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Kashmora's commercials made a big splash in all media. In particular, the appearance of Cartier in this movie, which was released today, drew a lot of attention. Let's see how it goes in Kashmora Review Telugu.

Hello readers! We hope 99chill.com lives up to your expectations for the latest movies and web shows in all languages. Today's blog is about the Telugu movie Kashmora.


Kashmora (Karti) is a little con artist who pretends to have a special ability to communicate with ghosts. He deceives a big politician and runs away with the money.

The twist of the Kashmora Telugu movie begins when he is locked up in a huge forbidden bungalow with over 7 centuries of history and several real ghosts.

How is Kaashmora 2016 Telugu blocked? What is the relationship between bungalows and ghosts? Where do Nayantara and Shri Divya appear in this whole system? This forms the rest of the story.

Kaashmora Movie Review

Kashmora Telugu movie 2016 is the latest movie riding a wave of seemingly endless horror comedy. The film does contain the usual horror-comedy gimmicks, but presents them all on a larger scale in slightly different ways, giving it a different feel, albeit essentially old wine in a new big-budget bottle. Kashmora meaning in English is "Deadly Spirit".

The plot revolves around Kashmora Karthi, a fake shaman who, with his family, turns exorcism into a noisy business. A corrupt politician (Sharat Rohitashva), who he believes to be real, decides to hide his unjustly earned fortune at home for fear of an IT raid. The family escapes with the booty. However, they find themselves locked in a dilapidated palace under the control of the ghost of Raja Nayak (Karti), an evil warlord waiting to settle a centuries-old score with his princess Ratnamahadevi (Nayantara), who is responsible for the curse. for his present fate.

As we saw in Balakumara's Idharkudhaane Aasaipattai, Gokul has a knack for comedy, and here, like Vijay Sethupathi in this film, we have the lead character Karthi, who easily makes the audience laugh. The cast of Kashmora Movie carries the film even in its weakest moments. A scene showing the plight of Kashmura and his family (the film returns with Viv playing the role of his father) shows the complex environment of a naive house populated by naive people. The laughs only get louder when the family is locked up in Raj Nayak's palace along with the Land Brokers (who sadly disappear in the final scene).

The flashback section in the second half is Kashmora Villain Goku's new realm, and the director is impressive. Despite being a warrior, Raj Nayak presents him not as a six-pack stallion but as a bearded and bald bastard. Karthi also does well in this role but it is Nayanthara who gets the attention in this scene despite her limited screen time. Her outfit looks a bit modern and somewhat out of place, but the actress makes up for it with her screen presence.

That being said, Gokul's filmmaking is so messed up that he seems obsessed with the visual fireworks of his scenes. Held and the scene is longer than it should be (the mountain stunt scene goes on and on). I feel that this movie is too long, it is the director and not the editor who should take the blame because they also write many scripts. For example, Sri Divya's character, who appears as Yamini, the girl who tries to expose Karthi and Nayanthara movie Kaashmora and joins his team for the purpose, feels discredited and even unnecessary. However, Goku makes up for such mistakes in the climax, and the hero plays a bigger role in saving his family than the hero!


Director: Gokul

Writer: Yashwant Mahilwar


  • Karthi as Kaashmora and Raj Nayak (Dual Role)
  • Nayanthara as Rathna Mahadevi
  • Sri Divya as Yamini
  • Vivek as Kaashmora's father
  • Sharath Lohitashwa as Minister
  • Madhusudhan Rao as Swamy
  • Pattimandram Raja as Yamini's father
  • Saravana Subbiah as show host
  • Muruganandam as a property broker

Producer: S R Prakashbabu

Positive aspects

The idea of ​​linking the current setting with ancient fantasy elements is very interesting and well implemented in Kaashmora 1. Carty is the film's biggest highlight and is great in both roles. He makes huge comedies like Kashmora but surprises you with his looks and behavior as Raj Naik.

Another advantage of Karthi Nayanthara movie is that horror, comedy, fantasy, and suspense are intertwined. The visual effects work deserves special mention as this film has some of the best visual effects. There is a very interesting moment between Nayantara and Karti in the second half.

Negative aspects

One of the biggest shortcomings of the Kaashmora Hindi movie is its length. Many scenes can be easily edited. The two-part story has a sweet time to unravel and unravel a simple plot.

The climax of Kashmora 2016 was a bit over-fantasy. Even though Nayantara is good, she only appears as a cameo and suddenly appears in the climax feels silky. The story behind Raja Naik's characters and fantasy wasn't that exciting and could have been better told.

Technical aspects

The music in the Kashmora movie Torrent is just as terrible as the background music. Much better results could have taken the procedure to another level. Editing is average, as a film can be cut for at least 10 minutes. Carty's art direction and style are simply captivating.

Kashmora Director Gokul did a great job with Kashmora Karthi new movie. His concept is interesting and to his credit, he narrates the film in a fun way with plenty of comedy. If he had handled the flashback sequences better and made the film clearer, the result would have been much better.


In a nutshell, Karthi Kashmora is a very different film from the usual old-fashioned commercial films that come out these days. Carty's acting and good comedy are the big pluses of this horror comedy with good production value. Ignoring the exaggerated length and hiccups here and there, the Kaashmora film is entertainment to pass the time on this Diwali weekend.

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