Kala Telugu Movie Review: A Slow And Boring Narration

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Kaala is Tamil Indian language film directed and written by Ra. Ranjith and the production is done by Dhanush under the production company of Wunderbar Films. The main lead of the film is Rajnikanth. The kaala movie release date is 14 June 2018 on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr. The kaala movie was also released in Malaysia on 13 Jun 2018. The total duration of kalla telugu movie is 159 minutes and the total budget is between 80 to 140 crores. It is one of the rajnikant new movies in telugu.

About Kaala Movie

Kaala has considered a god in the slum area of Dharavi(Area in Mumbai). Many big companies and politicians tried to remove the slum area from there and tried to construct their property. But as a savior kaala always stopped them from doing so. Things got difficult when Hari das enters his life. The war started between rich people and the slum area. Hari das did every possible thing to defeat Kaala and build his property there but kaala managed to fight with him is the rest of the story.

Hello guys! Today 99chill.com is back with the 2019 Telugu film where you will see how rich ones try their level best to destroy the lives of slum people but when people are in need their god saves them similarly the god of slum people(kaala) fought with everyone to save the houses of the slum people. Keep reading to know everything about kaala telugu movie and very honest kala movie review telugu.

Kaala Movie Cast


  • Ra. Ranjith


  • Dhanush


  • Rajnikanth as Kaala
  • Nana Patekar as Haridev
  • Eswari Rao as Selvi Karikaalan
  • Huma Qureshi as Zareena
  • Samuthirakani asVaaliyappan
  • Anjali Patil as Charumathi
  • Manikandan as Lenin
  • Dileepan as Selvam
  • Nitish Veera as Kathiravan
  • Vikram as Kaala's third son
  • Aruldoss as Mani
  • Aravind as Sivaji Rao
  • Sayaji Shinde as Minister
  • Sampath Raj as Vishnu Bhai
  • Pankaj Tripathi as SI Pankaj Patil
  • Sakshi Aggarwal as daughter in law
  • Sugannya as daughter in law
  • Ramesh Thilak as Praveen
  • Bikramjeet Kanwarpal as Builder
  • Suryakanth as Candidate
  • Anitha Sampath as Newsreader
  • Vishalini as Devi
  • Shan


  • Ra. Ranjith

Kaala Movie Storyline

People from southern India migrated to Mumbai and started living in the slum area of Dharavi. A gangster named Haridev attacked Dharavi in the year 1980 but couldn't capture it now he is back with the intention of making Dharavi his land. Dharavi was an MP and a Union Minister and a well-known politician too with a strong back and bodyguards.

Hari planned to destroy the houses of slum people with the help of his supporter Vishnu Bhai. Karikaalan was known as the godfather of the slum area as he always saved the slum people from any tragedy. Hari tries many things against slum people but Kaala stopped him from all his plans. Kaala was arrested after his marriage anniversary party and was badly humiliated in front of the State minister and hair. The next day he got released and was on the way to reach his home but Hari attacked him and killed his wife Selvi and his son named Selvam. Kaala made up his mind in taking revenge. Hari started threatening people in slums but Kaala motivated them to speak up for their rights. Kaala also started a campaign on social media. Hari felt humiliated and created a curfew along with his other members of the party. Kaala, his son, and his daughter-in-law were attacked again and fought back for their defense. Panka got arrested after a reporter named Praveen showed his video and proved that the henchmen that came into Dharavi were all a planned strategy that took place with the help of police. Hari again entered Dharavia and started pretending that everything he is doing is for the welfare of the people. The people killed him in anger and remembered what kaala told them. The kala movie rajnikanth ends by showing the people of Dharavi celebrating their success over Hari.


Rajnikanth was good, he looked very natural and casual in his role of Kaala. Rajnikanth and Nana Patekar did a very good job together and the audience loved to see them together. The role of Minster played by Nana Patekar looked very good as per his age. The way he delivered dialogues, his body language, and his personality suited the role very well. Huma Qureshi looked absolutely gorgeous and stunning and the role given to her was quite interesting. The love angle between her and Rajini was very good, they both shared good chemistry together. Esthwari played the role of Rajini's wife and looked decent, and the dialogues written are well presented. The first half of the movie is quite interesting and five minutes before the interval created suspense in the audience. The second half was filled up with emotional scenes. One of the biggest reviews of the movie is that the story was stretched unnecessarily. There was a lack of entertainment element. So those who are expecting some entertainment would be disappointed. the shooting of the film is done in Chennai and all the surroundings looked very beautiful. The camera work is excellent, and the beauty of every scene is attractive. The editing was not good and needed many unnecessary scenes to be trimmed. The director really needs to work on some elements like narration. There was nothing new in kala rajini movie.


Overall Kaala is a serious and emotional thriller drama film. The work done by Rajni and Nana Patekar was good and the audience was really excited to see 2 big superstars together but the direction of the film broke the expectations of the people. The rajnikanth telugu movies was really slow and took so much time to reveal the real plot. The people who are a fan of serious drama and emotional movies will surely like it but the people expecting entertainment will be highly disappointed. This was the honest kaala review.


The kaala movie received 6.6 points out of 10 on IMDb.


Ques 1. What is the review of rajnikanth latest movie telugu?

Ans. The kaala movie received both positive and negative reviews.


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