi
  • Nassar as Ranjith Kumar
  • Jayaprakash as Kumar / Rayudu
  • Vennela Kishore as Gowtham's colleague at traffic duty
  • Suman Ranganathan as Ramya
  • Sampath Maitreya as Fernandez / Aleru Srinivas Rao
  • J. Satish Kumar as Ranga Rao
  • Sai Dheena as Mechanic

Producer: G. Dhananjayan, Lalitha Dhananjayan

Positive aspects 

Sumant is suitable and convincing for the role of traffic police. Balanced acting adds depth to the story. All of his scenes are presented appropriately at the end of the film, with lead actors Nassar and Jayaprakash.

I like the way the whole Kapatadaari movie riddle hidden behind the skull is neatly solved by connecting the dots over the last 20 minutes. The actor who plays the leading role of a politician is worthy of his image.

The female lead, Nandita Sveta, is cute, but her screen time is limited to a few scenes. The same goes for comedian Vennela Kishore.

Negative aspects 

Traffic police in Kabadadaari movie review is investigating criminal cases lack logic in many scenes. Technically, I had to show it in detail so that the audience could understand it.

Mysterious scenes from the investigation and joint scenes of Sumanth, Nassar and Jayaprakash are quite acceptable, but some cinematic freedom should be avoided to make the narration more realistic.

Technical aspects 

Director Pradeep Krishnamurthy did a great job with this movie, but he should have avoided a few slow-motion scenes and focused more on the first half. Pravin K.L. EDIT OK. However, the execution time of Kabadadaari OTT would have been reduced by almost 10 minutes.

Rasamachi's visual beauty naturally expresses the mood of the night. Simon K. King's music is enjoyable because his background music adds depth to the process. The creative value of the creative entertainers banner is suitable for the background.


All in all, Kapatadhari is a detective thriller with a compelling narrative only for the last 20 minutes. Ignoring the slow, artificial first half and a bit of logic, Kapatadhaari will be a good watch this weekend.

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