Kanam Movie Review: Directed By Shree Karthick, A Dedication To his Mother

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The idea of time travel has not been well received in Tamil movies. Indru Netru Naalai by Vishnu Vishal attempted to make the scientific idea of time travel understandable to laypeople. Kanam, a new Tamil movie with time travel at its center, is now being presented to you by filmmaker Shree Karthick.

Hello, What's up readers? Are you guys liking the 99chills.com content? To meet your expectations and to let you be aware of amazing ongoing entertainment we are back with an amazing movie review. This time the movie which we are going to do is the Kanam Telugu movie.

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Kanam is directed by Shree Karthick. As you can see in the title of the blog itself that Shree Karthick has dedicated this movie to his mother, Why? well... you will get to know about all of these questions in the blog.

Talking a little bit about Sai Pallavi and Naga Shourya movie, No I am not talking about Dhiya movie here but one more movie named Kanam, which is Sai Pallavi Naga Shourya movie. So, in this blog, we won't be reviewing Naga Shourya and Sai Pallavi's movie but we only be reviewing Shree Karthick's new movie "Kanam". First, let's start with the cast and crew of the movie. 

Kanam Telugu full movie cast-


  • Shree Karthick


  • Shree Karthick


  • Sharwanand as Aadhi 
  • Ramesh Thilak as Pandi 
  • Sathish as Kathir 
  • Nasser as scientist Paul
  • Amala Akkineni as the mother of Aadhi 
  • RJ Ramesh Thilak 
  • Nassar
  • Ravi Raghavendra
  • M. S. Bhaskar
  • Vaiyapuri
  • Yog Japee


  • S R Prakash Babu
  • S R Prabhu

Kanam movie story-

Friends since childhood include Aadhi, Pandi, and Kathir. The group encounters scientist Paul, who creates a time travel device, through real estate broker Pandi. Paul suggests time travel so that Aadhi can visit his mother, who he hasn't seen in 20 years and is still mourning. Aadhi made the choice without hesitation. There are motives for Pandi and Kathir as well. Pandi wishes that his younger self had prioritized his education so that he may have a greater chance at success in life. Regarding Kathir, his classmate Savitha had made attempts to gain his love while they were in school, but Kathir had ignored her. Savitha is now married to a different classmate after growing up. Right now, Kathir wants to take a chance and try to win over Savitha by traveling back in time.

Kanam (Oke Oka Jeevitham) movie run time is 2-hour 40-minute (Kanam movie run time) and is directed by Shree Karthick, he dedicated this to his late mother. And as the movie goes on, we see why. Aadhi wants to be a musician but struggles with social anxiety. His mother was a pillar of strength for him. But just as he was getting ready to confront his phobia, his mother is killed in an accident. His anxiety increases. Even though Ritu Varma, Aadhi's girlfriend, attempts to be a calming influence in his life, it isn't the same. How people cope with bereavement and anxiety problems is explained through the entire interaction between Aadhi's relationships with his mother and his fiancée.

Kanam movie review-

Aadhi, the protagonist of Kanam, is someone who is unable to go over the loss of his mother in an accident, just as Pazham, the protagonist of the most current Thiruchitrambalam. They also have a somewhat damaged relationship with their respective fathers, which is another element in common. In fact, the opening sequences of both movies share a feeling of similarity: a car traveling along a long stretch of road and a driver who is preoccupied with a message. However, aside from the fact that they are both feel-good movies, the parallels end here.

This foundation is used by director Shreekarthick to deliver a time travel movie that is packed with sentiment and '90s nostalgia and strikes a powerful emotional punch. The story begins when Aadhi and his buddies, a housing broker named Pandi and a bachelor named Kathir, encounter a scientist named Rangi Kuttapaul. In a botched attempt at time travel, Paul discovers that Aadhi had lost his mother at the same time as he had lost Michael Roy, his partner. Whether strictly professional or not; the movie leaves it open for interpretation.

After 20 years, he has developed time travel and offers Aadhi the chance to save his mother in exchange for agreeing to prevent Michael's demise. Pandi and Kathir also decide to participate in this mission for different reasons. Do the buddies succeed in altering the situation and their lives?

Given that the entire idea of time travel involves wish fulfillment and nostalgia, time travel movies already contain plenty of drama and excitement. Shreekarthick is conscious of this.

He doesn't go overboard with the nostalgia, only providing us with a few period markers (one moment in particular, where the three friends cry while watching a Nirma commercial on TV, makes us grin) and '90s footage of the city to create the scene. Even though the three friends end up in the past, the director manages to bring a few characters from the 1990s to the present. This is his cleverest plot device, and it also gives the time-travel idea some new life.

The emotional connection between a mother and her son, however, is the filmmaker's true goal, and this is the aspect that propels the story.

He gets two actors with tremendous on-screen chemistry in Amala and Sharwa. These characters become incredibly endearing to us thanks to Amala's warmth (who is making her come back to Tamil cinema after a three-decade absence) and Sharwa's longing (his look when he gets to taste his mother's food again is a standout). The subplots including Pandi's attempt to convince his younger self to take his studies seriously and Kathir's attempt to get his younger self to exhibit interest in his classmate, who is sure to become a lovely model, inject humor into the proceedings and make sure that things don't get too serious.

Ritu Varma, who plays Adhi's girlfriend, and Ravi Raghavendra, who plays Adhi's father, are among the supporting actors who provide strong performances in their roles, while Jakes Bejoy's beautiful score masterfully lifts the emotional beats to the point where we are impacted by the time we reach the conclusion.

Kanam full movie rating-

The IMDb rating of the movie is 8.5/10 with 90 votes.

Kanam full movie in Telugu conclusion-

Kanam takes a considerate perspective on how one should handle their emotions. No needless exaltation or dramatic music is used to enhance a scene. The feelings are as genuine as they come. Kanam stands out in this regard. The idea of time travel is more than merely Kanam's calling card. It moves convincingly throughout the entire narrative.

Kanam movie watch online Telugu trailer-

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