Jessie 2019: A Telugu Language Psychological Thriller About A Girl Jessie

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At the box office, horror films have always been safe bets. They can be made on a lower budget, and we usually see good profits if they click. Did the Telugu ghost movie Jessie perform well at the box office as a horror film? Pawan Wadeyar wrote and directed the 2016 Indian romantic psychological ghost movies in Telugu called Jessie. Jessie movie release date was 15 March 2019.  

Hello everyone, we hope you are doing great today! We welcome you once again to our page, 99chill. We provide content for different movies, series, and tv serials. And that's why we are here a new fresh blog for you all to read. Today we are going to talk about devil movies in Telugu 2019. One of the well-known ghost movies in Telugu related to sisters horror movie 2019 was Jessie. Jessie movie Telugu is a pretty decent watchable movie for the youth audience. 

About The Movie 

The film begins with a group of professional ghost hunters searching for a house outside of town to investigate the disappearance of two sisters, Jessie and Amy. During the process, they notice some unexpected events in the home involving Jessie and Amy. What are these sisters' names? What is their origin story? What is their relationship to the place? Will the ghost hunters solve the mystery behind the house's series of events? The Jessie Telugu movie download option is also available to watch the movie offline. Jessie full movie in Telugu can be download. You will find more information about the movie if you search- Jessie movie wiki. 

Jessie Movie Cast


  • Pawan Wadeyar


  • Dhananjay as Jessie
  • Parul Yadav as Nandini
  • Raghu Mukherjee as Shyam Prasad
  • Sumalatha as Jessie's mother
  • Ramakrishna as Nandini's father
  • Sudha Belawadi as Nandini's mother
  • Sadhukokila
  • Chikkanna
  • Avinash
  • Gautami as Nandini's friend


  • Kanakapura Srinivas
  • Srikanth

Jessie Telugu Full Movie Story

On the verge of death, when the end is unavoidable, a young man seeks a promise from his mother to say good-by with a smile, and as he blinks for the last time, he sees someone very beautiful, and his heart begins to beat for her. But it's too late, and his last wish, captured through his eyes, remains unfulfilled! Sounds dramatic, but Pavan Wadeyar's handling of this spirited subject echoes the brilliance of Pavan Wadeyar, who has once again demonstrated his impeccable talent, and this time he has mashed up a scary love story. After beginning with comedy, he progressed to romance, then to action, and now to Jessie, which shocked everyone. 

The plot revolves around three characters: a beautiful young doctor named Nandini (Parul Yadav), Jessie (Dhananjay), and Shyam Prasad (Raghu Mukherjee). A typical triangular love story setup, but the catch here revolves around the third one who is out of reach.

The first half is obviously the builder to maintain the tension to twist it just before the interval, and thus the first half is all about the scenic location, a couple of soothing songs, and a romantic atmosphere filled with tidbits of comedy with Chikkanna as a lover boy. Even though it does not elicit much laughter, it gets away with a typical Chikkanna performance.

With the arrival of spirit in the second half, the warnings to buckle up for a scary ride gain traction. Parul Yadav has grown as a performer here beyond all the glitz and glam, first as a lover and then as a vulnerable wife. Dhananjay outwits himself as the 'central' character, reassuring the audience as to why he is one of the best discoveries in recent times. Raghu Mukherjee, as the ideal husband, is once again subtle and adds value to the script. Sadhu Kokila's habit of being beaten up by a huge array of ghosts continues here as well. jessie movie download Telugu can also be preferred and recommended to your friends and family who are horror enthusiasts. jessie Telugu full movie can be watched with them. 

Jessie Movie Review

Jessie 2019 is not a novel story, but the screenplay is what piques our interest. There are a few surprises in store for the audience. The repetitive scenes and strange behavior of the lead actors are flaws. Though the horror elements are spine-chilling at times, the dominance of loud sound effects was a letdown. Aswani Kumar has developed an intriguing concept, but the execution falls short.

Sunil Kumar's camera work is excellent for a film of this type. Garry BH's editing was rough, with abrupt transitions. Sricharan Pakala's work on the BGM is impressive, and the theme song is catchy. Ekaa Art Productions PVT LTD's production values are commendable for a low-budget film.

In terms of performance, Sritha Chandana, who played Jessie's sister, is the standout Jessie film. Her acting scares us because of her strange behavior. Ashima Narwal performed admirably in a multifaceted role. As a house owner, Archana is a pleasant surprise. Atul Kulkarni and Kabhir Duhan Singh are squandering their talents. The team of ghost hunters led by Pavani Gangireddy is safe in Jessie horror movie.


The way the spirit is dealt with at the end is refreshing. A perfect weekend thrill that provides romance, entertainment, and scares! Just a little patience until the second half arrives. This psychological horror thriller is primarily intended for those who enjoy suspense and anticipate more twists and turns. If you have some time this weekend, you should give it a shot! 

Jessie Film Rating

448 IMDb users voted with a weighted average of 6.8 out of 10 for Jessie Telugu full movie

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