Kanchana 3 Review: Can Watch With Zero Expectations

Saumya Sharma Sep 29 . 5 min read

Kanchana 3 is a Tamil Indian language comedy and action film. The direction of the film is done by Raghava Lawrence. The Production is done by Kalanithi Maran and Raghava Lawrence under the production house of Sun Pictures, Raghavendra Productions. The main leads of the kanchana 3 movie telugu are Oviva, Raghava Lawrence, Ri Djavi, and Nikki Tamboli. The production of the film started in October and was released on 19 April 2019. The total length of the film is 166 minutes.

About Kanchana 3

The previous parts of kanchana telugu cinema showed a man named Kaali and his girlfriend. The kanchana 3 full movie in telugu focused on showing a corrupted politician who offered Kaali to join his company but he refused to do so. kaali and his girlfriend were murdered brutally by Shankar. The rest of the movie shows how Kaali takes revenge by taking the body of Raghava.

Hello guys! Today 99chill.com is back with a horror action comedy film. The kanchana 3 full movie telugu is based on its previous parts if you have seen the previous parts you must having some expectations with this one. Keep reading to know whether your expectations are fulfilled or not.

Kanchana 3 Movie Cast


  • Raghava Lawrence


  • Raghava Lawrence
  • Kalanithi Maran


  • Raghava Lawrence in the double role of Kaali and Raghava
  • * Oviya as Kavya
  • Vedhika as Priya
  • Nikki Tamboli as Divya
  • Ri Djavi Alexandra as Rosie
  • Kovai Sarala as Raghav's Mother
  • Devadarshini as Kamakshi
  • Soori as Govindan
  • Sriman as Raghav's brother
  • Tarun Arora as Shankar
  • Kabir Duhan Singh as Bhavani
  • Anupama Kumar as Radha
  • Yuvasri Lakshmi as Pappa
  • Bhanu Balasubramaniam as Raghava's grandmother
  • Aathma Patrick as Murthy
  • Myna Nandhini as Durga
  • Sunita Gogoi as Dhivya
  • Ashok Pandian as Dhivya
  • Meerabi as Dhivya
  • R.N.R Manohar as Shankar's friend
  • Sampath as Aghori
  • Ajay Ghosh as Cop
  • Chetan Pandit as Abhisekh


  • Raghava Lawrence

Kanchana Movie Storyline

Raghava was happily living with his mother, sister-in-law, brother, and daughter. The family went to a family function where they met Raghav's cousins Divya, Kavya, and Priya. They all started facing some paranormal activities and later on Raaghav was possessed by someone. The story then shifts to a man named kali.

kali was a social worker who used to work in an ashram and used to manage everything for the poor and needy children living in it. He also did his level best to give all the facilities to the children. One day few ministers named Bhavani and Shankar went to meet Kaali. The ministers asked him to keep 100 crores of black money in his ashram. Keeping 20 crores as college funds and 80 crores returning back to them. Kaali refuses this and gets into a fight with Bhavani. Bhavani was murdered and kali made a plan to kill Kaali. Kali was riding on a bike with his girlfriend named Rosie. Shankar appointed 2 men to crush both of them with the truck. Rosie instantly dies whereas Kaali dies watching his ashram getting burned and destroyed by Shankar's men. Kaali's soul was out for taking his revenge and choosing the body of Raghava. Shankar got to know that kali is back to take revenge on him. he made some plans to defeat him but at last kali managed to kill him and completed his revenge. In the last, it was shown that Kaalie and Rosie were happy after taking their revenge.


The performance done by Lawrence is completely amazing he did his role very well. From dialogues to all his transformation scenes he did everything perfectly. The first half is filled with funny horror scenes that was entertaining and refreshing. Vedhika, Oviya, and Nikki Tamboli were given less screen time but still looked really gorgeous all the time. Although Lawrence was good in his job somewhere he seemed very confusing and messed up many things. The first half was saved with comedy scenes but the narration is very slow in the second half. The flashback of kali covered more than half of the story which is considered too lengthy. There were some emotional scenes too but they were not really showcased nicely and the audience was not able to connect with them. The climax of the kanchana 3 part was shown without creating any suspense. Lawrence is a good choreographer and a versatile actor but when it comes to the direction he needs to improve a lot. The execution of the film is not really good and there are many unnecessary scenes that made the movie a little boring. The kanchana 3 music director needs to focus as the songs were not at all good. The camera work and editing is quite fine too. The film was low budget and the production value was good.


Overall, kanchana 3 cinema is just like a regular comedy-drama film which was good in the first half. The second half was filled with unnecessary scenes that were not required at all. The kanchana cinema received both positive and negative reviews from the audience. If you are looking for some basic comedy-drama movie then you can go for kanchana 3 part.


The kanchana kanchana 3 received 4.1 points out of 10 on IMDb.


Ques 1. What is kanchana 3 budget?

Ans. The kanchana movie come under the budget of 38 crores.


Image Credits: IMDb

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