Janatha Garage Full Movie: Cast, Rating, Review, And Plot

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Koratala Siva is the director and author of the 2016 Telugu action drama film Janatha Garage. Eros International handled the distribution while Mythri Movie Makers handled the production. Mohanlal, N. T. Rama Rao Jr., Samantha, as well as Nithya Menen are the movie's leading actors. Janatha garage release date was September 2, 2016.

Greetings to all. We're back on that channel to talk about the intriguing janatha garage Telugu full movie—JodiJanatha Garage is short for "People's Garage" in English—which you might see. But before we get into that, you probably want to know how everything related to it—including the janatha garage review, narrative, cast, or other specifics—relates to each other.

About The Movie:

Sathyam and Anand, an environmental activist, center the story. Sathyam, who owns a sizable auto repair shop called "Janatha Garage" and carries out police officers through his crew of auto technicians, recruits Anand because he believes the judicial systems are insufficient. Tirru & Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao handled the janta garage Hindi movie cinematography as well as editing, correspondingly, while Devi Sri Prasad was janatha garage music director who composed the music.

Janatha Garage Full Movie Cast:


  • Koratala Siva


  • Koratala Siva


  • N. T. Rama Rao Jr. as Anand
  • Mohanlal as Sathyam
  • Unni Mukundan as Raghava Sathyam
  • Nithya Menen as Anu
  • Samantha as Bujji
  • Suresh as Suresh
  • Rahman as Shiva
  • Sai Kumar as K.Chandra Sekhar IPS
  • Sachin Khedekar as MukeshRana
  • Devayani as Padma Sathyam
  • Ajay as Bose
  • Brahmaji as Shankar
  • Sithara as Bujji's mother
  • John Kokken as Satpal Singh
  • Vijayakumar as Chief Minister
  • Rajiv Kanakala as Vikas
  • Ashish Vidhyarthi as Raghava's business partner
  • Anitha Chowdary as Anu's mother
  • Surya as Sathyam's cousin
  • Vidisha as Riya
  • Banerjee as Saidulu
  • Aathma Patrick as Seena
  • Meena as Vikas's wife
  • Sravan as Mukesh's henchman
  • Ravi Prakash as Dinesh Kumar IPS
  • Rajitha as Dinesh's mother
  • Jeeva as Bujji's boss
  • Appaji Ambarisha Darbha as IAS officer
  • Chalapathi Rao as Director General of Police
  • Vennela Kishore as Pyarelal
  • Vidhya Vijayakumar as Anand's friend


  • Naveen Yerneni
  • Y. Ravi Shankar
  • C. V. Mohan

Janatha Garage Hindi Film Plot:

Sathyam runs a modest shop in a nearby community. He establishes a workshop in Hyderabad underneath the name "Janatha Garage" with the help of his brother Shiva. Someday, Sathyam's friend's impoverished father loses his college-bound daughter in a car accident. She had been raped and slain by several goons, Sathyam as well as his allies learn. They beg Shiva's buddy DSP Chandrashekar for assistance, but he is powerless because there is no solid proof against them considering their illustrious past. Then Sathyam's Janatha Garage transforms into a self-appointed organization of citizens that enforces the law by killing the thugs while making it appear as though it was accidental. When Chandrasekhar learns of this, he cautions them against using the law against them out of concern for the repercussions in Janta garage full movie.

Locals start to like Janatha Garage because they think they'll obtain justice from them. Shiva has a son named Anand a man from Mumbai who is married to Suresh's sister. One day, Sathyam receives a warning from Mukesh, a strong businessman with a history of criminal activity who happens to be the brother of a thug Sathyam killed. Just a few days later, Mukesh's men attack Shiva with his wife, killing both of them. Sathyam begs Suresh to take Anand away from both his family as well as Janatha Garage out of concern for his safety.

As when the years go by, Anand develops into a Mumbai-based environmental activist & graduate in environmental science who opposes any action that could harm the environment. Bujji & Anand are in love, which pleases Bujji's parents. They are the daughter of Suresh. Anand also makes friends with a young woman named Anu, whom he chastises for using fireworks during Diwali. Anand engages in combat with a strong local MLA. Suresh moves him to Hyderabad underneath the guise of a college exchange program out of concern for his safety. Simultaneously, without the consent of his family, Raghava, Sathyam's son, weds Mukesh's daughter. Sathyam has an accident that Mukesh had arranged, but he recovers. Since Sathyam was told not to absorb any stress, Janatha Garage seems to be no longer active in resolving the issues of everyday people.

