Just Between Lovers Review: A Tale of Grief And Love

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It's finally time for the premiere of Lee Junho and Won Jin Ah's new JTBC drama called Just Between Lovers. So, the fans of Lee Junho are you guys excited? I know you have been eager to watch this drama since Junho is in it. Also, Junho is starring as the main character in the drama which will be his first ever leading role. Now, Are You Guys Double Excited? Ok. So, let's find out more about this drama by continuing to read this article, and let's do a just between lovers review.

The JTBC channel debuted the Korean drama Just Between Lovers, also known as Rain or Shine, on December 11th, 2017. The drama's sixteen episodes came to an end on January 31st, 2018. Each episode lasts 70 minutes. Kim Jin Won is the director of Yoo Bo Ra's Just Between Lovers. The difficult yet beautiful journey of Gang Doo and Moon Soo, who survive the unfortunate catastrophe but have indelible wounds on their spirits, has been masterfully represented in the k-drama.

This article will be a little different as first we will be discussing the Just Between Lovers cast so, that you get an idea how what the drama would look like, and thereafter we will continue with the just between lovers review. 

Just Between Lovers cast-

  • Jun-Ho Lee - Lee Gang Doo 
  • Jin-ah Won - Ha Moon Soo 
  • Ki-woo Lee - Seo Joo Won
  • Kang Han-na - Jung Yoo Jin 
  • Yun Se-ah - Ma-ri 
  • Yu-seon Yun - Yoon-ok 
  • Moon-hee Na - Jeong Sook Hee 
  • Hee-bon Park - Kim Wan-jin 
  • Kim Kang-hyeon - Sang-man 
  • Min-Kyu Kim - Jin Young 
  • In-ho Tae - Jung Yoo-taek 
  • Kim Hye-jun - Lee Jae-young 
  • Ahn Nae-sang - Ha Dong-cheol 
  • Park Gyuyoung - So-mi
  • Seo-jin Han - Ha Yun-soo

The series' key characters include Jun-Ho Lee, Jin-ah Won, Ki-woo Lee, and Kang Han-na. The first season of the Just Between Lovers television series was launched on December 11, 2017. 

Just Between Lovers plot-

The show talks about a serious accident in which 48 persons lose their life. The lives of the survivors, those who lost loved ones, and those related to the parties held accountable for the horrific incident will always bear a permanent mark. 

The moment they share on the bus in Just Between Lovers Episode 7 strikes out as a major couple moment. Despite the fact that Moon Soo had kissed him when intoxicated the previous evening, it felt like this is their closest exchange to date.

However, this morning, he tells her about losing his dad and she tells him about losing her sister in the crash. Although it's unexceptional and not spectacular, the fact that they are freely sharing knowledge with one another about topics they have never discussed with anybody else feels very historic.

Just Between Lovers” Cast Takes Nostalgic Look Back Ahead Of Finale | Soompi

Just Between Lovers ending: Spoiler Alert-

Moon Soo and Gang Doo's sister Jae Young were consumed with worry about Gang Doo now that they became aware of his serious medical condition, which calls for a liver transplant.

Yes, the conclusion of Just Between Lovers results in Moon Soo and Gang Doo being together. How? for that you have to watch the drama as we do not want to spoil the excitement. 

Just Between Lovers trailer-

Just Between Lovers soundtrack-

  • I Open My Eyes
  • Aurora
  • I Just Miss You
  • You Did That To Me That Da
  • Stand by Me
  • What Do You Need To Say
  • Where We

Just Between Lovers k-drama review-

As Just Between Lovers reviews, Moon Soo and Gang Doo appear to be very different from one another and have very distinct approaches to dealing with their grief. However, they are more alike than one might immediately suppose below the surface.

With Just Between Lovers IMDb rating 8.1 out of 10, people liked the show very much. Over the course of the journey, what viewers enjoyed the most is getting to know these couple of characters more and more, and the show takes its time to reveal all of their complex personalities.

Currently, you can watch the drama on the following-

  • Just Between Lovers Hotstar for free with advertisements, or
  • Just Between Lovers Netflix, or
  • Just Between Lovers Dramacool, etc.


Ques. 1 What is the story of just between lovers? 

Ans.  the future consequences of the horrible occurrence on the lives of the survivors, those who lost loved ones, and those connected to the parties found responsible.

Ques. 2 Is there a love triangle in just between lovers? 

Ans. Yes, they do. But the two primary characters remain unmoved. They are obviously the final act.

Ques. 3 Is rain or shine Kdrama worth watching? 

Ans. Yes, The drama is fantastic and the romantic bond between the main leads is worth watching.

Ques. 4 Does rain or shine drama have a happy ending?

Ans. Yes, rain or shine drama has a happy ending, but to find out how it happened you guys have to watch the drama itself.

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