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Manjurukum Kaalam is a Malayalam television aired on Mazhavil Manorama Tv on February 16,2015. This program aired Monday through Saturday at 7:30 p.m. The plot, taken from the same-named novel, opens with Vijayaraghavan and Ratnamma adopting a child named Janikkutty after her mother dies. Joyce wrote the script for the Manjurukum Kaalam serial, which was directed by Binu Vellathooval. After the completion of the Amala, the serial is written by Joyce, which aired on Mazhavil Manoram, this is his next tv serial by Joyce. Janikutty, an adopted youngster, is the protagonist of the novel. The story is based on Jani Kutty, an adopted girl.

Manjurukum Kaalam Serial Plot

Manakkal Govindankutty and Aswathy have a daughter named Janikutty. Janikutty's mother died while she was a baby. Her adopted parents spoil her excessively. Janikuttty's perfect life comes to an end when Ratnamma (Lavanya Nair, Manjurukum Kaalam cast) falls pregnant and gives birth to a child. Janikkutty, who was previously adored, now faces trials and tribulations. The plot continues as she develops feelings for Abhijit, Sarita's younger brother. Abhijith's father eventually begs Janikkutty for her hand in marriage. Ratnamma(Lavanya Nair, Manjurukum Kaalam cast) humiliates him at this point, and he flees. Govindan Kutty, Janikkutty's biological father, returns after nineteen years to reclaim his daughter. Janikkutty meets his new wife and children after she leaves with her father to join his family. After she tells her father about Abhijit, he decides to pay a visit to his parents. When Govindan(Kishore, Manjurukum Kaalam cast) returns, he informs Janikkutty that Abhijit has relocated to Dubai and has arranged a marriage with someone else. 

Ratnamma(Lavanya Nair, Manjurukum Kaalam actress name) meets her grandfather after Govindan has died and Ratnamma has been diagnosed with cancer. They continue together, and he builds a house for her so that she will not be troubled when he is gone. She uses her education to start a career in politics by competing for a municipal election. She eventually wins the elections and rises to the position of minister. Meanwhile, she discovers that Abhijit(Anish Rehman, Manjurukum Kaalam cast) has returned to India and is now residing in Chennai. She visits him only to discover that he and his family are struggling financially.

Then in the Manjurukum Kaalam serial, Janikkutty offers assistance and eventually resigns from her position to join Abhijit in the civil service. The serial ends here, with both of them departing for civil service training.

Manjurukum Kaalam Serial Crew

  • Produced by: Prabha Unnithan, Aneesh Unnithan, and Asha Vivek Unnithan
  • Directed by: Binu Vellathooval
  • Story, Script, and Dialogues by: Joyce
  • Lyrics, and Singer: Prameela
  • Music and Background music by: Sanand George
  • Make Up by: Santhosh Venpakal
  • Costumes by: Rajeev Kamukilkode
  • Art Directed by: Manoj Thottappalli
  • Background Sound by: Real Effects
  • Sound recording & Mixing by: Fihar
  • Title Graphics by: Jilin Paul
  • Assistant Directors: Sarin Babu, Manu, Joyce
  • Studio: Sree Movies
  • Editing by :Aneesh Unnithan, Arundev
  • Camera: Krishna Kodanadu

Manjurukum Kaalam Serial Cast

  • Kishore as Manakkal Govindan Kutty, Govindankutty's father, and Aswathy's mother
  • Anish Rehman as Abhijit
  • Monisha as Janikutty
  • Lekshmi Prasad as Sariga
  • Ramesh Nair as Ravi, husband of Sariga
  • Kezia/Niranjana/Greeshma as Janikutty (Janaki)
  • Saharsh Augustin as Manikuttan (Child actor)
  • Avanthika(Child Actress) as Neethu, Chandran and Preetha's eldest daughter
  • Arathi Sojan as Ramya(grown-up) Chandran's second child
  • Manu Nair as Vijayarakhavan
  • Lavanya Nair as Rathnamma later replaced by Manju Satheesh
  • Alice Christy as Soorya mol(grown-up)
  • Rosaline as the mother of Vijayan
  • Rudra Pradap as Chandran
  • Sreekala as mother of Ratnamma and Sarasamma
  • Sumi Santhosh as Preetha, Ratnamma's sister in law
  • Pratheeksha as Sunitha, sister of Rathnamma
  • Manoj Pillai as Murali
  • Karthika Kannan as Lekshmi
  • M.R.Gopakumar as Balakrishna Panikkar
  • Yadu Krishnan as Madhusoodana Panikkar
  • Sreedevi Anil(Manjurukum Kaalam actress name) as Vijayamma, wife of Govindan Kutty
  • Joly as Chandramathi, sister of Vijayamma
  • Balan Parakkal as Surendran, husband of Chandramathi
  • Sujith Kozhikodu as Sukeshan, son of Chadramathi
  • Satheesh Vettikavala as the husband of Suguna
  • Parvathy as Suguna, daughter of Chandramathi
  • Sreekala as Sarasamma
  • Vaishnavi Vijesh as Arunima (teenage), Second daughter of Vijayamma
  • Anjusha as Arunima (grown-up), Vijayamma's second daughter 
  • Ardra Das as Ambili (grown-up), Govindankutty, and Vijayamma's elder daughter
  • Pappan Ananthapuri as Purushothaman, a friend of Govindankutty
  • Safar as Sudharan chettan, a neighbor of Govindan Kutty
  • Biju Thottumkal as Minister Janaki's PA

Manjurukum Kaalam Serial Cast (Child)  

  • Kezia as Janikutty (Janaki)
  • Niranjana/Greeshma/Vedhika/Nikitha(teenage)/Monisha as Janikutty
  • Saharsh Augustin as Manikuttan
  • Madhav/Harun(teenge) as Appunni, 
  • Avanthika as Neethu
  • Aadil as Renjth, Janikutty’s classmate
  • Swathi as Sarika, Janikutty’s friend(teenage) and Abhijith’s sister
  • Vineeth as Abhijith (Jithu), Sarika’s brother
  • Adhil Siddiq as Appunni
  • Madhav as Appunni(teenage)

Manjurukum Kaalam Serial latest episode

The final episode of Manjurukum Kalam premiered on March 24, 2017(571st episode) and it's the latest episode of the serial. On February 16, 2015, at 8:00 p.m., the first episode of the serial was broadcast. Manajurukum Kaalam serial came to a pleasant conclusion. Janikutty is appointed to the civil service, and her marriage to Abhijith is set in stone. In Manjurukum Kaalam serial latest episode, Rethnamma accepts her as one of her children. Before her training as an IAS officer, everyone from Krishnamangalam (Janikutty's mother's home), her stepmother and family, her adopted parents Vijayan and Rethnamma, and her uncle minister Madhosoodana Panikkar bless her wedding engagement with Abhijith. As a result, fate draws everyone into Janaki's life. Unlike other soap operas, the serial concentrated on the triumph of virtue in the end.

Conclusion: Manjurukum Kaalam Serial review

The serial focuses on Janaki's achievement over adversity, offering viewers an optimistic outlook. The plot of the work is already known to readers of previously published novels. The serial became one of the top five serials according to BARC ratings due to its popularity. Manjurukum kaalam is a family drama that shows us that even with hardships, one may succeed. To get pumped up, watch the serial on youtube. 

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