Jodi Telugu Movie: Will Kapil Be Able To Complete His Jodi With Kanchana

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The 2019 romance drama movie Jodi was directed and written by Vishwanath Aarigella. Aadi Saikumar as well as Shraddha Srinath lead in the Bhavana Creations-produced movie, which also has Vennela Kishore, Gollapaudi Maruthi Rao, Naresh, as well as Sithara in supporting parts. Jodi movie release date was September 6, 2019.

Hello everyone, we are back up on that channel to discuss the intriguing Jodi film where Jodi means couple in English that you may see, but before we do that, you must be curious regarding how everything is related to it, including the Jodi movie review, plot, cast, and some other specifics.

About The Movie:

A software worker named Kapil develops feelings for Kanchanamala. Just when things appeared to be going smoothly, Kanchanamala's father abruptly rejects the wedding proposal, claiming Kapil's dad is a significant issue. What issue does the father of Kanchanamala have with the father of Kapil? How is Kapil going to resolve this and take Kanchanamala? The remainder of the plot is made up of that.

Jodi Telugu Movie Cast:


  • Vishwanath Arigella


  • Vishwanath Arigella


  • Aadi Saikumar as Kapil
  • Shraddha Srinath as Kanchana Mala
  • Shiju as Raju, Kanchana's Uncle
  • Vennela Kishore as Kapil's boss
  • Gollapaudi Maruthi Rao
  • Sithara as Vasavi
  • Naresh as Kapil's father
  • Sathya as Kapil's friend
  • Pradeep as Avinash
  • Kedar Shankar as Kanchanamala's father
  • Chinna as Naresh's friend
  • Varshini Sounderajan as Madhu Priya


  • Sai Venkatesh Gurram
  • Patchva Padmaja

Jodi Movie 2019 Plot:

After placing a bad wager on a cricket game, network administrator Kapil's connection with his father has soured. He develops feelings for Kanchana Mala, a French teacher, who following the passing of her parents now reside alongside her paternal aunt as well as an uncle.

Kapil tracks down businessman Avinash after he inadvertently knocks on Kanchana's grandfather using his car, and together they transport the guy to the hospital. Kanchana Mala's grandfather is revealed to be the sufferer, and Kapil, as well as Kanchana, start dating as a result.

Kapil contacts Kanchana's uncle to share their joyous engagement news. Contrary to the principles of his father, her uncle, nevertheless, rejects Kapil's request. Kapil leaves his job as well as enters Suvarnabhoomi Farms and Lands to satisfy Kanchana's uncle.

Under his new boss, Kapil has problems. They plot retribution against Kapil's supervisor after an accidental encounter with Avinash, who has decided to discipline his new hire.

Jodi Movie Review:

Shraddha Srinath was set to make her Telugu film debut with Jodi, but Jersey came out before. She performs admirably, appears young, and plays an important part in the movie. Throughout the songs, Shraddha has been exquisitely portrayed, as well as her performance is also flawless.

In comparison to his earlier movies, Aadi is much better and he plays his part fairly.

He gives the part he's been given his all, and he and Shraddha get along well. It is wonderful to finally see veteran actor Gollapudi playing an excellent role. In his part as a compulsive cricket bettor, Naresh is sharp, as well as Pradeep, the antagonist, is also passable.

Satya as well as Vennela Kishore appear in several amusing sequences. The main couple's romance as well as a few good feelings are present in the first half. Jodi release date was September 6, 2019. The film's predictable as well as the tired plot is one of its main flaws.

This script doesn't offer anything novel because you can readily predict each twist as it happens.

The director successfully handles the first portion despite the lack of a story by including humor, romance, and some respectable emotions. But somehow the movie loses all credibility after that.

The second period is completely aimless as the viewer is repeatedly given forced laughter, forced emotions, as well as stupid scenarios.

Throughout this period, reason becomes illogical, and the villain viewpoint has somehow been inserted into the scenario, which is not attractive. The conclusion is a huge letdown as a humorous wedding setup is displayed in which the villain gets made a scapegoat, and several ordinary scenes play through. This kind of material has been included in several movies before, as well as Jodi is no exception.

The Jodi south movie has decent production standards, and the superb camera work makes the graphics look vivid. Both the Phani songs and the background music in Jodi Telugu movie songs are just about passable. Even as a film can be cut to about 12 minutes, editing is a massive mess. The movie still appears new despite its delay. Although the conversation is extremely outstanding, the words of the Jodi Telugu songs are ok.

Director Vishwanath chose an extremely antiquated plot and attempted to add commercial elements to it. He has a strong first portion, but he messes up the second half. He was unable to smoothly describe the fundamental feelings as well as made a Kichidi of the events, which bored the audience.


Overall, the Jodi Telugu movie is an old and unremarkable family drama that will only serve to upset Aadi further. There are a few fleetingly enjoyable moments in the first half, but the overly dramatic narrative forced laughter and forced emotions in the second half boring the audience. The sole bright spot in this picture, in which everything else crumbles, is Shraddha Srinath.

Jodi 2019 IMDb Rating:

5.4 out of 10 with 144 votes on IMDb

Jodi Telugu Movie Trailer:

Image Credits: IMDb

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