Raghava's thug's attack an illegal mining field, and Anand fights them off. Unaware that they are both uncle & nephew, Sathyam & Anand meet and grow to respect one another. Anand is asked by Sathyam to manage the Janatha Garage. Anand soon fits in with the family of the house. Vikas, a stern government official, is protected by them from a few of Mukesh's men. The public starts to once more take notice of Janatha Garage.

After learning about Anand, Chandrashekar—who now serves as the Commissioner of Police—brings Suresh with his family. When Sathyam and others learn that Anand is the son of their late brother, they are stunned. To ensure Bujji's safety, Suresh begs Anand to choose between his daughter and Janatha Garage. Anand makes the difficult choice to remain with his father's family, and he and Bujji emotionally bid each other farewell in janatha garage movie in Hindi.

She weds the boy of her parent's choosing. Due to their uncivilized lifestyle, Raghava with his wife departs Sathyam's home, upsetting Anand as well as the family. Mukesh and Raghava plot and carry out a bomb detonation in Hyderabad to bring down the government. One of Sathyam's closest buddies, Bose, loses a family member in the explosion. Bose's body is discovered on a railroad track the following day, and reports indicate that he attempted suicide. Chandrasekhar is asked by the police head to end the investigation. Chandrasekhar seeks assistance at Janatha Garage. Anand learns that Raghava was responsible for Bose's death since Raghava had been planning the explosions, which Bose had discovered. Raghava is his son, but Sathyam determines he does not deserve to be alive.

Janatha Garage Review:

The core of the entire movie is Mohan Lal which is janatha garage actor name. His persona is what gives the movie a significant amount of weight. The renowned actor does his part superbly and emotes masterfully throughout the movie. Koratala Shiva deserves praise for using him in such an important position.

Fans may recall NTR as the star, but Tarak is a brand-new person as he is also Janta garage hero name. The young actor gives up his celebrity persona and stays faithful to his role. It's amazing how he approaches his role and changes in the second half.

The second half's opening fifteen minutes are pretty racy. The film is well elevated by a few powerful moments starring Mohan Lal & NTR. Many people would be impressed by Kajal's item number. Sachin Khedekar, the janatha garage review major antagonist performs admirably on his part. Janta garage heroine name is Samantha completely useless and has nothing to do as well as Nithya Menen.

They seldom ever show up and simply attend the music. The movie's plodding pace is yet another significant flaw. Koratala Shiva spends a lot of time setting up the straightforward plot. He hasn't been very clear in his treatment of the hero's personality either. The movie's climax has been overextended and is no longer relevant.

Insignificant roles have lost too many talented character actors. The janatha garage Hindi first half is rather boring and does not include many positive aspects.

Even a big name like NTR couldn't save the Janta garaj movie in several instances since the screenplay was so flimsy. Devi Sri Prasad's music is a significant plus because all of the songs have excellent compositions. The proceedings are raised to a respectable level by Devi's background soundtrack in the second period. The movie's production qualities are fairly high. Hyderabad & Mumbai have indeed been presented in a great light thanks to the excellent camera work. Koratala Shiva's dialogues have deep value. The janatha garage rating needs to be reduced by at least 15 minutes, so the editing is less than average.

Regarding the janatha garage director, Koratala Shiva, he did an adequate job. Though his reasoning is sound, he spends too long setting up the plot because the movie only really gets off after the initial half. He establishes predictability and closes the movie with a straightforward tone.


Overall, Janatha garage cinema differs from the weekly popcorn entertainment produced by Tollywood. The focus of this character-driven movie focuses on intense emotions. Despite NTR's excellent performance, Mohan Lal has a big role, which may not sit well with NTR's supporters. More often than fans, the general public will find the movie entertaining. Finally, if you can get past the formulaic plot, you might want to give this janatha garage logo a chance.

Janatha Garage Rating IMDb:

7.2 out of 10 with 7351 votes on IMDb

Janatha Garage Full Movie Trailer:

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