Kanmani Rambo Khatija Movie: Is Rambo Successful In Lifting The Curse

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Vignesh Shivan is the writer and director of the 2022 Indian Telugu romance comedy kanmani Rambo khatija movie. Samantha, Nayanthara, plus Vijay Sethupathi appear in it. Anirudh wrote the movie's score as well as the soundtrack album.

Felicitations to all. We're here upon the channel to discuss the intriguing kanmani Rambo khatija Telugu, which is brief for "Two loves in a breeze" in English. You want to know how everything associated with that and the kanmani Rambo khatija review, story, cast, or other details—relates to one another before we go any further, though.

About The Movie:

An unlucky man's life changes in the movie Rambo when he falls in love. The only issue is that he falls in love with 2 women instead of just one. Kanmani rambo khatija release date was April 28, 2022.

Kanmani Rambo Khatija Cast:


  • Vignesh Shivan


  • Vignesh Shivan


  • Vijay Sethupathi as Rambo
  • Kamalesh as Young Rambo
  • Nayanthara as Kanmani Ganguly
  • Samantha as Khatija Begum
  • Prabhu as Prabhu
  • Kala Master as M. Idhayakala
  • Dipika Kothari as Minmini Ganguly
  • Master Bhargav Sundar as Bhargav Ganguly
  • S. Sreesanth as Mohammed Mobi
  • Seema as Minah Kaif
  • Divya Pillai as Young Minah Kaif
  • Redin Kingsley as Arnold
  • Dhilip Subbarayan as a drunk tenant
  • Lollu Sabha Maaran as Maaran
  • Shihan Hussaini as Rambo's neighbor
  • Chithra Lakshmanan as Rambo's fake father
  • Ravikanth as Khatija's father
  • Ravi Raghavendra as the fake psychiatrist
  • Bijili Ramesh as a chocobar seller
  • Teju Ashwini as Khatija's friend
  • Lingesan as Rambo's father
  • Latha as Khatija's mother
  • Katrina Kaif as Rambo's new girlfriend 


  • S. S. Lalit Kumar
  • Vignesh Shivan

Kanmani Rambo Khatija Movie Plot:

Real Or Reel is a television program that Prabhu hosts. He conducts two interviews with Kanmani Ganguly & Khatija Begum there. Both of them are deeply in love with him aka Rambo, who reciprocates their feelings.

In a flashback, Rambo is shown coming from a community where people thought his family has been cursed. In his household, the spouse would perish. Rambo's father resolves to disprove the legend and weds Minah, a local teacher, while his siblings remained single. Following the arrival of his son, whom he calls Rambo, Rambo's father is ecstatic.

Unfortunately, he unintentionally falls from a tower and perishes while announcing the birth of his son. Shortly later, his wife Minah had a stroke and becomes paraplegic. The village, including Rambo's uncles and aunts, think that Rambo's birth brought terrible luck, which his father battled valiantly to avoid.

Rambo develops the notion that he attracts misfortune wherever he goes. He believes that his mother becomes unwell because of his proximity to her when she has a seizure while he is present, so he permanently leaves the hamlet. Despite moving to the city & living far from his family, he still keeps in touch with them.

Years later, Rambo works two jobs to make ends meet. He drives cabs for a living during the day. He serves as security at a bar at night. Every night he runs into Khatija at the pub, and they become friends. Rambo intervenes and engages Mohammed Mobi in combat after noticing Khatija's abusive boyfriend slaps her one night in the Krk movie rating.

Khatija splits up with Mobi and begins spending every evening with Rambo. On the other hand, Kanmani is a salesperson who also looks after her little sister Minmini & her brother Bhargav, who has special needs. She makes unsuccessful attempts to locate a husband who would let her continue to live among her siblings once they were married. Rambo drives her cab during the day, and they grow attracted to one another. Over time, both women develop feelings for Rambo and simultaneously ask him to marry them. Rambo is taken aback by the fact that two gorgeous women are interested in him, but he quickly realizes that only their love can change his terrible luck for the better, so he takes both of their offers in Krk movie review Tamil.

