Jhansi Movie Review: Jyothika Police Movie Is Back

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Jyothika Saravanan is an Indian actress, model, and producer who primarily works in Tamil language movies. She has also appeared in films in Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu. That is not it, she has also received four Dinakaran Awards, three Tamil Nadu State Film Awards, three Filmfare Awards, and one National Award. Additionally, she has received the Kalaimamani Award. She is regarded as one of Tamil cinema's most productive actresses. Jyothika movies list Telugu is endless. Her Bollywood debut was in the Hindi movie Doli Saja Ke Rakhna. She co-starred with Chiranjeevi in her first Tamil film Vaali (1999) and her first Telugu film Tagore (2003). Jyotika was also applauded for her performance in the movie named, Nacchiyar, Raatchasi Telugu movie (Rakshasi Jyothika movie, ), etc. Recently her new movie has been released similar to that of Nacchiyar movie.

Hello, What's up readers? Are you guys liking the 99chills.com content? To meet your expectations and to let you be aware of amazing ongoing entertainment we are back with an amazing movie review. This time the movie which we are going to do is the Jhansi Telugu movie.

So now let's explore the details of the Karthi and Jyothika movie name in Telugu, Jhansi, and dig deep into the details of one of the Jhansi film plots, Jyothika police movie performance, Rakshasi Jyothika movie in Telugu, Jhansi movie review, Jhansi in Telugu release date, and other pertinent information regarding Jhansi movie Hindi.

Nacchiyar, a film by director Bala, has been in the news ever since Jyothika was originally depicted in it as a police officer. Though in the Raatchasi movie in Telugu (Raatchasi in Telugu) which is one of Jyothika Telugu movies, we have seen Jyothika acting as a police officer, in which she did a tremendous job. The movie is popularly known as the Jyotika Rakshasi movie.

On August 17, 2018, the release of the Telugu dub of the movie titled Jhansi has taken place. Let's check it out.

Jhansi movie cast-


  • Bala Pazhanisaamy


  • Rakshasi Jyothika as Jhansi
  • Debutante Ivana as Raasi 
  • GV Prakash Kumar as Gali, lover of Raasi 
  • Rockline Venkatesh as feorez Khan


  • Rockline Venkatesh

Jhansi movie story-

Jhansi is an honest and cunning police officer who is infamous for both her brutal interrogation techniques and her disobedience towards her superiors. A delicate situation involving a young girl living in a slum named Raasi and her lover Gali, which results in the latter being imprisoned, interferes with her plans to travel abroad with her family.

Gali is accused of raping his pregnant buddy Raasi. However, Jhansi takes Raasi's plight seriously and will stop at nothing to ensure that she receives justice. Jhansi learns a startling truth while conducting her inquiry.

Jhansi movie review-

With a weak plot, famed director Bala enters the scene. Like Pa. Ranjith (director of "Kabali" and "Kaala"), he also appears to think that good intention are sufficient to complete a movie.

The script by Jhansi is inconsistent and moves at a halting rate. The spectator is unable to empathize with GVP and Ivana's characters because of the weak love story between them. Because the antagonist is introduced abruptly in the script, Jyothika's punishment for him has no effect.

Everyone is engaged in harsh conversations with others. nearly all characters. nearly all of the scenes. Jyothika is pictured as a character similar to Telangana Shakuntala and Vijayashanthi. Director Bala pushes us to watch a mocked version of his (Bala's) prior heroes by making GV Prakash look as untidy, infantile, innocent, and pitiful as possible. The performer overacts. In one instance, she joins him in barking humorously at his lover. Are we supposed to have orgasms while we watch this? You don't have to make your hero do a bunch of too charming things just because he's the underdog.

The stunt scenes in Bala's films are typically highly realistic and intense, thus this one is disappointing, especially GVP's jail battle. The required court scene with the recognizable Savarna magistrate has a feeling of déjà vu brought on by Bala. The prose lacks depth, and the characterizations are either too crude or too hazy.

Considering the few and far between positives, it is good to represent good individuals as evil in order to deceive the public. In our prisons, the dehumanization of those awaiting trial is effectively highlighted. How many love stories have you heard while riding in an autorickshaw with six other people?

Jyothika does a commendable job of portraying her role as emotionless when interacting with coworkers, supervisors, and even her husband. But she exhibits fleeting tenderness with nuanced gestures for the young girl in peril, giving her character further depth. Ivana, the new actress who portrays GVP's young love interest, is alright.

Given the weak plot, the 100-minute running length is a positive. In the climax, Jyothika and GVP's decisions are both intriguing.

The soundtrack by Ilayaraja doesn't help or hurt the movie. Sathish Suriya's editing, Theni Easwar's camerawork, and Balachander's art direction are all serviceable.

Jhansi Telugu movie conclusion-

Jhansi is an overall suspense drama that only occasionally succeeds. The first half of the film benefits from the lead actors' performances and authentic emotions in the love story. However, the film's weak and baffling second half is what ultimately drags it down. This movie isn't your typical dancing and action movie because of its somber subject. Therefore, everyone who likes serious dramas and is alright with the strong Tamil influence can see this movie. But this weekend, the others are free to choose something different.

Jhansi Telugu movie trailer-

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