Jathi Ratnalu Movie Review: Friendship, Ambitions, Mishaps, Laughter & Life Lessons

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If there is something that comes second to what a person wants in life after money, it is respect from their peers, society, and the whole universe while we’re at it too. It is what drives a person to an actual sense of achievement. Now, why does it sound like this is a life lesson blog instead of a movie review…? Well, maybe because this is such a film, that teaches a thing or two about life while being hilarious and entertaining too. So without further ado let us get going on with Jathi Ratnalu Review.

What does Jathi Ratnalu mean?

Now as Wikipedia puts it, jathi ratnalu simply means Jewels of the nation. And there cannot be a more appropriate title for this movie than this. Because it is a sarcastic as well as a complimentary remark on the main characters of the movie. There are very rare occasions when a movie title can be broken down to further meaning of its own, but it is nice to see when it happens. 

Jathi Ratnalu Review (details about the movie)

Jathi ratnalu is a 2021 Telegu language movie written and directed by Anudeep KV. It stars Naveen Polishetty, Priyadarshi & Rahul Ramakrishna in lead roles. The total runtime for the movie is 148 minutes and it was a theatrical release. 

Jathi Ratnalu producer is Nag Ashwin of the Swapna Cinema company. The movie was a commercial success as it managed to collect more than ₹70 crores at the box office after being made for only ₹4 crores and subsequently it was released on the OTT platform on Amazon Prime Video, where it can be watched in its original language with English subtitles.

Jathi ratnalu Telugu movie is a comic-drama genre movie about three best friends who live a carefree and vibrant life until one day they embark on a journey to make something out of their life. The movie follows their journey as they all in all sorts of troubles and choices while trying to change their life. 

Jathi ratnalu review (cast & characters)

The credit for this movie’s success greatly belongs to its amazing cast and beautifully written characters. The three protagonists or as the movie shows the misfits are the life of the story. Along with that a long lineup of an exceptionally talented cast including seasoned players like Murali Sharma, the legend Brahmanandam himself, Tanikella Bharani and many more. 

Let us see in detail, the Jathi Ratnalu cast:

  • Naveen Polishetty as "Jogipet" Srikanth; Ravi and Shekhar's best friend and the heir of his father's shop Ladies Emporium. 
  • Roshan as young “Jogipet” Srikanth.
  • Priyadarshi as "Jogipet" Shekar.
  • Rahul Ramakrishna as "Jogipet" Ravi, the drunkard of the trio and a person hurting from love.
  • Faria Abdullah as Shamili a.k.a Chitti; the trio's neighbour, Srikanth's love interest & future wife.
  • Praanya P Rao as Young Chitti

Murali Sharma as Sports Minister Chanakya

  • Brahmanandam as Justice Balwanth Chowdhary; Judge for Chanakya's case against the trio
  • Vennela Kishore as Chanchalguda Santosh; Srikanth, Sekhar and Ravi's cellmate
  • Naresh as Satish Janardhan; Chitti's father
  • Tanikella Bharani as Govindu; Srikanth's father
  • Brahmaji as MLA Ramachandraiah

Apart from this the movie also features very well-executed cameos from superstars like Keerthi Suresh and Vijay Devrakonda and even the director Anudeep KV makes a very important cameo appearance in the movie too. 

Jathi ratnalu review (story)

The movie begins in the small rural area of Jogipet in Andhra Pradesh, where lives Naveen Polishetty’s Srikanth aka “Jogipet” Srikanth. His father owns a ladies' garments and provision shop by the name of Ladies Fashion Emporium of which Srikanth is the sole Heir. Apart from that, he is very skilled in managing the shop as well. Somewhat a natural talent with ladies' fashion and thus carries the monicker of ‘Ladies Emporium Srikanth’.

The story takes motion when a friend of Srikanth comes to visit Jogipet from Hyderabad where he’s employed in an IT company and is a matter of pride for the whole town. Srikanth also admires the kind of attention his friend is getting because of his job in the big city and decides that he will also move to Hyderabad in the quest to earn that same respect and adoration from his townsfolk.

He goes to confront his father about it and he laughs at his decisions and says that he is too carefree to achieve such a big feat on his own. He also blames the company he keeps, his two best friends Shekhar & Ravi. who are as callous and far from taking responsibilities as Srikanth. But Srikanth is determined to prove to his father & the people of the town by achieving what he says. And he makes a bet with his father that if he is not able to find a good job in Hyderabad in the span of the next 2 months he would happily return to Jogipet and run the family business without any questions. His father agrees with this and he wishes him the best.

But when Shekhar and Ravi come to know about this they are very shocked by their friend’s decision to leave alone to make a better life for himself. So on the day, he is leaving for the city they confront him and request him to let them tag along with him, to which he resists at first but eventually agrees. 

Now it is in the big city that all sorts of madness ensue in the lives of those three. The first challenge they face is finding the right accommodation which takes them to crazy places but they finally manage to find a very decent place to settle. And it is also where Srikanth is able to finally find a job and develops a crush on his neighbour too. But apart from blissful moments like these the trio also gets entangled in an unwanted political-criminal scenario by being at the wrong place at the wrong time and doing some things while being drunk. 

The rest of the story is very exciting as we get to see them face court trials while being innocent in reality and how they fight to prove themselves right. And all that happens with a good dose of humour and excitement. Overall the story goes on to have a pretty wholesome ending and without spoiling anything I’ll say the truth prevails. 

Jathi Ratnalu Movie Release Dates

The original theatrical release of the movie happened on 11 March 2021 and its OTT release date was 11 April 2021.

Jathi Ratnalu Review (ratings)

The official result of this film’s theatrical performance was declared blockbuster for collecting a respectable amount in comparison to its budget, but what about the reviews by critics? Well, this movie managed to check that box as well. Jathi ratnalu movie rating on IMDb stands at an impressive 7.3/10, which speaks volumes about the people’s liking for this movie. And for myself, I gave it an IMDb rating of 8/10.

Jathi ratnalu Review: the final word

This is a movie in the comedy genre but to say that it is an outright funny and nonsensical flick would do injustice to its core idea and the emotions behind the story. It is somewhat a commentary on the Indian middle class and its challenges like having a promising career that brings recognition to self and family in the society, trying to make a stand in the big city as a small-town guy and so many regular emotions that instantly get to you. That’s why this movie is insightful to watch as well as enjoyable and funny. 

Apart from the good story as I have said earlier, its cast is the selling factor for the movie. I especially enjoyed watching Naveen Polishetty as Srikanth, after Acid in Chhichore this was a very subtle change in his acting dynamics. 

We hope that you liked this movie review of Jathi ratnalu Telegu movie and you”d consider watching it with your friends and family too. See you guys in the next review. 


  • Where can we watch jathi ratnalu Telegu movie?

On Amazon Prime Video.

  • Who is the hero in Jathi Ratnalu movie?

Naveen Polishetty, Priyadarshi & Rahul Ramakrishna.

  • What language is Jathi ratnalu made in?

Telegu language.

  • Is jathi ratnalu a good movie?

Yes, it is a very fun movie to watch with friends and family.

Image credits: IMDb

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