Rambo seeks assistance from reality show presenter Prabhu because he is unsure how to handle his dual relationships. Prabhu has Rambo fabricate a tale about having a memory condition that causes him to alternately forget the day and nighttime events. It is up to them to give up their love for the other person when Rambo discloses that he has memories of both ladies and is similarly in love with both. Kanmani and Khatija reject this and continue to stand by their choice to wed Rambo. After the early demise of Khatija's father, the three ladies become friends, despite their initial animosity toward one another in kanmani film.

After a while, the two realize Rambo arranged the performance and throw him out of the house. Their final trip to the village to visit Rambo's mother, who is very ill, is requested by Rambo's friend. Rambo decides against returning since he thinks his presence would make her situation worse. When he is made to leave and his mother unexpectedly recovers, the villagers start to think Rambo's presence brings luck in kanmani Rambo khatija IMDb. They implore Rambo to wed both Khatija & Kanmani to lift the family curse and marry all of his uncles and aunts. Finally agreeing, they organize a wedding ceremony that includes Rambo's entire family.

Khatija and Kanmani leave the wedding shortly after that the remainder of the family is wed, giving up their love for the other so she can wed Rambo. The three continue to meet a year later, with Rambo claiming that their bond was sufficient to lift the curse.The Rambo movie release date was 28, April 2022. Rambo surprises his neighbor by revealing that Katrina Kaif has begun corresponding with him as his new girlfriend after the two women leave. Katrina is waiting for Rambo online when he tosses his phone & departs.

Kanmani Rambo Khatija Review:

The inclusion of Krk movie cast like Samantha, Nayanthara, & Vijay Karthik Kannan is one of the movie's strongest points. These three appear in nearly every scene and have strong chemistry together, so the screen is flooded with vibrant pictures in Krk movie review IMDb.

When playing the man trapped between two ladies, Vijay Sethupathi succeeds brilliantly. In the sequence where he proposes to both of the heroines, Vijay excels with his words and facial gestures in Krk movie IMDb. Without Vijay, the movie would have had a dull appearance.

Samantha gets to portray a wealthy woman who is open-minded. Along with having a great appearance, she also plays a fun role that is quite relieving. Nayanthara, in contrast, hand, gets to portray a straightforward middle-class girl, and she also did well within the bounds of her role. Here between three, there are a handful of passable comedic scenes.

The movie appears promising on paper and has an intriguing premise. However,kanmani director Vignesh Shivan's execution is what throws everything off balance. The emotions seem manufactured and have no impact from the very first scenes.

The disorder of the hero is revealed, but the resolution does not adequately address it. Additionally, the way the love narrative is driven to a breaking point appears forced and lacks substance. To put it mildly, the family drama and the supporting actors are grating.

This story had a lot of potentials to produce compelling drama, but the filmmaker overdid it and made it ridiculous. The same man is loved by two girls, yet despite knowing that he was cheating on her, they never feel hurt or upset. There are a lot of mistakes like this in this movie, which is full of uninteresting and unoriginal sequences in the Krk movie review.

Both Anirudh's music and BGM are terrible. The kanmai images and camera work is adequate, but Nayanthara's clothes appeared uninspired. The Telugu dubbing and dialogue are both quite decent.

Regarding Vignesh Shivan, nobody can see why he chose to take the movie on a lighter note. His tale is complete without sincerity.

His attempt to tell a humorous tale about a man who wanted to wed two ladies ended miserably. His work would have been far more impactful if he had depicted the conditions and feelings in a meaningful way in Krk Telugu movie review.


Kanmani Rambo khatija movie is an ineffective triangular love story as a whole. The audience became bored by the silly narration, lack of appropriate emotions, and excessive length. A few comedic moments and the appearance of gorgeous women like Samantha & Nayanthara are the only things that can save this kanmani movie.

Kanmani Rambo Khatija Rating IMDb:

5.6 out of 10 with 3173 votes on IMDb

Vijay Sethupathi Krk Movie Review Trailer:

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