Kanabadutaledu movie review: An original script or a Telugu version of Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya

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About the movie

Kanabadutaledu is a 2021, Telugu language movie that has the crime thriller genre. Kanabadutaledu is available on OTT platforms like Amazon prime, so if you have a Prime membership you can watch the movie in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. The movie is directed by Balaraju M. This movie revolves around Sunil Verma who has all the answers of a couple who is looking at their past for their unhappy marriage and a police officer who is looking to solve the mystery revolving around an unidentified body. You can check out the trailer here.



Kanabadutaledu Cast

The Kanabadutaledu film cast has many Telugu stars like

·      Sunil Verma in the lead role of detective

·      Vaishali Raj as Sashida

·      Sukranth Veerella as Surya

·      Yug Ram

·      Kishore Kuman Polimera

Movie Synopsis

The Kanabadutaledu movie review shows that the movie promises to be an edge-of-the-seat thriller but the movie has very less to offer. The story seems good on paper as the plots drive interest from the viewer but the execution of the movie plots makes it a passable watch. Kanabadutaledu movie review is that it is very confusing. Sashida played by Vaishali Raj and Aditya her husband played by Yug Ram is in an unhappy marriage because of her past. She married him due to family and societal pressure after her ex-boyfriend named Surya played by Sukranth Veeralla left her hanging when they were supposed to elope together to get married. The marriage issue that is related to her past brings the couple to Vizag. Then there is another segment of the story that includes a womanizer, a short-tempered policeman, Victor Raju played by Kishore Kuman Polimera. The story involved here is that he is trying to solve a mystery of an unidentified dead body. Then the true protagonist of the movie is Detective Rama Krishna played by Sunil who has all the answers to their respective questions.

Kanabadutaledu movie rating

The movie rating is 2/5. This is a poor movie with many mistakes and it fails to charm the audience.


Kanabadutaledu Movie Review

Kanabadutaledu’s storyline seems promising the movie itself starts on a note that makes the character disconcerting. The problem with the first half of the movie is that although it has enough time to establish the characters it fails to make the audience care about them. It even fails to generate enough interest in the movie and in what the movie leads to. As the movie progress, you soon lose interest in the movie and your curiosity drains so much so that you would rather end up checking the texts that see on the screen. Kanabadutaledu review is that Sashi’s love story completely fails to have any impact on the audience and it fails to bring out the agony that she might be going through for the audience to care.

Although the hope for the movie relives with the entry of Sunil’s character Detective Rama Krishna, the Kanabadutaledu movie review is that it still doesn’t charm us all. The loose ends are quickly tied and the plot picks up a speed to find the answers but the harm is done in the first half of the movie remains. Kanabadutaledu director Balaraju has tried really hard to make Sunil’s character humorous as the movie of 2017 Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya but it fails to provide any kind of depth that is required to pull of seriousness of a crime and comedy of the detective. The character of Sashida has only two emotions being upset and finding the answer about her ex-boyfriend whereas her husband has nothing important going on in his life and his life motive is to find her wife’s happiness, it may seem like a picture-perfect love story but it is far from it. Kanabadutaledu review It lacks any kind of work on the character and their behaviors.

What does not work

The character of the police officer makes the movie more miserable as it fails to bring out different colors to the character according to him the officer only had two emotions, one being a womanizer and the other being short tempered. The overreaction makes it hard to watch as the proper connection and his seriousness towards the cases subdues. Although Sunil's character is played well and introduced in the movie when the movie starts gaining pace and reason but apart from Sunil, no other character seems to have any normal reaction and mostly they end up looking extremely odd. The half-baked storyline makes this movie very hard to watch and appreciate. The work of the storyline and making the characters more believable would have helped the movie immensely and the suspects of the thriller are shown so late in the movie that it loses all its charm.


What the movie lacks

The story also lacks any effort to put into the suspect's character sketch and make them three-dimensional characters rather than screen-filling props. To make matters worse the editing of the movie could have saved it if it would have cut down some unnecessary elements. The first half of the movie could have lost at least 30 mins of the run time and could have easily been cut out of the picture.



If you are a Telegu speaker then this movie still has a hope to redeem itself but in Tamil and Hindi, this movie fails miserably to make any impact whatsoever on you as an audience. The Kanabadutaledu movie review is that the movie has hope fails to please the audience due to the cast, their acting performances, and dubbing. Overall the movie is passable.

Kanabadutaledu IMDb rating

The IMDb rating of the movie is 5.6/10 


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